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Mexico: Expat group for Mexico City?:

Does anyone know if there is a expat group on Facebook or another page for Mexico City? I did search Facebook and a lot popped up. Just wanted to know if there is a favorite one. Gracias!

Mexico: Cleanest cities in Mexico for air/water/sewage/trash?:

Are their cities in Mexico or areas that are know for being cleaner then others? Better air, least trash, best sewage treatment? Most sanitary? I have read about some beach towns where sewage makes its way into the ocean (and have smelled this myself). And I do see piles of trash in some cities randomly on the street, and air/smells can be bad some places. Just curious if their are places that are know for being very clean.

Costa Rica: expats leaving CR:

I visited Costa Rica. I found it difficult to find a town that had everything was looking for. Some of the really nice places like Osa Pensisula, Mal Pais... just too small and isolated. Much of the rest over-touristed IMO. There are some nice highland areas. To me Mexico has more potential. OK...I had to chime in my 2 cents on Trump. Full disclosure, I did NOT vote for him. But I'm independent politically (not Rep or Dem). I find it interesting that Jimmy Carter came out and said that in his lifetime (which is 94 years!), he has never seen any president EVER take even close to the daily beating from the media 24/7 that Trump does (and that is the left wing media of course like CNN, MSNBC, NY TImes, etc..). That is interesting for Carter to say since he is a liberal and had nothing to gain by saying it. And a lot of international people watch the heavily slanted pure indoctrination that goes on at CNN to form their view, and take it as gospel Also, someone on this forum claimed Trump colluded with Russia. None of that is proven despite a 12 mos witch hunt. What has been proven is a incredibly anti-Trump FBI & DOJ (many anti Trump texts have come out, etc...) used a fake "dossier" (research paid for by Hillary's campaign) to get a warrant for the Obama DOJ to spy on Trump prior to him taking office. Then furthermore, it has now come out that the CIA paid Russia spys $100,000 (negotiated down from $10m) in early 2017 AFTER Trump was elected to try to attempt get dirt more on him. To me this shows shocking corruption in the American democratic system.! Banana Republic type corruption! That a Obama/Clinton slanted CIA/FBI/DOJ used tax payer dollars to attempt to buy dirt on Trump after he was elected to try and get him removed. That is insane! About another poster saying Trump has something against Latinos. Why would the USA not want to have good border security? Most countries have good border security. Costa Rica does, Mexico does, etc... For the life of me I can't understand why some people think the USA should just have open borders and let anyone in. We already have 12 million illegal immigrants (3 times the entire population of Costa Rica!)

Croatia: Croatian Bride?:

Are you kidding me Jamesbondic? Brits worldly? Brits are a laughingstock in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, wherever they go. You can spot the blokes a mile away. No class. Overweight. Drink too much. Can't dress. Bad taste. Right there on par with Russian tourists. And I love how you think you know everything about U.S. politics feeding yourself with the left wing marxist propaganda garbage media in Europe.


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