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Belize: Airfare Kinda Steep!:

R/T on Southwest out of HOU $316. I have family in Texas so I'm making the drive. Will put my car in storage for four months and take a different route back home. The nice part about being retired.

Belize: What To Do???:

Hi all, I've been spending a ton of time reading the forum. Good info! Thanks. About me; Retired fireman, 53 yrs old, recent empty nester and traveling solo. My dilemma; Flight arrives at 1630 and the last puddle jumper leaves at 1700 for Gangriga. I am coming down for three plus months to check things out, so I probably wont be able to clear customs in time.,, and I have zero desire to spend a night in BC. My primary consideration is finding a NICE beach that I can swim at. Therefore, Hopkins and Placencia are/were my first choice. Now I'm thinking about hiring a shuttle to take me to Corozal first and spend a few days/week there, before heading south. Ultimately, I'd like to find a place to rent and just relax with a central location so I can jump on a bus and explore the area more. AC is not really on my list because I am not a big drinker/partier and am looking for a more relaxing stay. However, I won't rule it out, if taking a ferry across from BC is my best option upon arrival Thoughts???

Belize: Wanting to find people to long term rental share:

Are you still looking for someone???

Belize: RUDE:

Right? I totally agree. No two people have the same experience, Nor are they looking for the same thing. No sense in arguing about it. Keyboard warriors who would never talk to each other like that in person. I think I'll just stick to Foder's and Lonely Planet.


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