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Canada: What would it take to be an Art Teacher in Canada:

Hello, Robert again. I wanted to ask if anyone knew what it was like being an art teacher in Canada, and if it was the right career path for me to decide on. I personally feel I have a lot of charisma, and I have grown used to socializing. I also feel that I have a good announcing voice and do know quite a bit about the art industry, as well as being able to lead and properly direct people. I also do have some ways I would go about teaching potential students as well, and I can also give constructive criticism on my and other people's artwork. Though I don't believe I know much about the two degrees that are required for me to apply to this career. The "Baccalaureate Degree" and "Licenciatura Degree". Can anyone inform me more on these degrees, and how I should go about attaining them?

Canada: Need Some Tips on Moving to Ontario:

Hello, my name is Robert Glenn and I was looking for some tips from people who have moved from Michigan to Ontario about how I can move to Canada by becoming eligible fro a VISA and if Canada is worth moving to. In terms of plans and experience I am a student in Trade School within a Retail Program. I am studying for my Driver's License and attempting to find Community Colleges to apply to so that I can get my associates. I am also trying to find ways to become eligible for a VISA by either doing an apprenticeship or finding a company that can take care of me. My interest is that I want to work as a Freelancer Artist, and also to use Retail and Grocery Business as a way to achieve an income for money to sustain myself. So now that introductions are just about done, any things I should know about or add to my plan currently?


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