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Nicaragua: TEFL Certificate:

Has anyone gotten their TEFL certificate to teach English? I was thinking about getting it and teaching part time for something to do to give back that’ll also give me a little cash. I’ve read many of the sites and have been cautioned about fake accreditation’s. So I’m wondering who did you use and did you have any problems? Thank you Lori

Global Expat Forum: Tours or On My Own:

I eventually want to move to Nicaragua. My question is would it be better to come on a tour or on my own to find the city/town I want to live in?

Nicaragua: Driving to Nica from Texas:

How/where do I find out what I can bring with me if I drive ti Nicaragua? I'm wondering if I can load up my pickup with boxes and bring them with me. It would be books, DVD/CD's, kitchen ware, stuff like that. I know it's probably not ok, but you never know unless you ask! Thank you

Global Expat Forum: Divorce - Universal Communion of Goods:

Don’t be a jerk...the House was left to HER not both of you, it’s separate property. Anything that is given as an inheritance is separate property.


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