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Hello, We are looking for a change of pace, but we haven't traveled much and so we don't have much direction where to start. We are hoping with the experience of this site, we might be able to come up with a short list of 5-10 areas to visit with our minds on relocation. We are in our 30s/40s. We are an adult couple with no children, but one small dog will come with us. We want to live somewhere without cold winters (temps generally stay above 40F/5C). We have passive income around $3000/month; we'd like to be located somewhere where this is sufficient for a moderately comfortable life. (Having the option to start another business would be nice, but is not a requirement.) We are NOT big city people. We prefer a much quieter life, either in a small town, suburb of a small city, or rural environment. I would prefer to live near a beach, I would like to spend my time relaxing on the beach, reading, painting, kayaking, gardening, baking, hiking, meditating, engaging in the local culture. I would like to be able to do all of my transport by bicycle. If I don't have to own a car that would be great. My husband's non-negotiable is that the roads need to be suitable for motorcycling,(sportbike.) That means well-paved roads that have twists and turns, or a nearby racetrack. He's also a picky eater, so hopefully cuisine that's not too exotic for a US American palette should be available, including poultry meat. We'd like to travel home periodically, so it would be a nice bonus, if we could get to Philadelphia within about 12 hours travel time. Other than 1 dog, 1 motorcycle, a few electronics and small personal items, we are going to get rid of our personal belongings before moving, so we're not largely worried about import tariffs. Currently, our only strong language is English, but we are open to learning the local language. (We each know a little Spanish, French and German, but not enough to be comfortable conducting business in these languages.) We really appreciate you taking the time to read our situation, and we appreciate in advance the experiences and expertise you are willing to share with us. Namaste. Gratefully yours, L&C


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