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Belize: Cowork Space in Belize:

Hello, I was curious if there were any coworker spaces in Belize that anyone has experience with? I'm an IT professional and will be working remote when I move down there, It would be nice to have a professional environment to work out of until I get my home office/network set up.

Belize: Work Permits:

Hello, I was reading up on work permits and residency in Belize. My question is, If I have a job with US company, but can work remotely from anywhere in the world, do I need a work permit in Belize? My paycheck would be from a US company and deposited to my US bank accounts. Anyone have experience here?

Belize: EarthBags in Belize:

Does anyone have experience building with Earthbags in Belize? I am moving to the Corozal area and am thinking that is the way I want to go.


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