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Hello all, New to the site. I am 41 healthy and into good karma and cultures that respect non-human animals more than my home country (U.S.A). I f'n hate Trump and the 61 million Americans who voted for him. It truly is dividing our country. I want out until he's gone. I do digital advertising for my own small agency. Not rich but I do well and am free to live anywhere and still bring in money. I've traveled through/lived seasonally in the N. and S. America's and I loved the Yucatan and Medellin the best. I am looking for a place with the low cost of living like Colombia, beach and water like Cancun - but with more light skinned or blonde/blue eyed women. Not trying to sound like a U.S. douchebag with that, I am Mexican Native American and white mixed, and I am just at the point where I may like to settle down and I know that I prefer Blondes. (opposites attract right?) I have been considering places like Sweden, Poland, Germany, Croatia, (Eastern Europe in general). I love Australian women and their accents but the cost of living is high like the U.S. The only place in Europe I have been is Italy, I am hoping someone well traveled in parts of the world with low cost of living and beautiful landscapes may have stumbled across the perfect little paradise for my tastes? Thanks in advance.


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