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Some Forum Posts: Costa Rica: CR vs. Ecuador and Belize:
Blueeind, that's exactly what Happyfrond was getting, a good discussion on the good and bad of Costa Rica, Ecuador and Belize, not a "history lesson by someone with an interest in getting people to Costa Rica" as you suggest. I assume you are referring to the comment by Augusto. He's an attorney who helps expats gain residency in Costa Rica, a big part of the question in the original question by the poster. the comments all helped with the question, unlike your comment that was of no value.... I clicked on your profile to see that you've never been to Ecuador (from one of your posts) Why not let people who have information on the subject answer the poster? I have been to Belize a number of times and yes the crime rate is much higher than, there's a fairly small population, although the official language is English, Spanish, Creole and a number of other dialects are spoken there, making communication a bit more difficult than might appear. The majority of expats are on Ambergris Caye and San Ignacio with Ambergris Caye being an island and somewhat of a challenge to get back and forth to the airport (ferrry or commuter plane) and prone to hurricanes and very low elevation. Belize is easy to get residency however... Ecuador is also easy on residency but pretty third world with the two most popular places also being high elevation (Quito and Cuenca). Flights are expensive to Ecuador and the healthcare is not the best. Costa Rica is surely more expensive, residency is easy as long as you have proven income from abroad and are not a felon but does require a bit of beauracratic wrangling. There are plenty of assets to assist with residency however including ACRC and a bunch of attorneys who specialize in that service. Healthcare is excellent but crime is on the increase yet still low by comparison. Inflation continues to be an issue as the economy is growing quite rapidly. You should plan to go check out any place you plan to consider staying at, not a vacation.... Both Ecuador and Costa Rica offer lots of variety, Ecuador's north west cost, Salinas, Manta, Esmeralda, etc is the hip new place and Costa Rica has lots of options other than the central valley or the northern fringe of Guanacaste (Coco, Flamingo, Tamarindo area).

Costa Rica: Safety issues in Nicoya Peninsula:
what kind of gringo is carrying $23,000 in a backpack? Not so sure about this story?

Costa Rica: Owning vs. Buying in Costa Rica:
Jackie, In my experience, having bought and sold a number of houses, both vacation and primary residences, I have made money on every one except for one. Had I rented those homes, I would have lost the total cost of the rental instead of realizing appreciation and profit. Just my dos colones.... Steve Linder

Costa Rica: Visiting Costa Rica:
We offer 4 day 3 night all inclusive property tours for $299.00 per person. See now in our 25th year and the largest builder of custom homes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Bad situation-Atenas w/no water!:
Gill, The Sierpe River is never dry, it is tidal and rises and falls every day as the tide rises in the ocean. I can't believe you ever saw water deliveries in Sierpe, maybe what you saw was irrigation trucks for bananas? We never have had water shortages in the southern Pacific region either. During dry season it may not rain much but we are blessed with a rain forest and lots of rivers that never dry up. Steve Linder Pacific Lots of Costa Rica www.PacificLots.con 25 years building retirement homes for expats in Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Considering a move in 2017:
Karen, I agree with Gil, am not in either Coco or San Jose but clearly you are living a luxurious life if you are spending that much, I could live in San Jose in hotels and still not spend that much per month... I have lived off and on in Costa Rica for 20 years while maintaining residences in the US as well. My taxes and insurance in Costa Rica are a fraction of the US and unless you are eating at Hotel Grano de Oro every meal, I don't get where you think you are spending that much money. Can you break it down into categories so it might make sense to us?

Costa Rica: Value of corporation used to buy property:
We suggest to all owners that they own their land in a corporate form, referred to as a Sociedad Anonima or SA. We set up a corporation that will be used to hold ownership of your property. Owning property in a corporate form is suggested in Costa Rica for a number of reasons. We have shell corporations (SA's) already set and registered in the Costa Rican mercantile registry to transfer ownership of your property to and we then transfer ownership of the shares of the corporation to you, which is recorded again in the mercantile registry. Owning via a corporation has a number of advantages; first there is no capital gains tax on the sale of land in Costa Rica that is owned by a corporation. Second if you or your husband (assuming you are married) or anyone else who is also named as a shareholder of the corporation should die, there is no probate required to pass ownership of the corporation to the remaining owner(s) since the corporation is a legal entity of it's own. This avoids a big issue if one of the owners of the corporation passes away. Corporations are legal entities of their own and live on in eternity. You can sell the land by simply transferring the shares of the corporation to the new owner, no land transfer takes place, no closing costs, document stamps, registry fees etc are required to sell land in a corporate form and the land value remains within the corporation at the original basis, a plus for property tax purposes. You also have limited liability when you own land via a corporation. So for example if you built a rental on the property and someone drowned in your pool, the next of kin could not sue you, they could only go after the assets of the corporation. You also have some annonimity via corporate ownership. There are other advantages to corporate ownership as well. There are also a few disadvantages, you have to pay more in the front end to set up the corporation and each year you will pay a fee to keep a passive corporation in place, about $220 per year. We believe that the advantages for an expat totally outweigh the disadvantages. Steve Linder Pacific Lots of Costa Rica 4 day property tours $299 all inclusive

Costa Rica: "Costa Rica is 20 percent more expensive than other Latin American countries":
You get what you pay for is the old expression. Haiti is really cheap, as is Detroit and Rochester, NY. I am right now in Cancun doing a real estate show, 5 of us had dinner last night at a not so great restaurant and the bill came to $550 dollars, ouch. I could not think of a place in Costa Rica where the bill would be that much and the food would likely be better

Costa Rica: Flights from California to CR:
Many of the airlines flying from LA are not listed in standard travel consolidators sites like Expedia or Travelocity. There are good and nearly direct flights (they might make a technical stop in El Salvador but you need not get off the plane) on airlines like TACA or LACSA. Copa has some flights, Delta has a flight LA to SJO and Aeromexico has service as well. Steve Linder selling premier real estate in the southern Pacific region of Costa Rica. Join our 4 day tours, all inclusive for $299 per person.

Costa Rica: Best schools in CR for new families?:
The community around Ojochal and Uvita is very conciousness and the Escuela Verde is. a great school choice.that teaches in multiple languages, concentrates on green living and has a great mix of expats and Ticos. Steve Linder Pacific Lots of Costa Rica Www.PacificLotscom Now in our 24th year building homes and communities for Expars

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