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Some Forum Posts: Costa Rica: The inside track:
Those who live in Costa Rica always say it's gotten SO expensive. They are obviously not living in the US and have forgotten what our largest expenses are. It is not dining out, paying for gas, going to a national park or even going to Tabacon. In the US it is TAXES, INSURANCE AND HEALTHCARE. take away the cost of taxes, insurance and healthcare and the US is cheap, like Costa Rica is... Here in Florida, I am paying $6300 for property tax, sure I am a baby boomer and sure I have a nice house but $6300 per year. It's also near the water so my insurance cost for this house is over $7,000, for flood, hurricane and home owners. We in the US have to pay for Hurricane Sandy, Katrina and the host of other natural disasters we encounter each year. Check Costa Rica and the last "natural disaster" it had. Check out property insurance from INS. Now throw in the cost of Obamacare or whatever health care option you have in the US, I have a policy with my wife, with a $10,000 deductible EACH per year and we pay $1875 per quarter, non smoker, 57 years old and she's 47, both in excellent shape, not overweight, no preexisting conditions. I won't even go into the cost of things like my water and sewer bill, my internet, cell phone and electric. So now you can understand how in the SUPPOSEDLY SUPER EXPENSIVE COUNTRY OF COSTA RICA, where the average per capita income is just over $11,000 per year, you see Ticos and Ticas with new SUV's, iphones and at the beach each weekend since they are not spending their money on stuff they don't want to pay for... Keep in mind that sure I do sell property in Costa Rica therefore I am surely biased but also keep in mind that I work with International Living and host or sponsor nearly every event so I visit lots of other countries and can compare better than 99% of you speaking out on this board. I visited 15 countries last year. Go to Cancun and tell me it's cheap, I was in Panama City last week for the International Living event that I sponsored, called Live and Invest in Panama. The hotels and taxis are the same price as in Costa Rica but if you own a rental in Panama, try $2000 in property tax for your $150,000 rental, compared to about $400 in Costa Rica. You people are misinformed if you think Costa Rica is expensive or you have been out of the US too long. My big expenses in the US are not eating out, if I ate out every day it would cost me about $15,000 per year. Well I can save that much just in taxes, insurance and healthcare. Had a root canal lately in the US or a crown perhaps? Try $1600 for both, versus under $500 in Costa Rica. How about a colonoscopy, try $3000 in the US versus $400 in Costa Rica. Rented a full size SUV lately in the US, $50 to $60 per day, happens to be the vehicle of choice in Costa Rica's rental market, did the tourists want that SUV for the experience and exploration and thrill, you bet they did and the cost was ab out the same as in the US. I can go to the Hotel Costa Verde in Manual Antonio, get a great room for about $100, in the most visited town in all of Costa Rica. Now try to head to the most visited town in the US, maybe New York City, LA, or Maimi and tell me you can get a comparable hotel for $100. Have you been to the grocery store lately in the US, checked what fruits and vegetables cost (what we should be eating anyway) versus in Costa Rica at the farmers market? Or are you trying to live like an American in Costa Rica and going to Walmart and Mas o Menos and then complaining that fruits and vegetables are expensive. Been to a national park in the US lately? I was just at Yellowstone, $25 for the car and $16 per person. Get a clue about the cost of living before you tell people it is expensive... Check out rents in Costa Rica, a 2 bedroom home ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY. Now look in some major markets in the US, like Boston, Miami, Chicago or LA. Your money will go much further in Costa Rica than it will in the US. Sure if you buy a house in the southern Pacific region where I am selling, you will pay $200k or more but the HOUSE IS AN ASSET, NOT AN EXPENSE. Did anyone notice that Travel and Leisure Magazine's November issue said that the Bahia Ballena coast, right where our developments are located, is one of the top two destinations in the world to visit in 2014. Tell me it's expensive? Check on Expedia for hotels, click right on the links to the left for homes for rent, you supposed experts in Costa Rica missed the boat on this one if you insist on telling people it is expensive.. You have been in Costa Rica too long to remember what expensive is. Did you also mention that the colon just lost nearly 10% against the dollar (or should I say that the dollar has about 10% more buying power in the last 4 to 5 months? Seen the interest rates in the bank in the US lately? I could go on and on, anyone wants to contact me directly or come on one of our property tours and see for themselves, here's my contact info... Steve Linder Pacific Lots of Costa Rica 305-295-0137 direct 877-481-0300 US only toll free Read our blog: Photos of our Developments

Costa Rica: Day by day Hotel booking:
Kohl, You are wrong about cars at the airport. First of all there are NO cars at the airport, every company is offsite. There is no hard and fast rule that you can generalize that one company costs 15% more than another. The issue in Costa Rica is always the insurance on the rental car. You get what appears to be a good rate and then go to the office to sign contact and realize the insurance cost is more than the rental car cost. Best of look beforehand, some of the smaller companies are cheaper when you add up the insurance required. I use Vamos at and they have treated our clients very well over the years.

Costa Rica: Concerned about CAJA 13% premium:
It is 13% of the amount of income you specified when you applied for residency in Costa Rica. So if you showed income of $1000 per month per couple when you applied for residency, it is $130 per month to the Caja. If you showed $2000 per month, it is $260 per couple to the Caja. My Blue Cross Florida Blue policy is in front of me right now, covering two of us, in our 40's and 50's non smokers, with a

Costa Rica: Baby steps PLEASE:
We run property tours to Ojochal and you can see more at We are selling the largest project in the southern Pacific region and offer a 4 day tour for $299 all inclusive. See our website and on the lower left side of the home page is our tour schedule. We already have 4 sold out tours in February alone... We have an 8 room guest house specifically for our tours.

Costa Rica: car rental:
I use and they have the lowest rate I have found...

Costa Rica: living in costa rica:
If you want a great tour of Ojochal as a place to live, check us out at for our 4 day discovery property tour in Ojochal, Costa Rica.. Steve Linder Pacific Lots of Costa Rica 305-295-0137 direct 877-481-0300 US only toll free Read our blog: Photos of our Developments

Costa Rica: Information Request:
Check out our area, the culinary capital of Costa Rica, we have what you are looking for on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Steve Linder Pacific Lots of Costa Rica 305-295-0137 direct 877-481-0300 US only toll free Read our blog: Photos of our Developments

Costa Rica: Need Moderation?:
In response to the question whether Gil is being honest in his description/perception of Costa Rica, get the fact that this is his perspective, not yours. To question whether Costa Rica is better or worse than the US is surely subjective. Both are diverse places, people are all different and what makes me happy may not make you happy. The fact is that Gil moved there from Pennsylvania years ago, married a Costa Rican woman and has a nice life there. Personally I have both a summer house on an island off the coast of Massachusetts as well as a home in Key West Florida (the southern most point of the US) and still prefer my time spent in Costa Rica to either place in the US. Right now I'm sitting in an ocean front hotel room in West Palm Beach, the Lotus, and find this entire stretch of coastal Florida depressing. Hotels and homeless. Costa Rica's coast is much more beautiful, the people are much nicer and nicer than the people in Panama, in my opinion. I traveled last year to 14 countries, yes I liked the coast of Ireland, Mykonos Greece is great fun for a week, Paris is always beautiful and I enjoyed my time in Barcelona, Spain, yet I still prefer being in Costa Rica, it's a better place to LIVE. No matter what you read on the site, Costa Rica is still cheaper than the US. My largest expenses in the US are taxes, insurance and healthcare. Costa Rica is CHEAP on all three. Even hotels, restaurants and entertainment are still cheap compared to most major cities in the US. And crime is relative. Sure there's some crime in Costa Rica, much noise about crime since over 50% of the entire country lives in the central valley (where the majority of the crime is). If you don't like crime, don't live in the central valley. Sure we've had an occasional break in in our area but NEVER a murder, never heard of a rape, I am aware of one violent crime in the southern pacific region in years, that was an expat who saw three men breaking into a neighbors home and he tried to stop them alone. That's not using common sense. In the interest of peace and civility, if you don't anything good to say, don't say it.... And yes our sales have been great, we are having our best sales year ever, our property tours have been busy and we've got about 15 more booked in the next 5 months. Steve Linder Pacific Lots of Costa Rica 305-295-0137 direct 877-481-0300 US only toll free Read our blog: Photos of our Developments

Costa Rica: places to look for relocation:
check out our website, 4 day discovery tours and our slide show at Steve Linder Pacific Lots of Costa Rica 305-295-0137 direct 877-481-0300 US only toll free Read our blog: Photos of our Developments

Costa Rica: Rampant Petty Crime:
fortunately for us in the southern region, we have a passport control checkpoint that everyone heading north has to pass in Dominical or Perez Zeledon that limits crime quite a bit versus other regions of the country. Any time there's any issue, the checkpoint stops all heading north, a major plus for the southern Pacific region. We've sold 6 properties in the past 2 weeks in our developments to people who'd visited many other regions of CR and found our region to benefit from these passport control checkpoints. Steve Linder Pacific Lots of Costa Rica 305-295-0137 direct 877-481-0300 US only toll free Read our blog: Photos of our Developments

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