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Costa Rica: Tell me about Uvita and area:

To answer the question about the area around Uvita, let's begin with a look at the towns that make up the area. This area is known as the Costa Ballena. The area includes Dominicalito, Uvita, Ojochal and Tres Rios De Coronado. The Costa Ballena is most noted for the large international community residing there. There are many north American retirees and baby boomers as well as large European population. There are great hotels and the largest concentration of international restaurants in all of Costa Rica. The area around Uvita and Ojochal is home to nearly 30 bars and restaurants including 2 French bakeries, a few Italian and pizza parlors, Thai, Mexican, Argentine steaks, French, German, Indonesian, Indian, Cuisine of the world and local fare. The local expat enclave has also created a large farmers marketm, held on Saturday morning at the indoor soccer field in Uvita for organic foods, great spices, organic dairy products, free range chicken, grass fed beef and fresh local seafood. There are a number other farmers markets and local produce stands and some of the best ingredients are available along this stretch of the southern coast. The area is noted for great weather (if you google accuweather and check the weather in the town of Uvita, you will see temperatures that average 80 degrees, typically never hotter than 89 or colder than 71, There are great beaches here including the Marina National Park Playa Ballena. Ballena means whale and it is the area where the humpback whales from the southern hemisphere come to mate with the humpbacks from the northern hemisphere. Dominicalito is a small fishing village just south of Dominical and although it is home to a few great waterfall swimming holes up in the hills above the coastal highway, there's not much else there. There's lots of bio diversity along the Costa Ballena, Uvita include: great birds including many pairs of macaws and large flocks of parrots inhabit the area as well as nearly 40 varieties of hummingbirds. Over half the entire southern region of Costa Rica is national park, a testament to the bio diversity in the area. Uvita is more laid back than the northern or central regions of Costa Rica as is Ojochal, the next town to the south, another great town. Crime is significantly less than most everywhere else in Costa Rica in this region for a couple of reasons. Things are more spread out and harder for criminals to get to than in the central valley and harder to escape but the primary reason for lower crime is there's a passport control checkpoint on the Baru River as you cross the river heading south of Dominical. This bridge is a natural barrier since bad guys don't want to cross it, since they may have to show a passport on the return across the bridge. Any illegal immigrant won't want to cross either. The area around Uvita was noted as one of the top places to visit in 2014 by Conde Naste' magazine and HGTV's house hunters recently did an episode in Ojochal. It is also home to Pacific Lots and homes of Costa Rica, the largest international residential community for foreigners in the country. We run property tours to the area, 4 days, 3 nights all inclusive for $299 per person including transportation from Juan Santamaria airport in San Jose and returning to San Jose at the end of the tour. These tours include all meals, lodging, even adult beverages however meals are not included on the first day of the tour since we put our clients for the first night at the Hotel Martino in Alajuela though they do have a nice Italian restaurant for food purchase. Breakfast is included there however. There are no sales presentations on our tours. See more details at or contact me Steve Linder 305-295-0137 877-481-0300 toll free in the US

Costa Rica: Dollarization of the CR economy and buying colones:

Costa Rica will always control the rate between the dollar and the colon, you could call their currency "dollarized" due to a couple of factors. First of all their number one source of income is tourism and mostly from North America. Second, many may not realize that 25 of the TOP FORTUNE 50 companies in the world have manufacturing facilities in Costa Rica. A big disruption in the relation of the dollar to the colon would make exporting goods manufactured there very unstable. it would also make it more difficult to attract direct foreign investment. As an international economics major with 7 years of business school, Costa Rica has much to lose if the relationship between the dollar and the colon were to change very much. Steve Linder The largest and oldest development in Costa Rica. See our website for details on our 4 day all inclusive property tours.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica 2015 Crime and Safety Report:

I'm going to mention that it depends a lot on where you live. If you live in places like San Isidro En General or the Southern Pacific region around Uvita and Ojochal, our crime rate is very low. It's much like describing crime in the US, I could talk about Detroit or I could talk about Cambridge, Massachusetts, Comparing one to the other without qualifying "where" I was talking about would be completely useless information. If you go into the Central Valley, you'll see lots of bars on windows, barbed wire and dogs. Same with Guanacaste in the high tourist areas. Head into some of the small towns without tourism and crime is nearly non existent. We have a program in Ojochal call CAP, Cap on Crime. We work closely with the local police and OIJ, posted the town with "crime watch community" posters in town, in both Spanish and English and we encourage ANY crime, no matter how small, be reported and that denuncia's be issued to the police. I can clearly state that we have VERY LITTLE CRIME. Sure we do have an occasional break and enter, perhaps one a year. We are a residential community however, not a tourist town. Ticos in our town have sided together with us to combat crime. So blanket generalizations about Costa Rica as though it is all the same, are not warranted. I would no sooner live in an area like Kohl is describing than I would live in Detroit.

Costa Rica: Opening the bank account:

Proper English: Are you AN American and if YOU'RE interested in learning something new.

Costa Rica: Things to Do around Dominical:

There's a bunch of stuff for a three year old in that area, ask any local how to get to the Paz Azul waterfalls right there in dominicalito, they are nice, safe and easy swimming for a toddler. You can also drive further south to Sierpe and take a river cruise on the Sierpe river, as at the restaurant "Las Vegas" for either a one or two hour cruise, two is better but your toddler might get antsy. You can also go up to Manuel Antonio National park (closed on Mondays) and bring swimming gear, nice safe beach, lots of animals. There's safe ocea swimming in Uvita at the Whales tail but it is part of the Playa Ballena National park and you will have to pay an entrance fee. You can also take your child to the Tilapia Farm in Tres Rios de Coronado, about 25 minutes further south, there are two tilapia restaurants, you want to be sure to go the the further one in, (El Pavone) where you can also swim in a nice waterfall (do be careful as the rocks on the path down to the swimming hole are slippery if they are green or mossy. Another nice take in is walking the nature trails at the Cusinga Lodge, about 20 minutes south of Dominical. The hacienda Baru, just before Dominical, has a butterfly exhibition and nice walking trails. Best of all is likely to stay at the Hotel Villas Gaia and keep your toddler in the pool, nice pool for a toddler.

Costa Rica: Ride From San Jose Airport?:

Not sure where you could ever get a taxi ride for $5 for an hour, had to be quite a while ago. Taxi's now cost at least $20 to go to downtown San Jose from the airport.

Costa Rica: why:

Bluewind, Yet you continue to respond to questions asked by others interested in Costa Rica though you have never lived there and clearly have a negative attitude toward the country. International expansion by multinationals is not an American problem, it is worldwide. We are not the root of crime, obesity, guns or whatever else you have generalized as caused by Americans. Why not go to some other forum and troll...

Costa Rica: My Trip this to Costa Rica Aug 2015:

Fredo, I hate to say but looking back at your earlier posts, a number of people advised you not to bother with the Caribbean coast at all yet that's right where you headed and then you base your opinion of Costa Rica on what you saw on that coast. The Caribbean side was colonized by Garifino's, folks from the islands of Jamaica, the Caymans and even some Cubans, The largest port in the nation is there in Limon and typically port towns in any country are not the safest or prettiest places. I'm not trying to push my agenda, just pointing out that you were advised against the trip you took and now act like it was a big surprise by what you found. There are good and bad parts of every country, I am not fond of Port o Prince, Haiti nor a big fan of Detroit these days. But I would not judge the entire US by a visit to Detroit or East LA. Steve Linder

Costa Rica: First request for info:

You can also come check out the Southern Pacific region, a great region to live in, nice weather, no water issues and noted for the lowest crime in Costa Rica.. We offer 4 day tours including all meals, lodging, transport (other than airfare) and tours for just $299 a person, a great way to check out Costa Rica without the hassle of renting a car or worrying about where to go. We've built the largest expat community outside the central valley, 17 phases with over `1000 owners and counting, now in our 26th year in business. We are also the largest builder of custom homes in the entire country. If you haven't booked an upcoming tour with us already, you can find our Costa Rica Discovery Tour dates on the front page of our website, at as a great way to escape the winter blues and see if Costa Rica is a potential retirement or vacation/rental home ownership destination for you. Here is the standard information about how to attend one of our upcoming Discovery tours, 4 days all inclusive for only $299 per person. Check this out first to see why our project is so popular and be sure to select "full screen" while watching On our discovery tour, we'll be at waiting for you at the airport when you arrive, unless you have arrived early for additional vacation time, in which case we'll make arrangements for you personally. We'll take you to the Resort Hotel Martino, complete with spa, gym, bar, great pool and restaurant, wireless internet and a zoo across the street. If you have arrived early, you will have plenty of time to unwind and perhaps visit the zoo. We spend our day shuttling arriving guests to the hotel from the airport. On the following morning after a hot included breakfast, we'll head down the southern coast for a 3.5 hour scenic drive to our developments. We'll assign rooms at our 8 room guest house and after an incredible lunch we'll visit some of the custom homes we are building, followed by a great dinner. On the following day, we'll start right in looking at both mountain and ocean view home sites after breakfast. We'll get a look at the new hospital, visit our huge workshop where we make all our own windows, doors, counters, custom cabinets, wrought iron work and also see the new golf course next door. After lunch we'll see some local shops and restaurants, swim at a local beach, visit a local supermarket and perhaps check out the commercial town of Uvita to our north. We have no sales presentation but we do discuss various topics; residency, banking, home ownership, taxes, insurance, etc.... On the following morning we start with breakfast and then head back to San Jose, arriving by 1:00 pm. If you can't get a return flight after 3:00 pm, we'll assist you with a local hotel booking for that night at a great hotel complex with airport shuttle and casino (at your expense). The cost for the tour is only $299 per person and if you decide to purchase, we give you a $1000 credit for airfare. Remember that ready to build home sites in our development start at $40k and we give a 5% discount for non financed purchases. Here is a link to information about our upcoming Discovery Tours So book now and escape the winter blues. You can find additional information about us and our company at our website Regards, Steve Linder Pacific Lots of Costa Rica 305-295-0137 Direct 877-481-0300 Toll Free Read our blog: Photos of our Developments

Costa Rica: airport transportation.:

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