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Costa Rica: Poas volcano erupting, Nat.l park closed:

Can anyone verify if Poas national park is still closed and the status of La Paz Waterfall Gardens being open as well?

Costa Rica: expats leaving CR:

Put me in touch with your friends with the mansion for sale for $400,000, I may have a buyer.

Costa Rica: Is Costa Rica that much more expensive?:

Don, San Jose to Grecia is easy, the airport is actually in Alajuela and Grecia is about a 35 minute drive from there. It might take an hour from downtown San Jose. To go to Arenal or Monteverde will be a few hours more, be sure you get on the fastest route of it could be much more. The colonial towns around the central valley are good places to live but San Jose has a big traffic problem. Many of us prefer the coastal area but it will be hotter. I chose the southern Pacific area, less crowds, great community, nice beaches and restaurants but less cultural offerings. We can drive to Quepos in an hour and have tourist central or an hour to San Isidro Perez Zeledon for big city shopping. 90 minutes to Panama is nice and the Osa region rocks for wildlife. Check out Uvita or Ojochal if you don't like the central valley Steve Linder

Costa Rica: Cautionary Crime Stats:

It's easy to be misled by statistics so here is a comprehensive look at what these numbers mean. I've used the most up to date figures for the comparison below though years vary in available data. I've specified the years to try to correct inaccuracies. Costa Rica has one of the lowest homicide rates of all the countries on the preferred list frequented by expats in Latin America. When compared to the US rate of about 4.8 per 100,000 Costa Rica's murder rate of nearly 11.45 per 100,000 seems high when viewed out of context. According to a comprehensive report published by the UN in 2013, Costa Rica is low compared to other popular expat destinations. Belize had 44.7 per 100,000 (2012) while Mexico, home of nearly a million Americans, had a murder rate of 22.8 per 100,000 (2011). In 2011, Costa Rica was at 10.0. Costa Rica has hovered around 11.4 since 2009, with a dip to 8.5 per 100,000 in 2012. Compare that to the Dominican Republic at 24.8 (2011), Panama 20.3 (2011), Ecuador 17.6 (2010), the Bahamas 34.7 (2011), Nicaragua at 12.5 (2011) and you will see that Costa Rica is one of the safer places in the Americas if you want to leave the USA or Canada. Since 1955 the Americas including the US has consistently had levels of 5 to 8 times greater than Europe or Asia. China came in at 1.0 in 2010 while Japan was .3 per 100,000 (2011). In Latin America, nearly 70% of homicides are committed with firearms and 80% of victims are males. The high averages in the Americas are grossly influenced by countries like Honduras with one of the highest murder rates in the world at 90.4 (2012), Venezuela at 53.7 (2012)El Salvador at 41.2 (2012) and Guatemala at 39.9 (2012). Columbia was 30.8 (2011) and Brazil was 25.2 (2012) Canada helped the average at 1.5 (2011). The take away is that these crimes are frequently aimed at people involved in the drug trade or other illegal activity and especially in Costa Rica are rarely targeted at expats. Steve Linder Pacific Lots (and Homes) of Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Best place to live on the Pacific Coast:

Check out Ojochal and Uvita Costa Rica. We actually run 4 day all inclusive proeprty tours to the area for $299 per person. Check out

Costa Rica: Trump won:

It's a great time to take one of our 4 day all-inclusive property tours (just $299) to see if Costa Rica might help you retire sooner. See for more information. As the large project in Costa Rica we are proud of our 17 different phases we've built along with the hundreds of custom homes we've built for our clients over the past 26 years. We'll be touring the US this winter as exhibitor in the Ideal Living show circuit as well as our continued participation with International Living Events for over 10 years now. We've been keynote speakers at the ARRP Life@50 events and built the largest master planned community ever built in Costa Rica. Our international residential community has been featured by HGTV's house hunters International and Conde Naste magazine described our area of Costa Rica as a top destination to visit in 2015. Come see what your options might be with no sales presentation, great healthy meals and even adult beverages included.

Costa Rica: Owning real property:

The elections in the US have already created a big spike in sales in our developments, many appear.disenfranchised with the choices and are already planning their exit. Our four day property tours have been filling faster than normal and I expect an additional increase as the elections get closer. After Obama was elected we had our best year ever and I expect the same whether Hillary or Donald win the election. Steve Linder Pacific Lots of.Costa Rica www.pacificlots. com

Costa Rica: Moving to Costa Rica from Colorado:

There's a great school in the southern Pacific zone that owners in our Pacific Lots development send their kids to called the Escuela Verde, They teach on kind of a Montesorri model and classes are taught in both Spanish and English and at this point many more affluent Ticos' have enrolled their kids so that now there's a mix of 50/50 Ticos and Expats. Great School and started by Expats who needed a better solution for their own children. Google it... Steve Linder

Costa Rica: want to move to Costa Rica:

Near the baech some like Jaco, all but the safe part shines through, some also like Manuel Antonio, good transportation up and down from Quepos but pretty touristy and busy in high season and more expensive than other areas based on demand. I like the southern pacific region (I sell property there) but you will surely get someone telling you it's stiffling hot and that you'll pay $100's of dollars for AC. Our roads are gravel, we have great grocery stores, we have pretty much everyone is looking for except public tennis courts (opportunity) and a strong expat community. Maybe 15% of our owners ever use AC but they will lump the southern region up the hill with the flood plains of Guanacaste in a desert like environment. Trees regulate temperature and the largest lowland forest on the entire Pacific coast from Alaska to Uraguay is located in the southern Pacific part of Costa Rica, as is 22,000 hectare of mangroves, which produce more oxegen than nearly any other plant on earth and also is the breeding grounds for fish, birds and animals. See us online at and perhaps come on one of our 4 day all inclusive tours for $299. We have rentals in the area and offer full rental management if you are an owner. Steve Linder

Costa Rica: hopeful to move:

Consistently the southern Pacific region has proven to be the safest. Look at the crime records from denuncias and the OIJ and you will see this to be true.


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