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As an expat who moved here knowing very little, the only information given to us from hubby's company came from the guys who came before him which was the number for Pizza Hut and the word " Inshallah" It was up to me to find out everything from resident visa to banking to finding appropriate villla. I then began helping others and now I have started my own expat relocation company. I know what its like to get here knowing nothing an being a woman, wife & mother I know the needs of expats and provide everything from orientation to finding a villa or flat and making it a home. Feel free to contact me.

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http://i'm on MY SPACE under Mikesflygirl or

Advice for New Expats

Network! Find out if your company sponsors an expat relocation company to help you orient into the UAE. The forums are a wealth of iinformation however only based on others experiences and you sometimes get conflicting information.

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Ecuador Welcome Forum: Ex-pats in Cuenca?:

Hi Deborah! I sent you a PM but hoping to hear how your visit is going and what you think of the possible move/ retirement down there. We may be right behind you! We're married couple looking at pre-retirement from US.

Costa Rica: The TRUTH about how Foreigners are treated here in Costa Rica!:

Wow.. My first thread to read about CR and already running into a thread argument. Shocked ? Hardly. I think any forum you go to, you will read exactly what Cruzin said. 1. Those who love it, 2. Those who don't and 3. Those who are just trying to gain as much info as possible. I do however have to add my 2 cents. It is not fair to ask someone to share a bunch of negatives if he has not experienced them himself. You cannot take 2 positives and create a negative. And I have also learned from being on previous forums after moving abroad, that 85% of what you read is going to be from the 10% who are not happy. Those who are happy, are too busy being happy and you won't find them on the forums. My husband and I are looking at semi-retirement in CA, SA and possibly Mexico. We are expats who moved from the US 3 years ago to the Middle East ( Dubai) and you have to do exactly what Cruzin has said. When in Rome... and don't compare all the greatness of one country with the bad from another. Of course that will slide the scales of any battle. Try common sense in understanding that if you are moving to a 3rd world country, be prepared to get 3rd world country results. It's how you improvise and overcome that determine your fate. If you expected western medical care in a public health sector, then you were sadly disappointed. Use your 6th sense that there are times that if it comes to life/death, it may be time to get the patient the hell out of there. I'm a Paramedic with extensive medical care beyond the ambulance and my greatest fear of any care is post procedure and chance of infection. At that point, it is crucial to determine how aggressive your medical practitioners are towards treating the infection. Also remember that everyone is entitled to offer their experiences and they are not being delivered via rose colored glasses but rather thru their own eyes. If you want to know all the negative then simply google Costa Rica + Negative and I'm sure you will find it. As for me, I take in all that I read and will use this information as something to look out for. But I will have to do like others and find out for myself.

Belize: How and where to live in Belize on SSDI:

Hi Joe and Sharon, Joe, my husband and I are interested in researching Belize as well. Are there any current developers that are offering a weekend or weekday stay for participation in a sales/timeshare spill ? I know they have them all the time in Fla. Make sure with your previous MI you will have adequate cardiology care wherever you wind up :) Sharon, Glad to see you have done what I've done in Dubai :) Wherever my DH and I wind up, I will be looking to do the same there.

United Arab Emirates: Is that a reasonable number? Please help!:

Damas, Can you provide a little more info ? What type of Engineer ? Where are you originally from ? Does this include housing ? If so, what type ? What about insurance ? Send me more detailed info and I can try to help you as I live in RAK. What type of company will you be working for ? If I had to guess without more pertinent info I would say its low. Very low for someone who as acquired a MS. However, giving the current employment market world wide, you may not have other offers. Sassyredheademtp @ aol dot com.

United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi or Al Ain:

Carolina, If you're coming to teach here and have been offered a position with ADEC ( Abu Dhabi Education Council) I highly suggest you research via expat forums, teacher forums etc to know the facts regarding housing before you move here. I have sent you a PM.

Global Expat Forum: Where in the world can you buy Real Estate in your name:

You can actually buy property in the UAE and upon purchase you receive a resident visa. In RAK ( Ras Al Khaiymah) which is a coastal city located about 30 minutes from Dubai, offers a REAL freehold to purchasing property. Unlike Mexico which only allows you 99 years. My husband and I relocated here to the UAE 2 years ago and we recently moved to Al Hamra Village which is a resort/marina/golf residential area that is absolutely fantastic!!! I was in Real Estate in Al Ain ( a city about 2 hours away) and now looking at opening biz here because there is some great properties along the beach and marina that are going to increase in value as this area is building and becoming very popular. If you want more info, feel free to email me. I have taken some beautiful pics of our townhouse that is on the lagoon that I can share with you. Also you can go to you tube and type in Al Hamra and there are a few videos. They are a few months old ( almost a year) as some were being done for the tourism and for America's cup 2010 which later winded up somewhere else.

United Arab Emirates: Meeting women:

Mish, Would you kindly stop warning these men about me ? LOL.. Guys, living here as a single guy is almost the same as the country(ies) you're from. You do have to respect yourself as well as others when in public. If you act like an adult and can handle your liquor, then meeting women should be easy. You have taken the first step already as you have enquired on this forum. If you want to get away from Dubai and hang out in the Wild West ( it's been nicknamed) of the UAE, c'mon down and visit us in AL Hamra, Ras Al Khaiymah. We have the marina, golf club, yacht club, dance clubs, pools, etc. You can rent a studio for the weekend or stay in a hotel. If you become friends with hubby and I , c'mon down and hang with us. Mish, when you coming down ? We moved from Al Ain last week and its awesome down here !! I wish we had done this sooner. We live here in a very nice 4 bed townhouse on the lagoon cheaper than we had a 3 bed bungalow in al ain in a district with no roads in place yet!

United Arab Emirates: FInd housing with cats?:

Hi ESGA, You won't have any problem finding a villa or flat with having a cat. We have 2 dogs and a cat and its no problem at all. In regards to moving here with your pets, we used an air animal company to handle it as there is a plethera of paperwork and regulations you have to follow bringing a pet into the UAE. They have to come as freight, no way around it. When your ready to move, feel free to email me. I'm an Expat living in Al Ain and I am a licensed Real Estate Broker. I have villas and flats available that are pet friendly. I also help expats get acclimated into the UAE and Al Ain. Best of luck :) Melanie

United Arab Emirates: Moving to Al Ain:

Welcome to Al Ain. I'm Melanie and i'm an expat broker. I have several flats you can view. Of course they aren't like Dubai. Not as chic and no " metropolitan" feel but they are filled with mostly expats and located near most everything. Email me at and lets get your search going :)

Belize: Visiting Belize for future move:

We are a married expat couple currently living in the UAE and looking at retiring in Belize. Can you all advise a good place to stay that is nice, affordable ( no more than 200 usd a night) that will allow us to check out as much of the area and nice spots to buy beach homes ? Husband is an airline pilot who will be flown to / from home to work and wife is a US Paramedic with 10 years 911 experience and teaching. Hoping to find something in EMS there. We look forward to any and all info you can share with us. Mike & Melanie

United Arab Emirates: Moving to Dubai:

Hi Yolanda, What type of company are you going to be working for in KWI ?

United Arab Emirates: Housing in Al Ain:

Hi there. Welcome to Al Ain and i'm an expat realtor. I have a company here in Al Ain and i specialize in finding homes for expats. Email me at and we can begin your search. Ask around, I have helped several expats here and love doing this! All brokers charge between 5 and 10% of the annual rent as commission. Mine stays at 5% and i don't rate hike ( charge 150k PA when the owner only wants 140k PA) I look forward to working with you. I think i have a client Monday, I will have to check my shedule. If not, is Tuesday good for you ? Regards, Melanie Lefebvre 0501398059

Belize: Thinking about moving to belize:

Hi Sungoddess, What areas do you recommend someone move to in Belize that wants cute beach home that is cozy for 2, yet large enough for guest. We enjoy nightlife with friends, cooking out, and water sports. Hoping to visit in March to look at properties. Any info is appreciated. Melanie

United Arab Emirates: Just arrived in Fujairah:

Hi all. Someone calling ? LOL. Thanks One:) Although I handle property mainly in Al Ain. I am licensed in the AD emirate but can refer you to a licensed and qualified agent in Fujairah. Just send me a PM :) Melanie Sand Castles Real Estate, LLC

United Arab Emirates: Moving to Al Ain:

Hi there. My name is Melanie and i'm a US Expat living here in Al Ain for almost a year. I was in Real Estate as well as EMS back in the states and I'm now in Villa Rentals and Relocations for expats in Al Ain. I have property available to rent. I can find you just about anything you need. The rent you get monthly which is roughly 5k dhm a month isn't enough at the present time to find a decent 2 bed villa. I have some new 2bed vlillas for 70 but also, most owners/landlords here will not accept monthly payments. They will only accept 1 or 2 checks for the annual rent amount. Let me know if you're interested in my help by sending me a PM. Best of luck :) Melanie

United Arab Emirates: Once again a new comer:

Hi Nicole :) I'm also an American who moved here with hubby last Oct. We brought our 2 dogs and cat and we used a pet relocation company as we didnt know everything there was to know at the time and it was easier since there were 3 of them to use the service. I can tell you that they do have to come in as freight and once they are here, when you want to take them out, it is extremely simple and one vet wanted to charge us between 600 and 1k dhm to process one of them out ( my daughter came to visit and wanted to bring her Pomeranian back with her) I was able to do this process myself by very simply going to the Ministry at the airport that handles everything for one small charge of around 100dhm ( i dont rememer the exact amt) and it was done right there. Make sure all shots are up to date and the rabies is within 1 year of travel. They also have to be microchipped. Know your schedule as ens advised and have someone available to assist with taking care of your pet if you work extended hours and if you're going to be living in an apartment which is usually in a building downtown with no areas to really let your pet walk around. I am actually now in the Real Estate/Relocation business and would love to help you and anyone else needing this service. Feel free to contact me on here or email at

United Arab Emirates: intro:

hi Dp, Nice to see your doing your homework prior to the move. Info changes as much as you're checking in so keep checking :) What hospitals are yiou interested in working for ? I can tell you that Tawam in Al Ain provides a housing allowance with the current amount being 110,000 for the nurses I know and they find their own housing which is then approved by the housing committee. I am an expat with Real Estate experience who is opening an office in Al Ain after working with various brokers in the emirates. I find housing in all 3 cities, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain. I will be more than happy to help you out in any way I can and feel free to email me with questions and information periodically. What type of nursing experience do you have ? Where will you be moving from ? I'm also a Paramedic in the US but pre hospital care here is basically stretcher fetchers from Phillipines and Sri Lanka. They don't offer ACLS, PALS or even ALS here. Good luck with your search and move :)

United Arab Emirates: Scottish Single Female Considering Move to Abu Dhabi:

As a married female here, I can tell you it is incredible and worth the move as long as you have good job security. I often comment that I wish I would have had the opportunity to experience the UAE when I was single. I have alot of single friends here who absolutely love it !

United Arab Emirates: honesty in the workplace (jew):

Ens. I don't normally interfere with banter between 2 others on this forum but I'm looking at this neutrally and I can tell you that when i read his post, he seemed extremely arrogant and almost proud of the fact he not only has people under his thumb, but he even states he passes off his work to them. He is probably doing the company a favor by passing off his work because 1. He can't spell, 2.he doesn't know proper grammar and 3. With an attitude of " under my thumb" he won't get anywhere far because those 3 things i mentioned, will come back to haunt him. Let me state that the phrase " under my thumb" was rude, and it doesn't matter what nationality, color of your skin or religious beliefs. It was a demeaning remark, extremely unprofessional and set an example of just who he is. He enters a forum to discuss Jews being safe and keeping their religious beliefs a secret but then he wants to self gratify himself. Hmm reminds me of the guys who claim to have 8 inches too. Mish was in no way hating on anyone, she was merely giving her opinon of his reply that was inviting the opinions of others reading his statement. I would have replied myself advising him that if he's going to have anyone under his thumb, it should be someone to teach him proper spelling and grammar. That is my 2 cents worth and so now we're up to 4 cents. After reading your reply, you came off as being the " hater" What is your beef with Mish ? Seems you took it personally. Not her. PS.. if you think that this country is not more sensitive to Jews here, take a vacation to Israel and see if your passport gets you back in :)

United Arab Emirates: Black American Female moving to Abu dhabi in August 2009 ...Any Assistance is welcomed:

Hi Chi, I'm an American living here in Al Ain ( 1.25) hours from AD. Feel free to PM me and I'll give you all the help you need and answer some questions. I would now but i'm gonna be late for an appointment but wanted to respond to you. I'm from Memphis, where you coming from ?

United Arab Emirates: Jet Set Kitties:

mjs, Pets can only come in as cargo. There is no getting around it at all. Your best bet, although expensive is to contact a pet mover. We came from the US and we used Air Animals out of Florida. They were on top of everything. If the cats get along, and depending on their weight, 2 can go in one kennel. Again, ask the pet movers. I found that information out on the IATA web site. We flew ours out of ATL and the flight gets into DXB around 7:30 pm but the longer you wait, the hotter it will be at that time. If you elect not going thru a pet mover, contact the American Vet in Abu Dhabi. I contacted the British Vet there when we were sending back our daughters dog to the US and they wanted 1600 dhms to handle it for us. That was a bunch of BULL cause it is very simple to send them back. 110dhms and 1 visit to the Ministry of Health vet and within minutes you have the only form that is required. If you choose to call Air Animals, ask for Jeanette. That is who arranged our 2 dogs and cat to get to Dubai. I wish you well.

United Arab Emirates: Pet shops!?!?:

Well I can't help you much in AD but you can call The Golden Canary ( i think that is the name) It's a pet store in the Al Ain Mall here in AA. We saw chipmunks there and so they might have gerbils or can get one. Also you can call PetZone in Dubai. They have 2 locations and next to the location in Al Barsha area of Dubai, is a pet store right next door but i can't remember the name. Sorry, hope this helps !

United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi - Cost Of Living:

That is barely enough to survive on. Even as a single person. What type of work will you be doing ? Is your housing accomodations going to include utilities ? To rent a cheap car here cost about 2400 dhm a month. I would want confirmation on car allowance for sure. Good luck :)

United Arab Emirates: Friends in Al-Ain:

Hi Raafat :) Welcome to AlAin. Tomorrow Night ( friday) is BBQ night at the Rotana Hotel. For 50dhm you get 2 drinks, volleyball and party at the pool. You will meet a bunch of folks. Hubby and I might go.. depending if i get biz finished by then. I have an Expat Service company i'm starting so i'm glued to my office these days. If we go, i will PM you my cell number :) Melanie

Belize: moving to Belize:

Diving Mom.. that does sound crazy ! FUN though ! I would do it too probably ( no agents respond pls lol ) where did u purchase ? what prompted you to purchase there ? Hubby and I have been scouting the internet looking and trying to learn as much as possible. I know we want something built relatively well on the beach or darn close to it and hope to retired there ( well me ) while hubby finishes up the last 10 years flying. Look forward to corresponding with you. We're US expats currently living in the UAE ( talk about a crazy move) but its been great !


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