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Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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United Kingdom

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United States

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Advice for New Expats

Do your research so you can arrive as prepared as possible - forums such as Expat Exchange are a great place to get started. For extra support, you might also want to consider the services of a relocations company. Once in your new home country, remember to be patient and open to new ideas and experiences. If possible, learn the language. Most of all, relax and appreciate the host of new and exciting opportunities you have before you!

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Somewhere warm and relaxed with beautiful beaches and great food


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University of Manchester
  2001 to 2005

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Indian & Thai

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Mexico: Moving from Austin, TX to Monterrey, MX:

Hi jdtrumpet, I am a Brit and have lived in Monterrey for a couple of years now. I really love it here - it's a pretty big city, and the heat takes some getting used to (although maybe not so much for someone coming from Austin!). A lot of people from younger generations speak really good English, although most people aged 40 and older only know the basics, so some basic Spanish would be useful. I sell a guidebook to living in Mty for $25 USD if you're interested. It's 75 pages of practical information, updated annually. We will be releasing the 2009-2010 edition in about a month, but if you can't wait that long, the 2008-2009 edition is still highly recommended. I can even send it to you via PDF so you can have it right away. For more info on relocation services and the guide, see or email me at Good luck!

Mexico: How long does it take for personal belongs to arrive?:

Hi sallies, RVGringo is right, the main delay with any international move is customs. however a removal company with international experience will be able to give you an approximation of the delay to be expected - nonetheless, time frames can never be guaranteed as this part of the move is out of the hands of the removal company. I have a relocations business in Monterrey, and we use a really great international removals company if you would like me to put you in touch with them to discuss this? Email me at if you're interested. Good luck!

Mexico: Finding jobs + Guadalajara:

alellis09, I live in Monterrey, and I can't speak for Guadalajara, but here there are jobs for foreigners here, especially in international companies or the consulates. Unlike most Mexican businesses, many international companies do not work Saturdays. Most of the foreigners who work here were contracted from their home countries and therefore get their paperwork sorted before they even arrive in Mexico, although it is possible to arrive here and start looking for a job. Good luck!

Mexico: Moving to Monterrey for UANL:

Hi Ian, Facebook is a good place to start... there are lots of groups there that might be helpful: UANL Network, Mexpat Monterrey, Moving to Monterrey?. To be honest, the VAST majority of foreign students are at the Tec (ITESM) or the UDEM, I don't actually know any at UANL. Good luck! Laura De Luna

Mexico: Moving to Monterrey!:

Hi mhad71, I'm not sure if you have already arrived in Monterrey yet, but if not, please be reassured! It's a modern, vibrant city, with great facilities and lovely residential areas. Crime is not a major problem (although you would take the same precautions as in any major city) and there is a large US ex-pat community here. My company, Integra Relocation Solutions, offers relocation packages for people moving to Monterrey. We can help with everything from finding a house, a school, learning Spanish, learning to drive, immigration queries etc. We also run an induction to the city, which includes our guide book to living in Monterrey (the most comprehensive one of its kind) , a tour of the city's key areas and a trip to the supermarket. Check out our website to see if there's anything we can help with ( or email me at Good luck!

Mexico: Moving to Monterrey:

Hi, Glad to see all the discussion going on around moving to Monterrey. I am British and live in Monterrey with my Mexican husband. I also have a relocation company here (Integra Relocation Solutions). I wrote an article this week on this site about what to expect when moving to Monterrey which might be helpful. For information on relocation support available, please see my website: Good luck!


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