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Salmiyah, Hawalli, Kuwait

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United States

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Faulkner University
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Roll Tide

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Kuwait: Homeschoolers and stay at home moms:

I have a link about homeschooling that might help: http://americaninkuwait.blogspot.com/2008/09/homeschooling.html Regards, AIK

Jordan: American lady looking for english speaking friends:

Here are 3 Blogs of American ladies in Jordan: http://a-tale-of-three-beans.blogspot.com http://kinziblogs.wordpress.com http://southernmuslimah.blogspot.com They have a group of American ladies in Jordan meeting on a regular basis. Best of Luck, AIK

Kuwait: New year:

I'm in. Info sent.

Kuwait: 10 Tips for Living in Kuwait:

1- Be aware of crazy drivers. 2- Jay walking is legal in Kuwait. 3- Bargain Taxi fair prior to riding. 4- When in doubt use the word Inshallah. 5- Do not stare at people. This is how most fights start here.

Kuwait: Student spending Summer in Kuwait - Job/Volunteer Opportunities?:

Here are few voluinteering outlets in Kuwait found on my Blog: These are organizations which have asked for volunteers in the past. 1. Kuwait Blind Association (accompany the blind on trips and read to them) 25654105 / 25654160 / 25622245 / 25622300 in Maidan Hawalli. 2. Kuwait Red Crescent Society (various opportunities in and out of Kuwait) http://www.krcs.net/index.asp in Shuwaikh across Highway 55 from the City Center. 2481 5478 3. Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospitals (play with / read to children in hospitals) – British administered http://www.kacch.org/ 4. Kuwait Blood Bank (donate blood – most of the times a payment is given) – 2533 9511 – near Mubarak Hospital in Jabriya. 5. Kuwait Orphanage (read / play with children – they will want to screen you and ask for a semi-long term commitment) located near the UN Roundabout. Social workers on site do speak English. 6. PAWS Animal Shelter (take care of pets awaiting adoption) – www.paws-kuwait.org , pawsq8@yahoo.com , tel 99440089 7. Kuwait Little League (opportunities for coaches, referees, score keepers, and other support). Contact the US Embassy. 8. Kuwait Sea Turtle Rescue Network (rescue / care for sea turtles) 2656 6623/4/5 kuwaitturtles@hotmail.com 9. Kuwait Sea Sports Club and Kuwait Dive Team (clean a reef) 2572 1144 / 2572 1155 10. Animal Friends League of Kuwait (take care of animals), P.O.Box 854 , 45709 Surrah , Kuwait. Tel: 965.700.1622 Fax: 965.2244.3859 www.animalfriendskuwait.org Email:info@animalfriendskuwait.org http://americaninkuwait.blogspot.com AIK

Kuwait: Americaninkuwait, I don't understand?:

Good morning Porch, This is from my personal Blog, that post was based on a personal circumstances, in the US I used to own my own business, and in the US you could say your mind to anyone, that is how Americans are. In Kuwait I work for a large corporation and it is stressful somewhat. In Kuwait or any other non-US country it is not the same case. You would see things that you might like or agree upon, but that's how things are outside the states. To some expats these things would be irrelevant, to others it is irritating. It is what you make out of it. But all in all, Kuwait is a good place to work for on many levels. If you are not sure about working in Kuwait, why not come here for a visit first and find for yourself, or maybe have a list of questions I'm sure I or other members can answer them for you. Cheers, AIK http://americaninkuwait.blogspot.com

Kuwait: Welcome to our New Forum Leader:

Thank you Betsy, I'm gonna try my best to answer most questions about Kuwait. Cheers, AIK http://americaninkuwait.blogspot.com

Kuwait: Moving to Kuwait in January 2009:

Dear Porch, Are you single? any children? I think that's a good package. Kuwait is cheap compared to the states, and I lived in a pretty cheap place (Birmingham, AL) Grocery shopping in Kuwait is like 100-200 KD/Month. Gas is like 25-50 KD/Month Utilities 30-50KD/Month Then you get your dinning out expense. All in all it is a pretty good place to save money, compared to Dubai or other neighboring countries. Kuwaities Love Americans, and there are plenty of Americans in Kuwait. The only dangerous thing about Kuwait that freaks me out is TRAFFIC! I hate driving in Kuwait to the point I avoid it. Car Accident mortality is high in Kuwait. There are some crazy drivers in this town. No drinking of course, that's a bummer, but people get around it, I didn't learn that yet. Visit my Blog for more info about Kuwait. Cheers and Welcome to Kuwait. AIK http://americaninkuwait.blogspot.com

Kuwait: Help with kids!:

Hey there, Have you tried Fantasy World? http://kuwait.thepaperdump.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/8.jpg Fantasy World Telephone: * 4714811 (Al-Rai) * 4714611 (Al-Rai) * 2425717 (Souk Sharq) * 5714032 (Al-Bustan - Salmiya) Best Wishes, AIK http://americaninkuwait.blogspot.com

Jordan: Language Exchange.. Making Friendz:

Here are 3 Blogs of American ladies in Jordan: http://a-tale-of-three-beans.blogspot.com http://kinziblogs.wordpress.com http://southernmuslimah.blogspot.com They have a group of American ladies in Jordan meeting on a regular basis. Best of Luck, AIK

Kuwait: Any special visa requirments to move to Kuwait?:

My Blog can offer answers to your inquiries: http://americaninkuwait.blogspot.com


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