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Australia: How to get into Australia?:

I am a skilled Telephone/DSL working Technician here in the U.S. At age 59 I'm not able to get thru immigration requirements--CAN Anyone suggest alternative(s) I can use to move to Australia. Life in the U.S. is getting too creepy! Rich

Canada: Advise on Immigration:

We live in the U.S. in Arizona. I am 59 with 15 yrs exp in telephones and internet installation and repair. My wife and daughter are Ukrainian, and she will have her Masters degree next year. She speaks fluent Russian and has taught this in Ukraine for 7 years. I'm having a tough time trying to get a visa w/o a job offer from there-- Anyone have any suggestions

Canada: Timeline for skilled worker vs Student Visa:

I'm interested in relocating to Canada as a skilled telephone tech. My wife in 18 months would like to attend a University in Canada for her Ph.D Can I apply now as a skilled worked, and she also apply in a year? I think one of us would need to retract the application, but I'm not sure of the timelines and details. Can anyone share some info on this---Thanks RichinTucson

Chile: cost of living in Santiago & Or some other big cities:

I'm interested in visiting Chile to see if I'd like to retire there with my family(wife & 16yr old daughter). I'm more interested in mid sized towns, say under 600,000 people. We also like the ocean and mtns. Could you suggest any town(s) I might check out. Thanks, Rich


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