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El Salvador: Opening a Bank Account in El Salvador:

Hi Pato, Thank you for all your help on this board! I am trying to open a bank account here and keep being told that I have to have a residency card because of new law. I have a US passport, NIT and also own a home and car here. Do you know anybody that could help me with this? Thanks, Mike

El Salvador: Elementary Schools - La Libertad Area:

Hey have you had any luck finding a school. We are moving back down to El Zonte again (it is near La Libertad) and trying to figure out what to do for schooling this year. How old are your kids? We have a 4 yr old and 6 yr old. My family would love to meet up with you. Are you living in La Libertad?

El Salvador: Finding a spanish tutor:

Living on the Coast North of La Libertad and looking for a private Spanish tutor. Can anybody point me in the right direction

El Salvador: putting my child in local school:

We own a house in the beach community of EL Zonte. About 20 km west of La Libertad. Next year my wife and two kids are going to be moving down there for six months. I would like to get me daugter in the local school during our time down there. Our hope is for her to learn spanish, make friends, and to expose her to a different reality than the relative affluence she has been raised in. To be clear we do not want her to be in an international school or private school in San Salvador. Does anybody know if they will let her enroll (We don't mind paying higher fees). Also would like thougts on possible dangers. Our particular area seems removed from the gangs and drug problems that I see in San Salvador and La Libertad but I don't want to put my daughter in harms way. All thoughts and comments are appreciated

El Salvador: 10 Tips for Living in El Salvador:

If you are looking for an active outdoor lifestyle than I would rule San Salvador out. It is a nice city where you can find most any western ammenities that you are looking for but crime is an issue and because of that most expats and upper income locals are security obsessed. Forget about parks unless you are referring to the large playlands that all the fast food places have. I am from San Diego and I would say rent for a safe apartment is similar in price to that in San Diego. If you don't have to work in San Salvador than there are some great choices on the coast were an active lifestyle is very possilble. We live about 20 km up the coast from La Libertad and don't worry about safety issues even at night and I have a five year old and three year old. I love El Salvador and would move here full time if I could talk my wife into it. (We are here for four months at the moment) The people are great and so is the surf. Car definitely makes life easier The bus system seems to work well but most expats would not consider using it because of safety issues.

El Salvador: wireless internet el salvador:

Are any of the mobile phone companies offering wireless internet through a card for your laptop. If so any info on the plans would be great. I will be moving to El Sal next year


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