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Denmark: Newbie:

Hi I may be moving to Denmark in the area of Gavnø Manor and would love to hear from anyone who lives in that area or near that area.

Saudi Arabia: chelsea22:

Hi, chelsea22 did you get my email address?? Gill x

Saudi Arabia: Beach clubs in Jeddah:

Hi I am a FEMALE!!! and hoping to be moving to Jeddah in January 2009 but I will not be living in a compound. I am wanting to know is there things like beach clubs that you can join where you can sit in the sun on your day off without having to wear your abaya??? And if so can you point me in the righ tdirection to their web sites. Also in the evening do people (females) go out for meals or is this just not a done thing? Would love to hear from any females that are in Jeddah that can share their experience and what they tend to do in the evenings and their day off. Gill x

Saudi Arabia: female in jeddah:

Hi I would love to hear from you as I too am a female and looking to be moving to Jeddah with work in January 2009.

Saudi Arabia: I'm off to Jeddah!:

Hi Ive left jeddah


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