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Freiburg, Baden-W_ºrttemberg, Germany

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United States

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Russian Federation

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Austria: Residency for wife of EU member:

Hallo, I am american, merried to German. He works in Austris and we bought house in Feldkirch, Austria. I have read that spouses of EU members will get residency for 10 y. Is it true? What papers wife of German need to present to get permit to stay?

Austria: Get residency as freelancer?:

Hallo, I am American; livine in Germany. I have a house in Lindau, near Bregenz. Need a residence permit, to stay all year around in Europe. Do not need to work, have money. What kind of permit I can get? Is it difficult to get any form of residency just to live in Europe? To register as a painter or writer?

Germany: Self-employed in German - speeking countries:

Hallo! I live in Germany. American passport. Well-to-do. Do not need to work. Can stay in Schengen for 3 mo. Than go ... somewhere else for 3 mo. Than back. Is it possible to make some self-employed image for me to stay the year around?

Germany: Self-employed in Germany:

Hallo, I am American. Have house in Baden. But can stay only for 3 mo out of 6 mo. What kind of self-employment is possible to get temporary green card to live in Germany?

Denmark: Marriage in Denmark:

Hallo, I am American. Want to merried German. Need to do it fast. I have heard that in Denmark is take less time and documents.

Austria: Get married in Austria:

Hallo, I am American. Want to married to German. Is it easier to do so in Austria?

Germany: Marriage with German:

I am American. Want to get married with German man. What documents will we need? Tatiana

Austria: what to know about house on auktion?:

Hallo! There are two houses in bezirk Tirol in Austria on auktion. They are offered for half price. Where to get some info about some deals?

United States: To bring Bengal or Savanna cat to Georgia.:

Hallo, I will go back to my house in Georgia, USA in few months. I want to take a cat with. What do I need to do before to get ready? Tatiana

Switzerland: Good salary in Zürich for Senior Software Developer:

Hello, I plan to accept a new job as a .NET Senior Software Developer/Architect in the Zurich area. I am from Germany and have already 8 years of software development experience. What salary can I ask for this kind of job in Zurich?

France: Rent a plot of land in Roussilion.:

We are american and german. Living now in Germany. Want to rent a peace of farm land. To put a log home. Or to use a barn that already on the land. Area around 100 km from Montpelliard or Perpignan.


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