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Ecuador: Cost of Living in Salinas ...:

Michael, there are some prices of a few items on the blog - just search for mercado - Salinas itself is not a very big town - things that are available in the true cities are just not here. Also, being only a peninsula - and part of it strictly military - land is at a premium so yards are small or nonexistent. Most are just concrete only. Salinas is desertlike - less rain than Las Vegas - under 5 inches a year. Not much in the way of gardens, fruit trees, etc. Another poster was looking forward to going to the farms here to get fresh produce - not likely! It's a vacation site so it is NOT quiet - neighbors or visitors can be noisy, at all hours. They are here on vacation and going to have a good time. How did you come to decide Salinas might be right for you? I read your post of requirements and we don't seem to be a very good fit. Mind you, we love it here but: "Streets are kept clean and tidy" - only the main portion of the Malecon basically. We have walked past the same dead rat one block back for 2 weeks now. And dog poop and pools of stagnant green smelly water. And urine. "no dogs running around" - not overrun with them, but they are around - watch where you step always! "reliable electricity service" not as bad as other places but when it rains the power goes out. someone told us the lines are old and cracked. "neighbors are not noisy and obnoxious" - not all of them! your "Also, your neighbors will change often as most places here are vacation rentals - could be for a weekend, a week, month or holiday. And they are not here to be quiet - discos, bars, just the cars on the street - will have very loud music day and night. Latin America may be peaceful, but its not quiet. "good trails for mountain biking" - not that I can think of - they are not allowed on the beach. There is a guy here who was biking many miles up the peninsula and said it was wonderful - maybe he will chime in. Using the roads here may be challenging alright - a local told me the taxis and buses literally will nudge you. There are homes available for a modest price but not much near the beach areas, more towards the mainland and there is not much in the way of land to build on near the beaches especially for cheap. Salinas is mostly built up or the military owns the land. And inland does not mean quiet here. Particularly in Salinas proper - the town is only a handful of blocks wide here - Anyway, it's a great town for some, ourselves included, but you may want to have a look around before investing any more time if your list includes dealbreakers.... Joe and Nancy

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Best way to get around in the Coastal areas:

If you need a private car go to the Hotel Pacifico on the malecon to the desk and ask them to arrange for Hector to take you to Salinas. He is reliable a good careful driver and has been doing this for years. cheers, Joe and Nancy

Ecuador: Using US Embassy - Quito for Social Security items:

Anyone have any experience - good or bad - using The US Embassy in Ecuador for any social Security items? The site lists a lot of items they say they handle. Many thanks for any help on this. Joe and Nancy in Salinas

Ecuador: Travel from Cuenca to Salinas:

Dear EcuadorBound, I hear a lot about that "New International Salinas Airport" on the internet - even the government website and certainly all those real estate ones. I have a view of the only airport in Salinas from my back balcony and see it often. I can tell you that it is not new, nor very international at present and the new terminal that they say is practically finished is actually practically ,well, I can't see it at all or anything being worked on. The airport in question is not new, its old. Very old. The US Air Force used it during World War 2 to look for enemy subs and actually left some panes that are still used today by the Ecuador military for pilot training - P38 Warhawks fly by my front balcony daily, sharkstooth painted grins and all. The entire end of the peninsula and nearly half of the rest is all military base plus they let EquaSal dry seawater in ponds for salt there. There are a total of 2 runways now that have been in existence at least since World War 2. They have done some work on them - there's lights and better paving now - might have even lengthened one of them - but its old. Its also Military primarily but they list it as joint commercial-military and previously during season here (Dec-Apr) you could get tickets at the Barcelo Hotel for flights to other Ecuador cities but haven't seen that this year. The regular traffic is pretty much all military - I am told you can charter a plane to come in or out that uses this airport but if you try AeroGal or VIP which they own that says they fly here, well not yet or not now. Also Salinas is not in good financial shape right now to say the least, so finishing the airport is probably not a real priority except to talk about how close they are to finishing it. Just sayin. Joe in Salinas

Ecuador: Ballenita Crime Wave?:

My wife and I are headed to Farallon Dillon Hotel in Ballenita over Carnaval - the idea was to go somewhere relatively quiet and safe. In today's El Universo newspaper, there are 3 articles talking about the current crime wave sweeping Ballenita and Punta Blanca: Anyone with knowledge care to comment? We're about to ask for our money back and make other plans! Many thanks. Joe and Nancy

Ecuador: Coastal_Ecuador ~ a new Yahoo Group:

Susan, What a joke. I quit that group a few months back because I thought, based on all the posts, that they needed to rename it the Cuenca BallRoom Dancing Group! They have their own agenda, and welcome to it! Joe and Nan

Ecuador: Ingredients for Christmas baking/cooking:

Thanks to both Vandtor and Susan for the reply - I searched Hipermart again last week myself and with one of the staff and found only the sprinkles that Susan talked about. I will go to Supermaxi and search again, maybe the food coloring is hiding behind the flavorings.

Ecuador: Locating Atty:

Ed Dra. Gabriela Espinosa's cell is 091645924 hope this helps

Ecuador: humana ecuador:

anyone have any experience with Humana Ecuador health insurance and care to comment? Cheers, Joe in Salinas

Ecuador: Health Insurance with high blood pressure?:

just met with an insurance guy here in salinas who told me that NO insurance company doing business in Ecuador will insure ANYONE regardless of age if they have high blood pressure, controlled or not unless they lie about it on the application. I told him they probably don't insure many expats! Anyone have any suggestions - I'm 60 and in otherwise good health but have moderate high blood pressure controlled with atenolol and norvasc. Cheers, time for a beer and the beach! Joe and Nancy


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