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Jamaica: RN/Home Health/ seeking sit.:

I am an experienced RN with a baccalareate dgree from an American University. I hold a current CA state license. I am seeking a public health/caommunity outreach position. I am not affliliated with any organization. I have run infirmaries at residentail camps and have been employed by the school district doing applied behavioral analysis techniques with Autistic children. I have been an RN abroad previously so I am adventurous and flexible. Thanks.

Jamaica: employment in jamaica:

I am an RN and interested in relocating to Jamaica. Perhaps all of the RNs looking for work there could collaborate and put something to gether for ourselves. I'm interested in community health. Thanks Debbie

Jamaica: 10 Tips for Living in Jamaica:

I am an American RN and would like to find out about employment opps in Jamaica -esp. Negril. I prefer community health as opposed to hospital work. Can you steer me in the right direction? Thanks so much. Debbie

Jamaica: Anyone planning or moved to Jamaica:

hi to all of you who hope to relocate to Jamaica. I have looked online for positions in the field of nursing or education and made several inquiries. I never get any replies. do you think it is better to try and find employment in person? do the local citizens resent jobs going to expats? Anyone know anything about a place called Maroon? Debbie Thanks for insi


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