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Hello, While I have not moved to Corozal Belize yet I have rented an apt and am trying to liquidate stuff to be in residense by Aug.1. I have taken a trip around the country and while I haven't been every where I have visited the major areas and found them to be very different. I think you will find that when you take your own tour. Generally the people have been hospitable and interested in my impressions of the country .The last time I was there I wished I could get someone to do the exiting of the US for me and just stay there. outoftowner

Belize: moving to Belize:

I am taking my second trip to Belize next week to see if I really want to live there. I have selected the Corozal area as it is close to Chetumal and seems to be an area with a nice mix of xpats and locals. Any comments?


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