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I'm 31 years old. Egyptian/half Kuwaiti (Kuwaiti mom). Born & raised in Kuwait. Enthusiastic person, always willing to help if i'm able to. Football is my main interest. I love animals (used to breed dobermans) and after marriage i'm a cat guy, (currently own 7 siamese).

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To stay away from troubles.

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Kuwait University
  1995 to 2001

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BBQ - American mostly

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Never been to one

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The usual suspect

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Not a fan of books

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Arsenal football club - UK

Some Forum Posts:

Kuwait: Documentary film:

Hello people, I am looking for Europeans and Americans to participate in a documentary film. Please drop me a line if you're interested. Tariq

Kuwait: Box Hill College Kuwait:

Hello Jennie, Congrants on your new job. I don't really know much about the college as it is one of the recently opened educational institutes in Kuwait. But I can tell you that Al Mangaf is a good area, where many expats reside. Malls, supermarkets, diners are all available there. Congrats again Tariq

Kuwait: Better to buy a laptop in Kuwait or Canada (Montreal)?:

Hello Espoir, It depends on the prices you get to buy a laptop for in Canada. As for the quality, u don't have to worry as all brands are available. HP, Sony, IBM, Dell Toshiba, Mac etc. Prices depend on the specs of a laptop of course, but you can get a decent HP 14" as low as CAD 700.00

Kuwait: Looking for nephew:

Hello nono, I can't promise you anything. But i'll do my best if you can provide me with more information, when did he come to Kuwait, what's his full name, age, etc. I'll try to contact some people I know and see if they can help. Mention "nephew" in the subject for me to recognize it's not junk.

Kuwait: Teaching in Kuwait:

Hello Cathy, Until a teacher responds to your post, please do visit this website: which provides a list of most of private schools in Kuwait. Since I am not a teacher, I can't really give much information, but if you are going to teach here in Kuwait, you will definitely contact one of those schools. So I suggest that you start contacting those schools (websites are included) and find out. I hope you'll get a response soon from one of the teachers who visit this forum. Good luck

Kuwait: Finding Job In Kuwait:

Hello KuwaitSecurity, Posting your resume on those website is an option, but not the only one. I suggest that you contact people you know in Kuwait to fix you up. However, the hiring foreigners is very rare now in Kuwait since the recession. So it is really hard to get a job now. Good luck

Kuwait: Quit high paying 7/12 work...NOW:

Hello jgirl, I can provide you with an e-mail address of a head hunter. She might help you. Send her your CV, and you can mention my name to her "Tariq" from Boubyan Bank. All the best

Kuwait: Fresher Jobs:

Hello Tara, You may wanna post your CV on The biggest online recruiters in Kuwait. You can also search jobs and apply online. You can also refer to my reply on previous post written by jgirl. Good luck

Kuwait: Jobs in Kuwait:

Hello Halana, please visit this link. You can also post your VC on Biggest online recruitment agency in Kuwait. Good luck

Kuwait: Contract Help:

You can also try posting your CV on or send an e-mail to .. she's a head hunter, you may mention my name to her. (Tariq)

Kuwait: Job offer in Kuwait:

Hello Christa, I have been reading all replies on your post and I would like to give you a clear idea about your inquiry before you make your decision. I do agree with Sunflowermom that Jahra is not the best place to stay in. It is not a dangerous area, or the area where stateless people live as some have suggested. But still it is the least civilized area in Kuwait, where beduins mostly live. You might want to consider other areas as some have suggested like Salmiya, Fahaheel, Ahmadi. As for the job offer, the raise in the salary they offered is somehow reasonable. But I still insist that you look for another school as staying in Jahra isn't a smart decision. Because it is very far from those decent areas others on this forum have mentioned.

Kuwait: going to kuwait:

Hello elmi, Shuwaikh, Al Rai is an idustrial area. However, it is near one of the biggest malls in Kuwait (The avenues) which has lots of restaurants of different cuisines, decent, diners, and fast food all there. As for night clubs, sorry dude :)

Kuwait: masters degree:

Hello earthgirl, Unfortunately, only Kuwait University offers masters degree in medicine. However, it is for a very limited sector of students, Kuwaiti's, those who have Kuwaiti mothers, or those whom parents work in embassies, etc. There are other institutes that offer masters degree in business, but that's not what you're looking for.

Kuwait: Pets:

Hello Yovamna, Since I am not a US resident, I won't be able to provide much information. However, here is a link that is already available on this website that could be of a good assistance to you.

Kuwait: Please welcome our new Forum Leader:

Thank you Betsy for the welcome message. I'll do my best to help as much as I can. Visitors, view my profile, it tells a lot. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Kuwait: Glad to answer you questions:

Hello cloud, I thought that the United Kingdom is more expensive as everyone is telling me so. Anyway, have you paid a visit to center point? I guess both the price and quality are reasonable. I do most of my shopping online though.

Kuwait: New to Kuwait.:

Hello Supplier, You may wanna check these websites: Regards,

Kuwait: glad to help new people.:

Hello Trekker, As for the plugs, they are the same as the Euro ones. (three prongs). As for transferring money, the majority of the banks here offer this service free of charge if you use their online banking system. You can always have another account in USD.

Kuwait: Help!!:

Quoting bunker2k1: " gave up drinking becasue of this place, i guess a good thing" Well that's a good thing to hear :)


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