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California, United States

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United States

About Danc

I HAVE WORKED IN THE WELDING TRADE FOR ABOUT 25 YEARS. I have also worked in the hotel and casino business for 20 years

Advice for New Expats

Go to where you think you want to live and make some friends their.

I would love to live in...

I am trying to buy some land in orangewalk an build a home .


jefferson high
  1959 to 1963

hunters point navel shipyard
  1964 to 1970

Santa Rosa JC
  1970 to 1972

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mexico city

Some Forum Posts:

Belize: Hippies in Belize:

Great reply..

Belize: Flying to Belize from Tampa, FL:

This is good information,

Belize: Dental work prices:

My friend had two wisdom teeth pulled at Shipyard and it cost $60.00 US said they did a great job.

Belize: Security and Crimes:

Sounds like lovelock nv. I am by frenchman lake on 50 acres but have a place in Belize . I want to make the move in the next year.

Belize: ADO bus service:

That is good advice do not take The bus in to Belize at night .The ADO buses are very nice sometimes a little cool with the AC. have fun...

Belize: Lowest costs to get started in Belize:

Have you checked around the orangewalk area?But San Ignacio is nice I think a little cooler also.

Belize: Lamanai or Altun Ha:

Take the boat up the New River from OrangeWalk to Lamanai they supply lunch cost is about 40 US but with the ride ,lunch,and tour guide well worth the price ruins are great.

Belize: First Steps to coming to Belize:

I think this is great advise have a good trip..

Belize: take a truck to belize:

I know they charge 19 % on a 4 cyl, but do they go by kelly blue book or the age of the truck or 4wd or 2 wd how does that work?Do you know how I can find out. thanks

Belize: What type of Person successfully Transitions to Belize?:

Have you been their yet?



Belize: Moving to Belize:

I think you can get the meds you need.WE WERE DOWN IN JAN.our friend could not hardly talk and lost his meds. we went and got more and they cost $2.50 his copay was $20.00 in the US. Lots of different kinds of houses I like the concrete ones easy to keep clean and less bugs and better in storms.

Belize: Belize/Corozal- PROOF OF ONWARD TRAVEL:

My daughter and I went from Orangewalk to cancun last june by bus no problem dress warm ac was on and set low. We just came back 1/18/14 this time rented a car for 10 days in Cancun and drove to Belize ann back to playa del Carmen just had to fill out visa from Mexico and you can stay in belize for 30 days then you can do more if you want .cheaper to fly into Cancun then Belize hope this helps

Belize: San Ignacio or Belmopan:

San Ignacio!! I liked it more it just seems like some place I could live but wow! Have you not been to Belize before?

Belize: Need to rent a car in Corozal!:

I always fly in to Cancun and do it their but i Would think you could get one in Chetmal

Belize: Skype:

Does anyone use Skype in Belize? I would like to use it when I come in June,I have heard it gets blocked by the telephone company is that true?

Belize: Currently Living in Belize:

Thank you ! That is a good thing to know .Did they tell how long it takes to clear? I was going to use the ATM but the charges are not cheap.

Belize: real estate:

Does anyone know a good real estate lawyer in Orange Walk and do I need one if I am going to buy property ?

Belize: health insurance:

I am 66 my health is good so far. I am building a home out side of Orangewalk can I get health insurance?? Danc

Belize: Medical Care & Medical Insurance-Belize:

What about Mexico and Guatemala? They are right next door and I know people that do that and say care is good.

Belize: Looking for a contact:

I was over their in April if you come in from Corzal the road was not all that bad to me, it was only the last 5 or 6 miles that had a lot of pot holes. Now if you come from Orange walk WoW now that is a rough road but it depends what your used to .you just have to go slow and take your Belize time.Good Luck

Belize: buy a truck or ship mine?:

I will moving to belize with in the next year should I buy a small truck or ship my 2003 chevy duramax from a little research I done it will cost about 1700.00 to ship it plus import tax $??? Can I buy a toyota pickup in reasonable shape for 6000.00 U.S.?

Belize: Medicare Abroad:

I think this is true but you are only 2 hours flight from Houston or their are good doctors in mexico and Guatemala and it is a lot less costly than our the home land.

Belize: Rental Wanted!:

Try Corozal close to the water and Mexico a lot cheaper than San pedro just my two cents Danc

Belize: social security:

I am getting ready to retire. I bought a lot by Orangewalk. I would like to know if Social security will send my check to belize when I make the move? Thanks Dan'c


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