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Belize: Large family moving to Corozal:

Thank you for your service Sir. Go for it, I agree wholeheartedly. We are moving down in a few years when we retire. Just be careful, do not buy property without checking out the sellers. We purchased a lot in a up coming development, went down and saw progress. So all was well. Until someone had their hands in the cookie jar and stole all of our money and so there our land sits, in the middle if 400 acres. We are in a lawsuit against them with others. So just check out your sellers good please. Good luck, your kids are very lucky

Belize: Paying Property Tax:

We pay ours by mail. Paid for several years up front, but call each year to make sure it's paid. So far so good, no problems

Belize: critters/bugs:

Well in Texas its the exact same. Mosquitos as big as your head, snakes right out side your door. Horse flys etc. etc. I imagine anywhere you go you are going to come into contact with something you are not comfortable with.

Belize: Taxes:

Does anyone know how steep they are when just traveling through the country from States. Plan on a month or two stay. Thanks so much

Belize: US Tax Info and Affordable Healthcare Act:

Please let us all know what you learn? Thanks

Belize: Long term planning for possible Belize move:

Hi, just curious as to why the tap water ruins your hair? Are there metals in it?

Belize: Drive versus flying:

Hi all, Ive read so many conflicting stories on driving. Some say they never had one problem. It was long, and roads weren't so great all the time. But never had any dangers, or trouble at borders. Others have stories of that go the other direction. Please fill me in on your personal story. Thanks so much

Belize: Travel Trailer:

Thanks so much. Since you have made this trip before, what route do you suggest? We are coming from Texas, and are hoping we can caravan at that time with others, but will have to see at the time. The Rv parks in Mexico are pretty safe I take it?

Belize: Car Rental:

We have used Budget right there at the airport on a couple of occasions. It was decent price and no problems.

Belize: Thinking about moving to Belize in about 4-5 years:

Hi there, we are headed to Belize in 5 years also. We are in Vidor texas. What part of Texas are you in?

Belize: Social Security Income:

Yes, you SSI can be used in Belize. Not all foreign countries allow it, But Belize does. So yes that should meet the retirement quota.

Belize: Dreamscapes:

Hi, Im one of those people. Give me a shout

Belize: Dreamscapes Property Owners:

Hello all, I am looking to get in contact with People who have bought property in Dreamscapes of Belize Development. Please contact me if you will? Thanks and looking forward to talking with you Sandra

Belize: Belize Bound:

Hi Robert, we are planning moving down in 7 years. We bought property and are awaiting the development company to get electric in so that we can start building. We have heard horror story after story about dev. companies that have started up developments and then never finished. So we are sweating bullets, hoping and praying that it all works out for us. But weve been several times, stayed 2 weeks last year and had a blast. We love it all. it will be could to connect with others and hear whats happening over there.

Belize: QRP Documentation:

Hi, That is good to know about splitting up the QRP apps. I would have thought that it would be per household? Where abouts are you guys living? And give us a heads up on those things you can't get a hold of over there please. We have about 7 years and then we are headed your way.

Belize: Want to move to Belize:

Hi, Im with you on getting out, its getting crazy over here. We are in Texas, and have purchased property in a development called Dreamscapes of Belize. The buying process was easy going, got a deed within about 9 months. We plan to build in the next few years. We have been down several times, rented a car and just drove around and experienced it all. Never had any trouble, the people all seem to be helpful and friendly. It is beautiful there and definatly not americanized yet. I hope you guys find something you like and get the move going. Hopefully we will meet as Expats some day soon. Good luck to ya'll

Belize: Looking for a contact:

Hey, how are you? My husband and I will also be starting the building process down in beize before long. Plan on reyiring in 7 years. unless we can find a way sooner. Where are you building? We will be in Dreamscapes off the coastal road. Looking forward to getting to know you guys online. And eventually in person. Sandra and Tommy Owen

Belize: Where is a nice place to live:

Hi, you definatly need to make a trip down and check it out for yourself. But we bought property in Dreamscapes of Belize if you are intersted in building in a gated community. Check it out. Good luck

Belize: Dreamscapes of Belize:

Thanks for the update on dreamscapes. I would love to see the new devel. plan if you don't mind sending it to me. Do you plan to build there? We do and have been trying to get in touch with the builder that did the plans with dreamscapes, but can't seem to get him. Thanks for the info. Sandra

Belize: dreamscapes prices:

Hi, I agree totally. We also bought in ocean reef, sight unseen. Have been down and checked on progress, looks great and moving along. I have never seen a price list, and have noticed that price in advertising. Keep us posted on what ya know and find out please. Looking forward to becoming neighbors. Sandra and Tommy

Belize: new to belize:

Hi, my husband and I just purchased a lot in belize, and are coming that way from texas in july to look over the land and all of belize. Thinking we will retire there eventually. Any advice you have for us will be greatly appreciated. you know where to shop, what kind of shopping do they have. I have been having trouble finding out what exactly they have there to purchase goods etc. If you shipped your stuff in, I would like to know how that went for you? Thanks and looking forward to meeting all of you guys.

Belize: Shipping Texas to San Pedro:

Hi, don't have any knowledge for you, just wanted to say hi, and that we are from Tx. too. We won't get to move down for several more years, but really want to keep in touch with people making the move to find out likes and dislikes. We bought property in the stann creek area. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. And I will definatlely be interested in the moving process and expense, if you don't mind sharing. Thanks.

Belize: moving to Belize:

Hi, we have not been to belize yet, but bought a lot in a new subdivision. Can you say Crazy!! I know, Ive been told over and over. But we will make the trip in July. And Im quite sure I will love it. Anywhere there is beautiful blue water and easy way of life, I want to be there. We have several years yet before we can move, but trying to get aquainted with the country through others and a few short trips, until we can start building. The area you chose is supposed to be a real nice area, we will be closer to Stann creek. Hope everything works out for you, keep in touch and let us know what you like and dislike, ok.


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