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I would describe myself as an extrovert with 23 years experience in the transportation field. I was the director of transportation for a medium sized city in my last long-term poasition. My degree is urban and regional planning, but I specialized in transportation and have worked primarily in the public works arena. (My husband has overseas work experience as a civil engineer/project manager.)


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University of Iowa
  1977 to 1981

Some Forum Posts:

Australia: need advice-short term decision):

This is definately a hard call-which is why you need to sort it out. I'd probably try to find a network to tap into and potential jobs ahead of time. Hopefully, those from Sydney will respond with local information.Alternately, get back on your feet in Athens first and then do the research. Either way, keep your chin up. You have a lot of good experience for a job!

Australia: Help: Looking for health insurance:

We are also looking for health insurance although working for the same company in the USA. Let us know what you come upwith-Slmdirect

Belize: moving to Belize:

We have looked at the same development! However, we are not so bold as to purchase right away. I think we will visit first anf then invest, if realistic and the life style looks reasonable.

Trinidad & Tobago: What is Your Neighborhood Like?:

My husband and I are looking into opportunities in the area. You sound like you've been there awhile. Do you know if pets be transported there without a problem? Is there a social network with other expats?

Trinidad & Tobago: CRIME ???:

Well, what have you found out regarding the crime? It has been awhile. We'd love to hear about it.


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