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I am extensively travelled ( Western Europe, Canada, Tunisia, Central America, Venezuela ) and the Spanish Caribbean. I am a university graduate with strong interest in Business Management and Languages ( I speak and write 3 languages )

Advice for New Expats

NEVER buy a home before spending at least THREE months living as a resident ( not as a tourist) in a particular city.

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Open a Coffee shop for Young Professionals

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Costa Rica: Rental of a furnished studio in Puerto Limon:

Hi everybody, I am planning to travel to Costa Rica to spend a month in July and would appreciate knowing how to go about renting a furnished studio in Puerto Limon. Any leads is appreciated. Thank you!

Spain: Retirement in Spain/in our 60's/from US:

Did you retire as a couple or living a single life ? If as a single, how do you make friends part of your stay in Spain or Belize ?

Belize: Corozal Town long term rental property:

Good information , thank you ! A premium room for $35 U.S., I guess that a regular room (double bed or large single bed) will fetch a lower price.. A breakfast at 5 bucks per person , a bit expensive in Belize., especially for Belizeans. Good to know there is a choice of average price hotels.

Guatemala: Apartments in Coban:

I lived for a month in a small studio in Coban downtown in 2012. Coban is quite cool in the evening,so bring a sweater. Restaurants are usually closed after 8 p.m. during the week. You can find apts but usually UNfurnished. Your best bet : stay with that family for 4 or 5 days, and in that time look for small apts usually adverised in local Supermarkets boards. Ask around and keep your eyes open when walking downtown. For 200 to 300 dollars, you may find apts unfurnished or barely furnished(stove, fridge). Another solution is to rent a private room furnished in a Hostel or B&B with access to kitchen facilities. Good luck !

Mexico: Telmex cancellation system:

I signed for the Telmex combo Internet-fixed landline phone service as it was required in order to take advantage of the internet service. What I fail to understand : when you need to cancel the package service, you need to do so in a 2-step manner; cancel the internet service first and then wait 10 days before cancelling the fixed homebase phone service. Can someebody provide the logic behind ?

Mexico: Peso conversion:

Do airlines charge passengers at Mexican airports for extra bagage in Mexican pesos or american dollars ? If so, is paying in mexican pesos preferable ?


I have just been to the Playa Del Carmen Postal Office to find out how much it would cost me to mail to the States or Canada a books package that weighs 2.26 kilos. The attendant told me that with the new rules to send a small package of books via Air would cost 1190 pesos. Any explanation ??

Martinique: Retirement to the French Caribbean:

How much is the monthly rent for a room with private bath ? Is there public transportation for daily shopping (bus, small collective minibus) ? Can you buy food at open air public markets ?

Mexico: Selling household items : best approach:

I plan to sell my less-than-6 months old household goods, like double bed mattress, wall fan, etc what is the best approach to reach live customers ?

Mexico: how many pesos from an ATM?:

It depends on WHERE you eat out : tourist restaurants that charge you 30 pesos or more for one taco or regular mostly mexican frequented ones charging 7 to 10 pesos a taco.

Mexico: Mail and customs.:

I live in Playa del Carmen and ordered four books the size of a regular handbook. Sent on January 15, 2014 from Europe to Playa del Carmen, I have not yet received any. They were sent through regular mail service, via Royal-Low.

Mexico: Crime in Lake Chapala:

Ambros, thank you my friend, for reporting it like it is ! That does not prevent one from still liking Mexico or Chapala but truth must be told. It confirms my thinking that as soon as you have a pool of "well-off people" in a sea of not-so well-off community, you are bound to see the sponge process. Read the sponge as being the expats and the sea the community of surrounding nationals confronted with poor income. One can still likes Mexico while being aware of its warts!

Mexico: Living among Mexicans:

I received today this message and was asked to answer privately but decided to air it public as it is a question of interest to many. Here is the question : Private Message from RubyCalle Subject: re living among the community Message: "Hello.... I was reading your post and noted you lived 'amoung Mexicans' in Playa. I currently am on and off in Guanajuato but thinking how much I miss the beach and wondered if there was a way to be close to it and still be living in 'Mexico'... that is harsh but some of those resort complexes are really for tourists. I appreciate you feed back on how a Spanish speaking American can be part of the Mexican community and still live near the beach. Thanks very much. " Yes, if you speak Spanish at a conversational level, it should be easy to be living among Mexicans. How ? Just walk away TWO blocks or more from any tourist resort and just walk the streets looking for signs in Spanish or English advertising for "cuartos" or "departamentos" or "apartamentos" para alquilar, para rentar. What you need to realize, Mexicans are the ones who work daily in these resorts as employees( waiters, taxi drivers, cleaners, receptionists, massage pesons, etc.) They generally live about 5 to 15 minutes away by bus or car from these resort areas. Their wages do not allow them to live like tourists, but in their living areas they have access to hot water, electricity, shopping centers and grocery stores very similar to American ones. You need to be proactive and take some risks of course; living among them , you will be surpised to meet quite a number of Backpackers or similar. Just be a little adventurous but remember it is not for every expat or gringo.

Saint Lucia: For anything SLU contact me.:

I am comparing Belize to Saint-Lucia for a retired SINGLE. How nuch is a one-bedroom apt or house rental for 5 to 6 months, far from the sea ? Unffurnished ? Why do you say it is better there comared to Belize ? for what reasons ?

Mexico: Mexican perception of Afro-Americans:

Thank you , joaquinx, for your contribution. I have NEVER used the term "racism" in my communication in this post; the theme here is PERCEPTION by Mexicans in Mexico of American citizens whose heritage is african. We need to watch our wording. Thank you.

Panama: Canadian Couple Abducted in Panama:

I am a Canadian man, from Ontario , who has spent more than a year in Panama, spread over periods of 5-month stays over a 3-year period. I have lived for a total of 10 months in Panama city spread over two 5-month periods. If you exercise the usual care that you would normally exercise in Canada, Panama is no more dangerous than elsewhere. Never travel between cities at nights alone or as a couple unless you are both armed with guns. Police in Panama is badly payed; a young police officer does not earn enough to pay daily lunch in a cafeteria. So, police is easily bribed or resorts to extra-legal ways to supplement their monthly salary. Do NOT rent a car and travel if you do NOT speak spanish in Latin America. Canadians are very often mistaken for Americans because they speak English and dress and eat the same. Speak French or Spanish in public in the presence of Panamians to avoid being taken for Americans. Finally, crime in Panama has NO color : it is committed by Panamians of Indian,mestizo and black. What happened to this couple in Panama could also happen in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, anywhere in Central America. Poverty is at the root cause and mostly envy of consuming like North Americans.

Mexico: Internet service:

Can somebody explain WHY it does take TENworking days for Telmex to install Internet service ? I am spending 6 months in Playa del Carmen and Telmex requires this time delay to get internet service.

Belize: "SOS" for retirment in Belize:

I was going to answer your question , but NIchi said it all. Nichi told you the truth and nothing but the truth. I lived for a total of 4 months in Belize, that is in Belmopan and in Cayo. But Nichi said it all.

Colombia: Black Man And Family Moving To Columbia:

First, anywhere you go in the world,make sure you have enough money to stay at least in a middle class area( neighbours as a minimum should be professionals or middle management) Secondly, yes you are black but do not restrict yourself to black people; have friends of all races. Thirdly, cheapest places to live in and enjoy good security are small towns or neighborhoods of generally less than 250 000 population. Last but not least, learn as quickly as you can the native language, Spanish.

Panama: American Couple From Texas Found Dead In Their Home - Boquete, Panama:

I spent one month in Volcan last year in a rented apt (january 2012). It is no place for ladies in their 70s to live, though the weather looks like eternal spring. Taxis are rare at night (no dispatch system) and some residential streets are plunged in semi-darkness. As a single man, I did not feel secure enough though nothing ever happened.

Belize: San Ignacio or Belmopan:

I have lived for 1 month in Belmopan and for 2 months in San Ignacio. First of all, I would strongly encourage you to spend at least 2 weeks in each town with your son before making any decision as everybody reacts differently to a particular environment. Belmopan is the seat of the administrative capital of Belize, a Government town which houses the different departments and also a campus of the local University of Belize. San Ignacio (just 45 minutes driving apart) is the second most populated town in the country of Belize ( Belize city is the largest town) and the westernmost with influence from the neighbouring Guatemala, just 15 minutes away. I would suggest registering your son for 2 weeks in each town`s school over a month period and at the end of the one month experience ask HIM what he prefers and to outline the pros and cons with him. Good luck !

Guatemala: Please be safe!:

False message ! Yes, Guatemala cities can be dangerouss in certain areas, but generally speaking if you exercise due caution you do NOT need a bodyguard and can walk without fear in middle class and upper class sections. I lived in Coban and La Antigua and never felt in danger.

Haiti: I'm a young American seeking to live with my wife in Haiti.:

Just bring your wife and yourself to Haiti as tourists and apply from inside Haiti for a residence visa. Bring enough money (parents , siblings and close friends LOANS) to survive for at least 3 months without the need to work. Avoid Port au Prince city and Petionville and look for work as an ENGLISH teacher for local high schools and language centres. Go on to purchase Haitian creole learning books and cds. Pimsleur method is among the top ones for speaking and understanding. Good luck !

Canada: Canada Making it Tougher:

Canada is tougher now due to people from many countries abusing the old system. Just tell your present employer you need this document for tourist travel or possibility of a bursary.

Belize: Research/Educational Trip to Belize:

2 weeks ? It is a little short ! If you are planning to go and live there, by all means STAY AWAY from hotels and find a way of living with a middle class Belizean family ( a pastor, a police chief, a school director, etc) in Belize city, in San Ignacio, in Corozal and in Dangriga. Spend at least 3 days in each town and accompany the wife or spouse running her errands. Get a real taste of residing there as a resident , not as a tourist.


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