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Hi All, I am in London, being offered a Job in Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. With a Math PhD, I am currently a quantitative analyst in one of the banks in Canary Whraf (London) The head hunter said this is his first placement in the ADIA hence does not know much about their package culture yet and this makes me put myself on the offensive rather than expecting them coming up with a reasonnable package. Salary wise, I am very ok in London but fed up with the city and want to try somewhere else except France and USA so Abu dhabi fills the gap. But I am still not sure whether the move is rational or not but I belive it is a good move in my career, working for the world biggest soverign fund. Is there anyone working in Abu Dhabi Investment Authority here? What is the culture within the organisation? What salary should I set as benchmark to the headhunter( I have 5 years experience as a heavy quant and my degrees are from the very top uni in Britain) How expensive is the lifestyle? How much is a two bedroom apartement? How big are they? very small as in London? What are the benefits I should request( Car, house, etc...)? Please help, this is a life decision into an unknown world to me. I am 35 with one kid and not married yet. Concerning visa application, I have a French and British passport (any difference?) Please help King


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