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Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina, USA - loved spending time fishing, hunting and just bumming around in the woods. Went through US Navy Flight Training and spent 4 years as part of the air group of the USS Yorktown with 2 cruses to Vietnam. Flew for a major US airline, Emirates our of Dubai and then as Chief Pilot our of Saudi Arabia. Returned home to take care of elderly parents, worked as a Real Estate Agent and traded stock options and last year help start a small monthly news paper. Presently investigating moving out of the US for at least a 5 yr period - EC and Mexico on top of the list.

Some Forum Posts:

Ecuador: The New International Spies of Fraud Investigators:

Patrick, let me see if I understand what you are saying. If someone can do all - or most - or some - of the things you list, WHY are they on disability unless they are blind? I have no problem with kicking people like this off the government feed - they should never have been there in the first place. - jb

Ecuador: Freedom?:

If "freedom" means being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want the the only time a person would be free is when they live alone in an area large enough that they never meet another person. Any time one or more people live together or near each other, what one decides to do will, in some way, affect others. Therefore, the more people live near each other the less freedom each of them must have. If one lives on their own 500 acres, one can step out their door and fire a shotgun any time they want. But if one lives in an apartment building with 500 other people maybe they should not have that right. - jb

Ecuador: Confessions of a International Living subscriber:

I would think it would go without saying, but the more different info one accesses and the more different opinions one listens too, the better informed one is to make a decision. IMHO, IL plays as much an important link as all the others. None is completely right or wrong for what each person might need. - jb

Ecuador: need help with computer problem:

Rebe, go to this link and you can get all the help you need. Great people that have a ton of knowledge of all things computer. - jb

Ecuador: IL and Teaching English:

I can understand why you would wnat to "move on" - but the article in question, as do virtually all of IL's material, leaves one with the impression that virtually anyone can make that amount of money teaching English in EC. The facts, of course, are very different. I started receiving IL emails and, for a short period of time, took their mag. It very quickly became obvious that IL's goal was to make a money and not to give out vital info unless one pays for it. There is certainly nothing wrong with that but when one reads the "teasers" without understanding that and takes the info as "normal" and acts on it one can end up with serious problems. The "live on $600.00/mo" articles are an example. Can one do it - yes. Will over 98% of people be able to do it and live in a manner they could accept - no. - jb

Ecuador: The deficit in the USA:

Too late for what? To find out that so many people are hiding/cheating - maybe you? - on their taxes so the rest of us much carry them? - jb

Ecuador: My family went for vacinations today:

:I am a firm believer in evolution and the strong surviving." Hummm - and how many years are you wiling to wait for that "evolution"? Another million or so as it has taken in the past, maybe? Unless, of course, you take the Bible literally. And did it cross your mind that those diseases might evolve as well? Just askin'. :) - jb

Ecuador: Bribes in Ecuador:

Ah, J3ff - you did get the memo that EC is a 3rd world country, right? This is what you get when you pay people virtually nothing - they must survive and taking kickbacks is a normal way of life. And if you think slipping a cop a few bucks is something, way until you see what major corps pay elected officials. - jb

Ecuador: Enlightened Expat Chat: 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True:

"Guns Drawn" Raids" What a bunch of bullpuckey. The police don't go into places with "guns drawn" unless they are expecting trouble and, as the clip says, they had something that "looked like guns" in the store. And if they were dumb enough to walk out side with one of them and did not drop it when told to do they might, in fact, get shot - probably more than once. And the reason the sale of "raw products" is not sold is because a lot of people died in the past eating them. I am absolutely amazed at how dumb otherwise seemingly intelligent people are and what they will believe. As for the front yard garden, a very long time ago the majority of people decided that they didn't want garden, chickens, pigs, etc. kept in their city neighborhoods. Until that changes if you put a garden in your front yard you will be cited and if you continue to do so after being told it is not legal actions will be taken. Get a life - from your posts I assume you are a charter member of the TEA party. If so, I, for one, hope you leave the US but feel sorry for those that have to put up with you whereever you land. If I said that drinking gasoline was good for you and could cure all your problems I could have hundreds of people saying the same thing in a realitively short period of time with an internet campaign up on the sites the nut jobs visit. It is good to question things but some people leave their brains behind when doing so. - jb

Ecuador: Bigfoot in Ecuador?:

Wynn - it they are right, does it make a difference WHERE you are at the time? Just askin'. :) - jb

Ecuador: Available Medications in Ecuador:

Ah, just because it lives in water doesn't mean it is a fish and, therefore, does not have to have scales. :) - jb

Ecuador: I would like to meet with expats:

I don't know of a better map that Google Earth - it is amazing what information you can get from in it after you learn to use it. - jb

Ecuador: Expates and Gosssip:

"Much of what you say would apply anywhere in the world." Yes - and no. It does not apply to parts of the world that have regulations to prevent it or, if it does, one has recourse - even in the courts, if necessary. Of course, there are those that would like to see the US get rid of "regulations" that protect us and end up like 3rd wrold countries. Seems they really don't understand just how "regulations" protect us - unless someone decites not to enforce then as we saw for an 8 year period and have seen over and over in the past by some elected officials. - jb

Ecuador: Lypo Spheric Vitamin C:

I have followed this thread with interest - mainly from the point of view of what people will believe. We see it in politics, religion - every aspect of life. And I don't intend attacking someone here but of people in general. As for medicine, people will grasp at virtually anything that will help them when they are sick - especially if they have a termial illness. The history is clear - from going to Tijuana, Mexico for coffee enemas to the - literally - hundreds (thousands?) of others. People believe what they want to believe, no matter the facts - - there is no global warming and reduce rich peoples taxes and they will create jobs being two of the biggies. The fact that there is not one single reputable person on the planet that has studied the facts that does not say global warming is a serious problem and if reducting rich peoples taxes creates jobs, where are the jobs after the biggest reduction in their taxes in history. (Note - I do not cosider people on the payroll of major corps that have a serious stake in denying the facts as reputible and considering that overwhelmingly rich people don't start businesses but live off such things as buying bundled home mortgages and putting their money in offshore accounts.) But I am off subject - There are certainly many very good - and totally natural - things that will help our bodies. There are also many very good drugs made in labs around the world that will help our bodies. There are also dangers in both worlds - quacks that push their "natural" cures and drug companies that care only for the bottom line. But the facts are the facts - people live longer today because of modern medicine and to bury ones head in the sand and say they are bad is just that - burying ones head in the sand. There are unexplained cases of sudden refersal of a desease - even cancer - and when one of these cases happens just when the person is soaking their feet in motor oil three times a day, suddenly there is a group of people that will swear by soaking ones feet in motor oil as a cure. Most of the time the quacks do no harm - other that taking vast amounts of desprate peoples money - but sometimes they are deadly when they prevent someone from getting the medicine they really need. This post will not change anyones mind - those that believe motor oil will cure all ills will believe and drug companies will continue to push bad durgs on the world. Just use a little of that common sense we were given and seems so many are of such short supply. Pease - jb

Ecuador: STEM CELL Scam from Ecuador:

I would be the last to protect big pharma but to go from one extreme to another - from they can do no harm to they can do no good - is very short sighted and, in far to many cased, dangerous. I don't trust big pharma as far as I can throw them but at least at this point they are one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. That may all change after the next election, however, and then God help us. But one does not have to look very far or do very much research to see that the totally un-regulated alternative medicine world is ripe with rip-offs and out and out fraud. Not only have people lost large sums of money - in some cases, everything they owned - but far too many have lost their lives. There are many great natural products that do good things but just go look at what has been the latest and greatest juice or potion over the last 10 years or so that will cure everything - the snake oil of the 20th and 21st centuries. What is it that makes people so totally gullible? - jb

Ecuador: Health Insurance Cost in Ecuador:

I had Blue Cross Blue shield supplimental since 2005 and was paying $169.00/mo with an increase coming this year. I switched to an Optimum Health Care Advantage plan and, since I have durg coverage through the VA, I not only not pay a monthly fee but get $96.00 back for my part D medicare coverage - a $3,180.00 turn around. Optimum has been the top rated company in Florida for 3 years running now. Since you would have no out of pocket cost for this type program, one could live out of the country, use medical coverage there and return to Miami or another Florida location if you desired. Seems like a good deal. Not sure if one would have to keep a Florida address but that might be a requirement. - jb

Ecuador: Another Tax to begin January in Ecuador:

What is it about Americans and taxes? Everybody wants nice roads, clean streets, tarsh picked up, fire, police and other "nice perks" but no one wants to pay for them. Seem everyone had become a Tea Party "I'm got mine, screw you." - jb


Wow - this post is looking for serious trouble. What happens when going through customs in the US they find drugs in that little package that someone gave you to bring in for them? - jb

Ecuador: Quake:

The news says that there was not much damage from the quake but here is hoping all that have been up on these forums are well. Let us know if we can help in any way. - jb

Ecuador: Ecuador, Venzuela, Iran:

A very interesting thread, indeed. One person states that politics or religion should not be posted and then goes on to make several political posts. :) A couple of points - The statement about the fall of the US dollar is premature. The dollar has been gaining strength against the Euro and others of late, even with the massive debt. The statement about the US being a bully I find right on - however, a country should have the right to pursue it's interest, should it not? (What those interest are and how it pushes those interest, however, is a rightful discussion.) The statements about the US bases around the World and their reasons deserves some discussion as well. They are there because, after WW2, the US was the only country in the World that had the ability to maintain them. They are there because, for whatever reason, the countries in which they are want them there. Does anyone truly believe that had the US not had the bases in Europe that the map of the world would look anything like it does now - that Russia would have stopped taking over other countries? As for Iran and the other countries I think we need to note the differences between the government of countries and the people of countries. Having lived in the Mid East for a few years, I can tell you that the Iranian people are some of the nicest people in the world. One forgets that before the Shaw was kicked out, they had the highest degree of education of any country in the world. It shows how a very small % of people can totally destroy a country or a government. In many respects, we are seeing the same thing going on in the US today - a minority of people determined to have what they want and willing to destroy the country to get it. No longer do we have the will of the people - in elections - determine what will or will not be done. In 2000, the Supreme Court appointed our President, even though most of the people did not vote for him. We have seen people that hold out the "Patriot" theme - and call those that do not agree with them, "Traitors" - applaud the passing of the Patriot Act, an act that under anyone's reading of the Constitution would agree that it trashes same. They think that it is just fine that the Government can label someone a "terrorist", kick in someones door, take the off and not only refuse to give them basic rights but to ever refuse to release their names or the fact that they have been taken - even to their families. They forget that that same Government could, if it so desired, call THEM a terrorist and they could disappear in the middle of the night. In fact, far, far too many in the US today would applaud the Government doing just that to those they do not agree with. Not too long ago in the US, people were willing to die to protect the rights of others, even those that they disagreed with - now it seems we have a far, far to large a group that are willing to kill to keep others from having their rights. It is strange how people's minds work - how a party that has been in the past, is at present and will forever be in the future the party of the rich and powerful can, over and over and over again, get the working man to support them - - a party that throughout it's history has done very, very little for that working man but has, in fact, tried to block virtually every single issue that does help the working man. The World needs to take notice of the far right in the US - it seems they will destroy the country to get what they want and the country and the world will pay the price. We have already seen this - a President lies to start a war and far, far too many stand up a cheer. For any person in the US to to get the far right to support them, all they need to say is, "We are going to kick their butts." - the reason WHY we should do so is never asked. Where does this come from? Maybe from a deep seated inferiority complex - the ending of the Vietnam war a big part of it? We in the US have all our lives been told we are the greatest - we are better than everyone else. That is not true, of course. We are not better than others and, in far, far too many categories - health care, education and others - we are not even close. (Latest rankings in health care put us under Costa Rica and just ahead of Cube.) But we are ahead in military - and the one with the biggest stick is the winner on the playground. Especially when they are known to have used that stick - sometimes for good, sometimes not. Just my two cents worth - maybe even less. :) - jb

Ecuador: Tsunami Warning from Chile 8.8 Quake:

Here is hoping that you and yours are well and that those in Chile are as well. As usual, we in the US are having 24 hr around the clock info about the quake - centered off the coast of Concepcion, about 200 miles south of Santiago. There have been over 15 aftershocks of over 6.0, one of which was 7.9. This quake was far, far stronger than the one in Haiti. The best to all. - jb

Panama: Boquete, Panama:

Being one of those 60+ - but male - if you find any info on Boquete please let me know. I have been trying to find info on Panama but this forum does not have much activity. Take care and maybe we can meet there sometime in the future. - jb

Mexico: cellular phones:

Might want to take a look at MajicJack - VOIP. I have used it for several years now and although not perfect, most of the time it is OK. It gives you a US phone number - any area code you want - so you can connect directly into the US phone system from any internet connection anywhere in the world and make any US call free. Also, if you are calling another MJ anywhere in the world that call is free as well. $19.95/yr. - jb

Ecuador: Exxon cleanup - don't click on link:

If you do, it will show my name on the email and I have already sent it in. You will need to go to their web site and sign up with your email address. - jb

Ecuador: Exxon cleanup in EC:

Thought this might be of interest - jb


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