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United States

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United Kingdom: Help: UK to US Expat Package:

I have but one question. Where in the United States did you have your job and where do I apply as I would take the opportunity to work and live in the UK in an instant.

United Kingdom: Special needs job:

I wrote about wanting to relocate to the UK or Ireland and was kindly told to look for the special job needs (listed below) . Please if you are the one that sent this advise, if you have any more information on where that site is located let me know. Thank you for your help

United Kingdom: Want to move to the UK::

My Husband and I want to move to Mid wales. He has something to offer in the way of employment as he is a Radiographer/CT with 15 years experience and I am a Writer. We are both born in the USA yet lwe want the chance to live in the country that we both call home. I have researched enough to know that there is a great need for hospital workers with his experience. Can anyone give any ideas on how to make this happen. Tank you


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