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Ecuador: Interested in Cuenca:

dvelez: Very nicely written and informative. Very balanced information. Thank you.

Ecuador: Terribly Apprehensive...Still!:

Hello to TheGoodLife, I fully understand your concerns and I believe the others were a bit harsh with you. I have been reading the message boards for some time now as I thought I might be interested in retiring to Ecuador. But recently the boards HAVE been more negative and for that I am thankful. It isn't a bad thing. It has just made me reconsider if Ecuador is for me, or frankly, if any third world country is for me. I HAVE been spoiled in the USA. My toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet, I can drink the water from the tap and prepare food using tap water. Pedestrians do have the right of way here and I don't take my life in my hands when I cross the street. I believe Ecuador is a lovely country with loving, kind people and for many a wonderful respite from the USA. And one day I will come see it for myself. But for others, it may not be a good fit. So give TheGoodLife a break--they were just expressing their concerns.

Ecuador: engliish church serviice/bible study in Salinas:

Pimsleur vs. Rosetta Stone I started with Pimsleur and the conversation did come faster but it seemed to repeat itself over and over and I finally got bored with it. I wanted to learn more vocabulary. I am satisfied with Rosetta Stone with its extra vocabulary and I know the conversation isn't far behind.

Ecuador: Addresses of websites listing cheap apartments for rent.:

Boncur, Relax...take a deep breath. You aren't usually this tense.

Ecuador: Finding A Good Women:

I know a "good woman" who was planning to move to Cuenca next year but may change her plans and move to Salinas if there is a "good man" there.

Ecuador: The world gone haywire! PART II:

I think some of you on here just like to hear yourselves talk. Who says the forum is to only talk about how Ecuador interacts with the world?

Ecuador: Know of a Cuenca Realtor?:

From what I see on the HGTV website, the Cuenca espsode will be rerun on July 4th.

Panama: Spanish Exam for Residency:

A friend of mine is moving to Panama in July and has been told that to get the pensionado retirement visa that he must take a Spanish exam and be able to speak at the level of a five-year old. Has anyone heard of this? He says it is a new requirement. Would love to get some input on this. Thanks.

Panama: Boquete:

Thanks for responding. How long have you been in Boquete? The more I hear about Boquete, the better I like it. What are some of the "down" sides. I hear there are some break-ins and that people are putting bars on their windows and getting alarm systems. Is this becoming a problem, or just isolated events?

Panama: Boquete, Panama:

I am new to the Forum and have enjoyed reading the posts. I am a 63 year old, divorced, retired female who wants to relocate to Boquete at least several months per year. I have been researching Panama for several months and even though I haven't travelled there yet, I know Boquete is the place for me. Mainly because of the climate. Everything I read about Boquete makes it sound wonderful. What I need is to hear some of the things that may disappoint me. What can I expect to pay for apartment rental (1 bdrm/1 bath)? Will I feel odd as a female dining alone in a restaurant? Will I feel frustrated with the "manana" philosophy? Are there other single female expats in Boquete? I guess that's enough for now. I'm really looking forward to hearing your replies. Thanks for helping.

Panama: Narrowing Down Locations:

Hi Did you go to Panama in September? How did your research turn out? What areas did you like best. It sounds like you are considering mostly mountain areas. That's what I'm interested in also. Would love to hear how you made out. Thanks.


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