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Ecuador: Interested in Cuenca:

dvelez: Very nicely written and informative. Very balanced information. Thank you.

Ecuador: Terribly Apprehensive...Still!:

Hello to TheGoodLife, I fully understand your concerns and I believe the others were a bit harsh with you. I have been reading the message boards for some time now as I thought I might be interested in retiring to Ecuador. But recently the boards HAVE been more negative and for that I am thankful. It isn't a bad thing. It has just made me reconsider if Ecuador is for me, or frankly, if any third world country is for me. I HAVE been spoiled in the USA. My toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet, I can drink the water from the tap and prepare food using tap water. Pedestrians do have the right of way here and I don't take my life in my hands when I cross the street. I believe Ecuador is a lovely country with loving, kind people and for many a wonderful respite from the USA. And one day I will come see it for myself. But for others, it may not be a good fit. So give TheGoodLife a break--they were just expressing their concerns.

Ecuador: engliish church serviice/bible study in Salinas:

Pimsleur vs. Rosetta Stone I started with Pimsleur and the conversation did come faster but it seemed to repeat itself over and over and I finally got bored with it. I wanted to learn more vocabulary. I am satisfied with Rosetta Stone with its extra vocabulary and I know the conversation isn't far behind.

Ecuador: Addresses of websites listing cheap apartments for rent.:

Boncur, Relax...take a deep breath. You aren't usually this tense.

Ecuador: Finding A Good Women:

I know a "good woman" who was planning to move to Cuenca next year but may change her plans and move to Salinas if there is a "good man" there.

Ecuador: The world gone haywire! PART II:

I think some of you on here just like to hear yourselves talk. Who says the forum is to only talk about how Ecuador interacts with the world?

Ecuador: Know of a Cuenca Realtor?:

From what I see on the HGTV website, the Cuenca espsode will be rerun on July 4th.

Panama: Spanish Exam for Residency:

A friend of mine is moving to Panama in July and has been told that to get the pensionado retirement visa that he must take a Spanish exam and be able to speak at the level of a five-year old. Has anyone heard of this? He says it is a new requirement. Would love to get some input on this. Thanks.

Panama: Boquete:

Thanks for responding. How long have you been in Boquete? The more I hear about Boquete, the better I like it. What are some of the "down" sides. I hear there are some break-ins and that people are putting bars on their windows and getting alarm systems. Is this becoming a problem, or just isolated events?

Panama: Boquete, Panama:

I am new to the Forum and have enjoyed reading the posts. I am a 63 year old, divorced, retired female who wants to relocate to Boquete at least several months per year. I have been researching Panama for several months and even though I haven't travelled there yet, I know Boquete is the place for me. Mainly because of the climate. Everything I read about Boquete makes it sound wonderful. What I need is to hear some of the things that may disappoint me. What can I expect to pay for apartment rental (1 bdrm/1 bath)? Will I feel odd as a female dining alone in a restaurant? Will I feel frustrated with the "manana" philosophy? Are there other single female expats in Boquete? I guess that's enough for now. I'm really looking forward to hearing your replies. Thanks for helping.


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