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Leuven, Belgium

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Korea, South

About NadineGregoor

I'm a born and raised Belgian, having lived abroad years ago. From 1986 up to 1993 me & my family lived & worked in Seoul, South Korea. I started out volunteering there (at YWCA), until I was hired at the Belgian Embassy in Seoul. I worked at the consular section & helped out at the international trade office, even assisted the Belgian team during the '88 Olympic games. When our 2nd son was born we returned to Leuven, Belgium. Still now we feel ourselves very much "repats", often meeting people from abroad here in this old university town of Leuven. This feeling was enhanced when we started with our b&b in 2009, having about 90 % of foreigners amongst our clientèle. We even had some families who set out from here to relocate to this area. Of course we helped them where ever we could: school for the kids, paperwork like banks, insurance, finding a long term place to live and even exploring & setting up business. I felt my own experience abroad and my BA in Social Work very useful for all this. On top of that we enjoy very much all these contacts & stories - helping others in realising their dreams.

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  1981 to 1983

  1983 to 1986

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meeting people

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slow food

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modern art

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The Holiday

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no sports, please ...

Some Forum Posts:

Belgium: for Diana Popa (New York):

Hello Diana, I received your private message but I don't see any e-mail address I could reply to. Please send me you e-mail address straight to my private account at nadine@yenn.be and I'll be happy to reply. Hope te hear from you soon. Nadine YENN Leuven

Belgium: Looking for an expat opportunity.:

Hi Joel, I'm not very close to the banking sector over here but a short search led me to http://en.efinancialcareers.be/ or to http://www.careerjet.be/international-mobility-jobs.html Do you know these ? Problem might be language knowledge, unless you focus on the bilateral/multilateral orgs in the area. In Brussels very often French is an asset as a 2nd language, over here in the Leuven area, knowledge of Dutch is an asset. There is also this english language monthly magazine catering for the foreign community in Brussels/Belgium, The Bulletin, with classified ad & job vacancies advertised. You can find themonline on http://www.xpats.com/jobs as well. Let me know if this has been helpful and keep in touch. Kind regards, Nadine Gregoor YENN Leuven Belgium

Belgium: Weekend Events for Expats in Belgium:

In the historic city centre of Leuven summer means party time and open air festivals: on Fridays in July there is Beleuvenissen see http://www.leuven.be/beleuvenissen in July & August there is Colora festival see http://www.colora.org/programma last Sunday of July Hapje Tapje see http://www.hapje-tapje.be/ mid summer festival at museum M see http://www.m-idzomer.be/ mid August Markt Rock see www.marktrock.com/ and on top of that there is the summer theme of romance in Leuven http://www.leuven.be/en/tourism/summer-in-leuven/index.jsp Let me know if you need more infor on this ... Nadine YENN Leuven

Belgium: HGTV looking for Expats in Belgium:

Hello HGTV, I've received your post on the Belgium expat forum. I'm a repat, Belgian by birth and after years of living in Seoul, South Korea, me & my family returned to Belgium. We sttled in Leuven, the old university town in Flanders, close to Brussels. We are running a b&b (I missed all the international contacts after we returned) and through this we met some people who settled in the area, after a temporary stay in YENN b&b. We might be able to help with your program, be it in logistics, local information, temporary accommodation of participants or some of your crew, whatever. Mention it and we'll see if we can help. Please reply off forum to nadine@yenn.be Regards, Nadine Gregoor YENN Leuven Belgium

Belgium: looking to move:

Hello Martyn, Can you find some info on http://www.kuleuven.be/english/living.html ? This is the University of Leuven, in Leuven, only 15 mintues by train from Brussels and the main org wheere also Sint Lukas belongs to - Sint Lukas (art college, right ?) is part of the wide association of higher educational institutions network with K.U.Leuven. I'm not sure if Leuven would be a wise option for living with your wife and (future) child, but I do know there is quite a Korean community here. Also in Brussels of course, don't get me wrong about that. For English language teaching you might want to check out The Bulletin see http://www.xpats.com/1.109611 Let me know if I can help. I've lived in South Korea ages ago, live & work in Leuven now and I might be useful to both of you. You can send me mails directly at nadine@yenn.be. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Nadine YENN Leuven

Belgium: Moving to Belgium - some issues:

Hi Tiago, Important for you is also your nationality. If you're a EU citizen (are you Portuguese ?) rules and regulations are more flexible than if you are a non-EU citizen. Hope this helps, Nadine YENN Leuven

Belgium: student survey - please help this student - it only takes 10 minutes:

I received a request from a student who is conducting a survey in relation to expatriates working in Belgium and the place in which they live in order to establish whether a B&B gives them a more home from home experience. The survey will only take 10 minutes of your time and all information will be treated anonymously. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. http://www.thesistools.com/web/?id=159012 Nadine

Belgium: introducing myself & question about local schools or International schools for your children:

Hi, I'm on the Belgian forum since a couple of months. I'm a Belgian repat and interested in what issues are hot for expats in Belgium. You can all check my profile. I'm living and working in Leuven and I volunteered for this Belgian forum. I've a question to start with to all parents amongst you. Has anyone considered registering their children to a local school (Flemish or French, doesn't matter in this question) and if so what are your experiences ? If not, what are your main arguments not to do so ? Thank you for any ideas & thoughts about this and looking forward to an interesting discussion.

Belgium: Looking for private lessons in French AND Dutch:

Hello Diana, great to hear you want to ameliorate both French & Dutch while living in the area. Have you ever come accross "Leuven Language Learning" ? This excellent language school is linked to Leuven University in the old historic town of Leuven and offers a wide range of courses & associated initiatives like their Language Café ... more info on http://www.clt.be/cltcafe/index.php You might find there someone to help you out. Succes and let me know if this information was useful to you. Have a nice weekend, Nadine YENN Leuven

Belgium: Jane's Appeal need your help: Istanbul to Leeds Charity Bike Ride:

Hi, I'm a b&b owner in Leuven, east of Brussels. I wonder if that helps. Although YENN b&b does have the possibility to store some bikes and we do have a possibility to park support vehicles safely nearby. I could try & mobilize my fellow b&b & hostel managers here in Leuven, if this town is not too far a detour from your scheduled route. Barvaux sur Ourthe to Leuven is only 58 miles on bike. Leuven Ieper/Ypres = about 90 miles. I checked these distances on www.viamichelin.com where you can specify if you want to travel by car, bike, etc... If you do consider rescheduling your tour to Leuven, let me know for how many people you need accommodation & how many bikes need be stored. I could also link you up to some people in the Ieper/Ypres-Roeselare area for accommodation upon arrival there if you need to. Let me know if & how I can help. Kind regards, Nadine Gregoor YENN Leuven

Belgium: Moving to Belgium without dutch knowledge. Bad Idea?:

I think you're making a point in chosing for the Flemish area, but also in the difficulty of language in the region. I know there are intensive summer courses Dutch for foreigners at KULeuven check http://ilt.kuleuven.be/cursus/andere_zomercursus.php If you would be able to work in an academic background your lack of Dutch knowledge wouldn't pose a big problem. I'm living in Leuven, am a repat (lived in South Korea years ago) and I'm still wondering why so many expats chosing for Wallonia or Brussels and not for Leuven. Let me know if I can get you started. Best, Nadine YENN Leuven

Belgium: Looking for a furnished studio/ apartment/ shared place, non-smokingLooking for a furnished studio/ apartment/ shared place, non-smoking:

Hi, from the 5th of July our businessflat is available. YENN is a new b&b in the station area of Leuven, very well accessable with public transport and within walking distance from the old university town centre. In case you want to check us out, feel free to get in touch and come and take a look at the flat. Your bike can be stalled safely in the garage, belonging to the house. More info on http://www.yennbusinessflat.blogspot.com/ and also http://yenn-english.blogspot.com/ We can discuss the expected services and can agree on a promotional tariff for the months of July & August. Kind regards, Nadine Gregoor YENN leuven 016/294632 yenn.leuven@gmail.com

Belgium: Hoping to Retire to Belgium:

Hi there, Good to hear you want to retire to Belgium. I'm Belgian, I live in Leuven, lived abroad for years ages ago, and I'm still happy I returned. I'm not really of the area of Pittem, but I might help you reconnect if you can send me all possible information you have available. Birth certificate details, marriage certificate details, death certificate of the grandmother etc... Any details about her full name, place and date of birth might be a help. + In what area are you living now ? Have you checked the Belgians abroad websites ? Let me try to check you on track. Kind regards, Nadine Gregoor Leuven Belgium

Belgium: Saw Belgium on TV and fell in love. Any advice or insider info for someone interested in moving?:

Hi there Belgium-lover, good to hear from you. I'm Belgian, lived abroad for about 7 years ages ago, returned and stil happy to be here. I helped some foreign families recently in their relocation to this area in Belgium (Leuven, close to Brussels) and I'm happy to help you to. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Kind regards, Nadine Gregoor Leuven Belgium

Belgium: About the immigration law.. does any1 know?:

Hi, On the following website you have information on visa affairs, studying in Belgium etc... http://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/ (see right vertical navigation menu) If you click on "Visa ?" you'll end up on http://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/services/travel_to_belgium/visa_for_belgium/visa_needed/index.jsp with a more elaborate choice of terms & conditions on your stay ... Please explore and let me know if this information is useful to you. Kind regards, Nadine YENN Leuven


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