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Back home in my own country for now. Husband contracted cancer and we had to cut our expat experience short.

Advice for New Expats

Stay open to new ideas and people. You never know what you'll find.

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North Carolina

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Current One

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Alexandria Egypt

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Kuwait: Buying Kuwaiti Currency:

Go to, there you will get an accurate X versus Y conversion that you can use to determine where you will profit best. As far as whether or not they will accept it at a money exchange window at the airport? I don't know. Perhaps someone else in this forum does.

Kuwait: shipping car to Kuwait:

Hi, javajon! nice to meet you! I'm simply trying to say that I think the cars are designed to handle the elements better there.

Kuwait: Cost of a 2 bedroom apartment in kuwait, interested in areas like jabriya, shabb, salmia ?:

Check out some of the past forums. You'll get all the information you need on them.

Kuwait: Cost of a Nanny:

Don't you sometimes have to pay for their VISA to work, Civil ID and all the rest as well? Initially and annually?

Kuwait: Teacher Moving to Kuwait:

Who are you speaking to, miagrl? I am not a recruiter and cannot 'hire' you for a job. I recommend that you post your resume on a job search site. I'm sorry that is the best that I can recommend for you.

Kuwait: Jobs in Kuwait:

Post your resume.

Kuwait: Need Expats help:

A thing about ITT Defense and working in Kuwait. This is important. They get a multitude of applications everyday. So, what you do is open your application on the website, wait for confirmation after you have gone through it all - that is very important as the website is touchy, and then every week on a Monday or Tuesday morning go back to the website and check for new jobs. This keeps your resume on top of the pile in a manner of speaking and it will get you noticed. It may take several months to get noticed and contacted by ITT. This again is normal. If you continue to go every week and refresh your resume and show commitment to it and your qualifications match a job they'll contact you. Best of luck to you.

Kuwait: looking for a itt recruiter in kuwait:

Are you talking at IT recruiters or ITT Defense Recruiters? ITT is a company that has a contract to work over in Kuwait (among other areas of the world).

Kuwait: 26 year old female considering moving:

Its like a different world - Kuwait is. Being a native Missourian for all of my life and then moving to Kuwait was culture shock. In my line of work I deal with East Coast people. The majority of you have your own type of persona, per se. A bit up in the air - a bit down to earth. Approach Kuwait like an adventure with an open mind and curb your snobbishness you should be fine. Email me with questions, I'll see what I can do to help.

Kuwait: Just wondering...:

I'm not sure this is an appropriate subject to broach in this forum. Could we concentrate on being a little more politically correct and not profile basing it on race, please? Thank you.


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