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Back home in my own country for now. Husband contracted cancer and we had to cut our expat experience short.

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Stay open to new ideas and people. You never know what you'll find.

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Kuwait: Buying Kuwaiti Currency:

Go to, there you will get an accurate X versus Y conversion that you can use to determine where you will profit best. As far as whether or not they will accept it at a money exchange window at the airport? I don't know. Perhaps someone else in this forum does.

Kuwait: shipping car to Kuwait:

Hi, javajon! nice to meet you! I'm simply trying to say that I think the cars are designed to handle the elements better there.

Kuwait: Cost of a 2 bedroom apartment in kuwait, interested in areas like jabriya, shabb, salmia ?:

Check out some of the past forums. You'll get all the information you need on them.

Kuwait: Cost of a Nanny:

Don't you sometimes have to pay for their VISA to work, Civil ID and all the rest as well? Initially and annually?

Kuwait: Teacher Moving to Kuwait:

Who are you speaking to, miagrl? I am not a recruiter and cannot 'hire' you for a job. I recommend that you post your resume on a job search site. I'm sorry that is the best that I can recommend for you.

Kuwait: Jobs in Kuwait:

Post your resume.

Kuwait: Need Expats help:

A thing about ITT Defense and working in Kuwait. This is important. They get a multitude of applications everyday. So, what you do is open your application on the website, wait for confirmation after you have gone through it all - that is very important as the website is touchy, and then every week on a Monday or Tuesday morning go back to the website and check for new jobs. This keeps your resume on top of the pile in a manner of speaking and it will get you noticed. It may take several months to get noticed and contacted by ITT. This again is normal. If you continue to go every week and refresh your resume and show commitment to it and your qualifications match a job they'll contact you. Best of luck to you.

Kuwait: looking for a itt recruiter in kuwait:

Are you talking at IT recruiters or ITT Defense Recruiters? ITT is a company that has a contract to work over in Kuwait (among other areas of the world).

Kuwait: 26 year old female considering moving:

Its like a different world - Kuwait is. Being a native Missourian for all of my life and then moving to Kuwait was culture shock. In my line of work I deal with East Coast people. The majority of you have your own type of persona, per se. A bit up in the air - a bit down to earth. Approach Kuwait like an adventure with an open mind and curb your snobbishness you should be fine. Email me with questions, I'll see what I can do to help.

Kuwait: Just wondering...:

I'm not sure this is an appropriate subject to broach in this forum. Could we concentrate on being a little more politically correct and not profile basing it on race, please? Thank you.

Kuwait: Leaving for Kuwait in a few days to work for CSA:

There is a Harley Davidson Dealer at the Kuwait Airport. :)

Kuwait: working in kuwait:

Actually it depends on the company you work for. If you apply at ITT Defense you can go for Help Desk. Hours are long, yes, but salary isn't bad.

Kuwait: american woman coming to kuwait to marry a muslim man:

Mark has a good point. However, I have been in Kuwait and I know of several others that post on this forum that are either there, presently, or were there, previously.

Kuwait: Cruises from Kuwait:

There is a sailing club that meets at the Fahaheel Marina on Saturday mornings. But no cruises that I know of from Kuwait. Sorry.

Kuwait: Health tests / Hep B-C / HIV:

It's really not that bad. If you're worried about it just pre-screen yourself by your medical provider before you go to Kuwait. Take your certs with you that clear you. If you don't want to go through the hassle, since you're not working, just leave and re-enter Kuwait every 90 days on a Visit VISA. It's not rocket science but it all depends on how important it is to you to live with your spouse I guess.

Kuwait: How do you keep up to date with events and entertainment in Kuwait:

Not really, Stella. It takes a wide network and a lot of searching both on foot and the internet to find out things. I did it when I was there for our friends since I was the only one that worked from home. Be careful though if you do it for others Kuwait will try to make you out to be some type of organization and that's a no no unless you're registered. We had a lady in the group that kept insisting that it was 'organized'. She was so far off base and just trying to cause trouble. I've cut ties with her.

Kuwait: Bringing Family to Kuwait:

Some companies will do that. Allow you a housing allowance so you can have your family there with you. That way you pay for their portion of the apartment. But most will not allow you to live in 'shared housing' with your family without formal agreements set in place. A month can be realistic provided you are able to secure an apartment. However, you cannot secure an apartment, at most places, until you have your own paperwork completed. That's where the hold up may occur. The Kuwaity government is not known for their speed but it is improving. As far as movers go most companies have their own companies they recommend for this. Or they go through KRH - Kuwait Reconstructive Housing, using them as a liasion. Best of luck to you!

Kuwait: Friday Market:

PM me. Yes, I'm familiar with the Friday Market. As she said foreigners generally pay way too much. Had a Kuwaity woman tell me shoes are 1 KD. Don't pay more than that. Rugs are outrageous too. They see you coming. Bargain them down or walk away to the next vendor. Tons of used stuff and clothing. Lots and lots of clothing. There is a leather vendor there that's pretty fair in price and you can bargain with him easily. He also will let you return something if you get it home and find you don't like it or it doesn't fit properly. Got a nice leather jacket from him. It's fun and huge. Arrive early in the day because you can easily get lost and it's large. Very large. Lots to see. Funiture dealers there sell cheap stuff too. Not very well made but cheap.

Kuwait: Maids:

Part-Time Maid Service in Kuwait, to my knowledge, is illegal. Read some of the past threads and you will see to what I refer.

Kuwait: Salary expectations for IT positions:

Salaries vary according to how high you are on the food chain. For ITT managements positions what you said is not unrealistic. However, you will work long hours with a lot of responsibility. Education is expensive if you want quality education and even then if your child(ren) is above average you should look into private tutoring for them for enrichment. Best of luck to you.

Kuwait: Work visa:

CSA has had contract difficulties. Look at some of the past threads and read all about it. I don't know if it's been resolved or not. Obviously not if you're getting 'hosed up' during the process.

Kuwait: Sour cream and Greek yogurt:

You can also find sour cream at Sultan Market.

Kuwait: Skype:

Last I heard Skype was not allowed in Kuwait. If you want to download it when you're not in Kuwait you can do that. Anything new on that one, Max?

Kuwait: Moving to kuwait:

It can sometimes take awhile, Vinu. Go through your liasion officer and ask or be patient. Ramadan might have slowed it down too.

Kuwait: Single men in KUwait:

Arrange a Coffee Meetup with others, Boyo. That's how we used to do it. That way you can talk to the people that come, find out if they're interested in pursuing any type of social relationship and discuss what you'd like to do. There are a lot of things to do in Kuwait ranging from wide types of activities. Post on here and find like minded people. What area are you in?


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