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Penn State University
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Some Forum Posts:

Azerbaijan: Dog park & language:

I don't think there are dog parks in Baku. Also, majority of the populations 2nd lanaguage is Russian and not English.

Azerbaijan: Need to relocate to Ecuador:

Are you based in Azerbaijan? Is that why posted in this group?

Azerbaijan: Semi-Retired in Azerbaijan?:

Hi Betsy, Is this article developed now? Has it been posted somewhere?

Global Expat Forum: Auto Insurance in US:

Auto insurance is a very mature and competitive market in US. has competitive rates, but your selection criteria should NOT only be based on rate because you will ONLY discover how good your auto insurance when you have an accident and how painful it is to deal with the insurance company to recover your losses. To that end, more established firms like Farmers and State Farm are rated better, but their prices are higher than upstarts like Geico. Good luck.

Azerbaijan: Work Opportunity:

Hi Jon, there is a few of them that you can find in Baku!? There is a company called Human Capital Baku!

Azerbaijan: Any gyms w Basketball court?!:

Hi Folks, can you recommend a gym or a club which has a basketball court in Baku?! Cheers

Azerbaijan: VPN Service from Azerbaijan:

Hi Folks, I am going to need a VPN Service with a US based IP address to do online banking while in Azerbaijan. Any recommendations? Cheers David

Azerbaijan: New to Azerbaijan - advice required please!:

Katie - I share your sentiment about very few number of postings here! Did anyone sent you private messages!? If not, perhaps it's not the place to post for feedback since I just posted two questions on VPN and Gym. Cheers

Azerbaijan: Culture Shock in Azerbaijan:

Hi Betsy, I just saw your post. How is your transition?! I am also looking for a postion with a US based company to move the family there. From what we have researched good schools are as expensive as the private schools in California. But that's where the best education happens and where the diplomats have their kids.

United Arab Emirates: Need help marketing in UAE:

hi folks We want to distribute "GREEN" building products and I am interested in networking with folks who are in construction, architecture and building trade. Our 1st product to market is a kitchen counter top that's manufactured using recycled glass. We need to test market next year in a trade show to see what's going on, but at the mean time I would like to contact any potential resellers who can move this product. David Mortaz Homestretch

Azerbaijan: JOB:

hi Nadine Do you speak Azeri or Russian?!

United Arab Emirates: Banking advice:

hi Sal I was looking up some location information about Bank of America and I recall seeing UAE listed. So, you might want to check with them in Canada to see what services they are willing to offer you. You might end up having to open an account with them in Canda. I have also used Citibank to wire moeny overseas, but I am not sure if they have branches in UAE. Barclays which is a UK based bank should also have presence in UAE. Good luck

United Arab Emirates: Finding a Job in the UAE or the Middle East:

hi TJ Where's your agency? Are you UK based? I am interested in expat positions in UAE and could use some coaching on where to start. Cheers david

United Arab Emirates: Telecom Jobs in UAE.:

hi Khalid I recall seeing some UAE based job posting on Monster from several UK based agencies. They appear to be more active in the region. Also has some job listing and you can even set up a Country based Agent to notify you when there are postings. However, I have not been able to get too many positive responces from my posting there. Can you share any good feed back you have recieved?

United Arab Emirates: IT/Services/Consulting Jobs in UAE:

hi folks I am interested in UAE based Sales & Business Development positions in IT, Services and Consulting. Any suggestions or hints would be appreacited. Cheers


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