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Algeria: Marriage and Moving to Algeria:

well hes not being honest if he told you that marrying a foreigner is against the law. and him saying if it doesn't work you will move and get a good job...sounds more like he just want to get a green card to the U.S.A. I am Canadian and married an Algerian and have friends and know other people that have married Algerians from all over the world and some chose to live there and others like myself had their husbands immigrate. From what you have said this man is just looking for a way out of Algeria. If u want to stay in Algeria is very easy to do after your married, your husband can have you stay for a year right away with just filling out some paperwork while u wait for citizenship.

Algeria: Marriage documents:

I married in Tunisia a few years ago and I know people who just got married there, and a few things changed, you need Birth certificates, the full versions that include parents names, you need passports , certificates to say your single, and as of now you also need medicals.

Algeria: health care:

Well as far as I know as my husband has lived there all his life , he says the health care system is poor and for pregnant woman they always tell you you will need a c-section just cause they get more money for doing them...pls be careful. Hopefully your in a major city like algers or oran and have more options, he did say if you can go to a private hospial it is better.

Algeria: Making headway married to an Algerian:

Its been 2 years and we finally have gotten through the first part of our spousal visa-sponsorship...now hopefully everything else will go smoothly in the French embassy. Does anyone have have actually info on their sponsorship of their Algerian husbands into Canada? We seem to have hit every imaginable road block possible and hoping after 8 more months my husband can finally come here.

Algeria: VISA,Immigration & Paris:

What is with the Canadian Embassy in Paris?? I finally made it in october to Algeria , where I met my love and we headed straight to tunis to marry, but even after we married he was still denied a visitation visa. We married oct,2010 and i have not seen him in 5 months and now with just starting the spousal visa process, we are facing another 9-12 months apart. I begining to wonder if the Canadian Ebassy in paris has a problem with men from algeria...I know so far I haven't know 1 man from Algeria to get a visa to canada...Does anyone have any insight into this problem? It is not a problem with his papers as his dossier is very good...I am sort of lost and baffled with this Embassy. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated... :s

Algeria: The mail System in Algeria !:

we are so in the same situation,I am from canada and my boyfriend is from algeria and just to get a visa for a visit is proving to be very difficult and as far as the mail, heres the scoop, letters will usually get there,but will be opened and if you send gifts,depending what is marked on the package, it will go missing, never send electronics,jewelery or anything very valuable. letters usually take 3-4 weeks and packages 2-2 1/2 months unless you send them by air then letters about 2 weeks and the 2-3 weeks for packages, but like i said mostly everything you send will be opened....

Algeria: marriage:

I NEED INFO QUICK!!My fiance is algerian and i am canadian.We want to marry but seem to be running into obsticles.I need to know how long i need to be in algeria before we can marry and what documents i will need and also we want to live in canada.So is it better to marry in canada and if so how can he stay if his visa to visit is only valid for 1 month because they will not allow any longer.Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated...


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