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Mexico: ordering by mail:

I had the same problem as your friend for vitamins and even some lotions I couldn't find there in Guadalajara. For other things I had no problem , only increased cost in shipping. I received packages ok - none lost in 2 years. It was only inconvenient to find the post office to pick up my things up - at least the first time. I ended up getting my vitamins ad lotions on trips back to the U.S.

Mexico: wanting to move to Playa del Carmen:

Hi Lorraine, I will send a message to you in private.

Mexico: FM3:

You can enter with your US passport. You will be issued a 6 month tourist/visitor visa upon entry. You need a FM3 to work. If you plan to apply for a professional fm3 you need to be sure it's a profession that's needed and that you qualify for here. Having an employer sponsor you will assist in this process. All I needed was my degree and certifications. Good luck!

Mexico: comfortable shoes:

I don't know about Dansko shoes and their availability but most brands seem available at the more exclusive stores. I have found the non-Mexican brands I like such as Nine West, much more expensive here than I can get them where I came from in California. As far as needing to replace them due to wear and tear, it's true. The sidewalks and streets are pretty rough on shoes where I live in GDL and the small towns I have visited. The sidewalks and streets in Cancun were beautiful (of course). Good luck. I hope someone else knows if these are available here.

Mexico: Kitty litter:

I live in GDL. I found kitty litter at SOME Walmart stores and at both costco stores.

Mexico: Moving to Mexico, from West Virginia USA-need some thoughts :):

What I needed to get the electricity in my name was my passport, a current bill from the current account holder and the predial (shows taxes were paid, I think). These were the 3 things I needed to change the CFE (electric bill) to my name. I think they want the most current bill to show that there is no money owed on the account at that address. I have done this twice with no problem. The bigger problem was finding the correct CFE office that served my addresses! Good luck

Mexico: Vitamins in Mexico:

Both of those supplements are available at Costco in GDL. They are more expensive at gnc here. If you bring supplements from he US don't take them out of their original containers. It's harder to convince Dayana they are supplements if they are not in the proper containers - personal experience. Membership at Costco is worth it!

Mexico: Tv through the internet:

I found a site - For $4.99 a month you are provided an alternate IP address that allows access sites such as Hulu and Netflix. I've been using it for 3 months- no problems! The IP address makes it appear as if your computer is in the US.

Mexico: Moving to GDL in 6 weeks! Any last minute tips, advice, etc.???:

Hi Brenda. I moved to GDL in August (from California). I'm visiting California right now but am going back home in early January (hoping to bring a cat with me too!). I have a teaching credential but haven't looked for a job to teach English yet. I would be happy to talk to you more about our (my boyfriend's and mine) experiences so far. Email me at

Mexico: Immigration Attorney in Guadalajara?:

Has anyone on this site used a good, reputable immigration attorney to apply for FM 2 immigrant status in Mexico? If so, would you please share your experience and contact information? Specifically looking for an attorney in Guadalajara. Thank you

Mexico: Apartment/House Rental Contacts -Guadalajara:

Does anyone here have good contacts to find rental housing in the Chapalita, Providencia or Zapopan areas of Guadalajara. I'm here and ready to rent! If you have contact information, please provide it. I'm not necessarily looking for an exclusive American neighborhood. Safe and clean is more important. Thank you,

Mexico: Expat Circles - Guadalajara:

Hello. I will be in Guadalajara in mid-August and I'm considering moving there. I have many local Mexican friends who will be assisting me but I would also like to make contact with any expats currently living there. Are there any on this site who would be willing to correspond, answer questions, share your experience, etc? Is anyone aware of any organized groups I could contact? I really appreciate any information I can get. Thank you!


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