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Ecuador: anyone heard:

Hello, has anyone heard about visa facilitator Karla Espinosa from salinas, i tried to contact her, please reply soon, thanks, howru.

Ecuador: anyone in salinas:

hello, I have a request, if anyone lives in salinas, please do write back , if its ok you can send a pvt message, thanks. howru.

Ecuador: Question for the ladies (security/safety):

Hello, thankyou once again for warning us & telling us the truth, i'm sure there are safer & better places to be in. I wish all people may choose a place wisely & after careful search. please always stay safe, & God bless, from, howru.

Ecuador: Happy Thanksgiv':

Dear friends, Best wishes for Thanksgiv' may God bless you all, kind regards, howru

Ecuador: sending things back:

hello, does anyone have an idea how much money, it takes for a 4 kilograms parcel of clothes, to be sent back from ecuador by registered post, thanks for your help,

Ecuador: crime out here:

hello, have been reading about the rising crime situation in ecuador, how safe is ecuador, thankyou everyone for posting out here & patiently answering, i'm thankful to all of you, who help others, God bless,

Ecuador: residency:

hello, i've been asking many about this, but have been told that , i will have to invest 25000 dollars, is there any other legal way to get residency, thanks a lot for your help.

Ecuador: residency visa:

Hello, could you please advise me, If i apply for the residence visa by paying 25,000dollars, I was thinking, will my money be blocked, is there another way to get residency, without paying 25000 dollars, thanks a lot for your help.

Ecuador: anybody knows:

hello, does anybody know where karla espinoza is, is she out on a trip or ill, thankyou

Ecuador: lawyers:

has anyone heard of karla espinoza, is she ok & reliable, thanks


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