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Belize: Gated communities near Placencia?:

To akessler - why doesn't that belizelifestyle web page say where it is located in Belize? Or is it another one of the so-called "developments" of swamp land like Sanctuary that promises everything good but rarely get off the ground?

Belize: snowbird leasing:

If you're considering Placencia there is a cute reasonably priced place just off main street in middle of town convenient to most things and block or so from beach.: she might have 2br monthly. I'm in small 1br here now and it is quiet and very nice - kitchen, cable TV, hot water,a/c, Internet via cable and DSL, meticulously maintained.

Belize: Where is a nice place to live:

I think you'd be wise exploring the various areas of Belize since it is small enough to hit all in one trip. Maybe 3-4 nights each in Ambergris, Orange Walk, Cayo and Placencia areas. They're all unique and you can see how you might fit in. FJW hit it on the head 'joking' about the weather. Keep doing your reading and research. Then come visit...ideally during a couple or several different seasons.

Belize: Placencia:

I am in Placencia now for my 4th extended trip this year, slowly trying to decide if I want to buy here or just rent. You should be able to buy something for $225k or less, depends on location. Some like in town, up on Maya Beach, or other areas. You're wise to come see the options, esp in summer when rains show problems. You need to spend time to see if this is what you's way different than N. Amer. My friend Dan at CPC Real Estate ( has helped me learn this place and is honest and no pressure. There are other real estate sales here too. Just search for Placencia Real Estate and most should pop up. Health care - there is a pharmacy and small clinic in town, and clinic across lagoon in Mango Creek but anything serious would probably be in Belize City where hospital is. I've been lucky and not needed care so can't tell you much. I've heard costs are very reasonable. There are international insurances companies but I don't know how they work. I'm pretty sure US insurances aren't accepted but some might let you file a claim on your own. I am not pushing anything, just like to share . This is info the best I know but it is best to talk with others too and come here to learn more. Good luck.

Belize: How and where to live in Belize on SSDI:

No offense but that's way too general of a question. Sure you could live that cheaply in various places in Belize, but also in Mex, Panama, and many other countries. But how will you handle the airfare back and forth, and how about health issues you may have? And what if you don't like where you move? You have to make decisions on your own situation, your research, and checking countries out ahead of time. No one can make such a decision for you. No one can know all the many factors in your life to offer you much advice.

Belize: Thanksgiving Events for Expats in Belize:

On Facebook I found this: Thanksgiving dinner and entertainment (Steve Fasano) from 530-800pm at Spectarte in Maya Beach, Placencia Peninsula. Reservations 533-8019 I'm sure it's open to everyone, not just ex-pats. Not that it matters. :-)

Belize: buy a truck or ship mine?:

I've never shipped a vehicle but I've always wondered the same question. If you believe the Customs chart: it appears your truck would be 37.62%. Not sure how they determine the value..maybe Kelly Blue Book? Assume the truck value is $5000US you'd pay $US1881 in duty. Not sure it's worth the shipping and duty...not to me. Maybe someone has experience and can help more. I'm going down next week for my 4th trip and looking for a vehicle to buy, e.g. a friend located a duty-paid 1999 Toyota van for $5500US which seems fair depending on condition of course.

Belize: How it is like living in Belize?:

Before making any major moves one should visit a country/area several times at various seasons to really understand first hand what it's like. It helps to read books and get advice on forums but remember those are one person's opinions based on their experiences and interests, etc. Yours may be entirely different. I have just returned from my 3rd multi-week visit to Belize, and I still have lots to learn before I decide anything. Your first 3 questions are very general and hard to answer. It varies with the locations. As to duty/taxes Belize's may seem high but it's how the govt makes money. you should go to the country's web site where they spell out duties on various items. I paid about $45 duty on a $200+ new TV I took to a friend. Seems high but it's still cheaper and better quality than the Chinese brands they sell.

Belize: Need a place to stay in Belize:

You have to narrow it down as to what area/town you want to visit. Also, do some basic research on the country before asking such general's hard to help if you don't give details.

Belize: retirement 2012:

Maybe you've done your research but I'd suggest you also look at Cayo (west) and Stann Creek (south) and even Toledo (far south). I am in Placencia area for 3 weeks for my second trip exploring. I looked at San Ignacio area (Cayo) - nice but I'm water person. Didn't enjoy San Pedro - too crowded, congested, and pricey since everything is shipped in. Placencia suits my needs and lifestyle more. Each area has good and bad....I plan to come back and rent several months before buying to be sure it's what I can live with. Don't forget - holidays and winters are when most tourists come so will not be indicative of how it is year 'round here. And remember, ask 2 people the same question and you may get 2 opposite answers. :-)

Belize: Tips:

I'm not the moderator but I just started reading this forum and have some suggestions for posts. Before stating something like you want to "move to Belize", do some basic research online, read a travel guide like Frommers or Lonely Planet, explore the whole country, learn about the various areas, etc. Please don't ask general questions like "where's a good place to live in Belize" or "how much does it cost to buy/build a house", etc. And I don't think this is the place for real estate people to promote their listings..if you are a private seller that's OK. Just my opinion :-)

Belize: moving to Belize:

Not to be negative but all you looking into these undeveloped "developments" please slow down. It's a different world down there. It takes years and years for areas to get developed, and some may never make it. Many developers need cash from those of you buying sight-unseen so they can continue. Some even have taken the money and run. It's a tough economy everywhere. I've been to Belize (mostly Placencia) for 3 extended visits in the past year and I still am a bit leery what to buy. It's not the same as N. Amer. There are few real estates 'rules' - e.g., anyone can sell property and building can take a longggg time. I've seen gorgeous partially built complexes sit empty for years because of legal or financial problems. You have to go there to see for yourself. Do lots of research, talk to others down there - learn before you buy. By no means am I saying everything is bad in Belize. There's some every nice places. Just do your homework. Thoroughly. Unless you have plenty of money to gamble on someone's promises.


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