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While there's a lot of information online, I am wondering as to certain details about London... I have been offered a new job in London which coincidentally (or not) has the exact same base salary: 120K usd - 75K gbp (still working through the bonus details). From the different tax calculators..the take home is identical between NY City / London and cost of living is very similar (i've been going through online websites for flats / grocery / electronics / etc) but I am afraid I am missing something In NY I have these withholdings / deductions: Withholdings: 1 - Federal Tax 2 - State Tax 3 - NY City Tax 4 - Social Security Tax 5 - Medicare Deductions 1 - 401K 2 - Health Insurance What are the withholdings in UK? 1 - Income Tax 2 - National Insurance 3 - Council Tax Can you deduct pension contributions (similar to a 401K) and private health insurance premiums from the gross? Cheers, Tendon


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