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Ecuador: Member Agreement:

Nice posting Susan,but where do i find the "unsubscribe" button?

Global Expat Forum: Unsubscribe:

Hi,anybody can tell me where i can find the unsubscribe button for Expat Exchange.Doesn't seems to be one?Anybody can help?

Ecuador: too bad as to how this forum has deteriorated:

The problem with this site is that once your in,there is no way out.Try to find a unsubscribe button.Sorry,thats not here.

Ecuador: Need address for immigration office in Guayaquil:

You have to go to the "registro civil office". This office(there are more in Guayaquil) you will find on the street called:9 octubre.This is the mainstreet in Guayaquil-center.If you enter the building.,directly to your right,you will find the stairs to go to the basement.Thats the place.

Ecuador: Is there a forum with out the BS?:

The best forums on Ecuador are: - On Facebook,a group called Ecuador Expats.Its a closed group,so you have to ask to join.Gerard Tretton is the owner. And the AOL group: Ecuador expats:

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Real climate info:

Yes,Susan its amazing to see at this moment the abundance of butterflies.I also noticed it yesterday when we we are out,heading to San Pablo beach.Regarding temperature,i got historic weather temperatures on my "Ecuador weather" blog.

Ecuador: 20 tourists robbed:

Illegal arms are wide spread in Ecuador.20 tourists were robbed at gun point in Cuayabeno.

Ecuador: At Home in Ecuador:

News,tourism,videos,real estate,fotos,blogs,hotels,living in Ecuador,maps its all there for you to be discovered. At home in Ecuador,is your source to find out everything about Ecuador.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Plan B:

Hey,that's great for you guys.Who knows in 5 years time there is an other possibility.Early retirement?Internet work.All the best.

Ecuador: Ecuador map:

If you are searching for good maps of Ecuador.Then here it is.Ecuador map,just went on the air.

Ecuador: LAN air:

Yes TAME flies 3 times a day on this route.Starting from march they have competion from LAC.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Ex-pats in Cuenca?:

Sure there is.Read about it,here:

Ecuador: Need help with parrot held hostage ASAP:

Rebe.That's great news your are telling us.I know the whole move including container and animals is a hell of a job.But i think you and your husband did the best you could do.Great to hear that she now will have a better place to live with more space.You have come this far,i am sure you will also succeed in pulling of this last trick.One day you wake up and then there are only memories of this bad dream.

Ecuador: I'm here in Cuenca and a little discouraged:

By the end of 2015,the new refinery,which they are building now,will be operational.This will be a big one,the biggest in South America.Also at the existing plants they then added the de-sulpur units. The norm for sulphur then will be reduced from 1500 to 7 ppm.You then notice that the black smog problem will be reduced dramatically. The black smog is mentioned in several blogs.On this part you didn't do you homework good enough. Might i also suggest to read up on the label drinking water,health and food preparation,on my blog.

Ecuador: Looking for a puppy in Salinas:

FADA in Guayaquil has dogs and cats ready for adoption.See the faces of those animals,right here.

Ecuador: american airline:

Filled for bankruptcy.Watch out if you are buying tickets.

Ecuador: Ecuador blogs:

Interested in people living in Ecuador,or going there?Take a look at my blog about them.

Ecuador: apostille,drivers license,health etc.:

All this and lots more of information you need as an expat(to be) on my blog:

Ecuador: Quito museums:

Want to know what museums there are in Quito?Take a look at my tourist blog about Ecuador.

Ecuador: Customs Agent in Guayaquil and shipping to Olon:

In one of my blogs you can read about 2 companies that have been proven reliable to many expats here in Ecuador.I suggest you use one of these two.See under container shipping.

Ecuador: I want a little house and garden:

This one?

Ecuador: Correa's Power Waning?:

8 out of 10 Ecuadorians happy with Correa.

Ecuador: Poochie at the Vet ~ El Pibe, Salinas/La Libertad:

Hope that Poochie recovers and soon can get swimming in the sea again.


Correct,but it is 2 dogs per person(what you don't say). You can bring in more dogs per person at one time.So if you are a single person,and you want to bring you 3 dogs,tahts okay.2 dogs comply the rules.For dog number 3,they consider you a trader and you must pay the tax for importing this dog.

Ecuador: Any Galapagos advice and experiences to share:

Wow,ILA.I am sure it will be a lifetime experience for you.Myself i have yet to go.If you want all the info there is to know about,Galapagos,you must read here.Its the best,there is. Hope you have a great vacation there.


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