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Panama: trees/ vegetation in Boquete:

At an elevation of 12 - 1500 meters around Boquete area, what type of native trees and vegetation are there. Moving on up the hill, at what point does it become considered a mountain? Most of the pictures I've seen of Boquete,don't show many trees.

Panama: Roads and noise in Panama.:

After following this forum for three years, I've noticed several recurring complaints. Locals making noise and bad roads. This reminds me of people in So. Calif who bought expensive homes near a dairy, then when the wind shifted, they complained about the smell. Others bought near or under the flight pattern of an airport, then complained about the noise. Do your homework, people !! Also, Years ago, I went to San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye, Belize. Sand roads, bumpy, with ruts. Quite quaint, and charming. As the Gringo population increased, and the wealthy were buying fancy waterfront homes north of the bridge, they started complaining about the bad roads. After a couple of years, the main streets, all three, were paved and the "gringos" wanted more roads paved. Of course, this was to improve the lives of the locals. HA !! My point is, don't move somewhere and try to change the way locals are living .Not everyone wants to live like Norte Americanos. Stay in Canada, the states, or where ever.

Panama: Narcotics in Panama:

To preface this question, I don't use drugs, even marijuana. My question is, what is the Panamanian government's position on medical cannabis. Specifically, for neuropathic pain. If anyone on this forum has ever experienced this, they will understand my question.

Panama: eldukedeplas:

How are purchases made on line and shipped to Panama viewed / handled by the local government? ie: drugs, clothes, tools. Are they treated differently than things sent by friends or family members? thnx ,

Panama: David A/P:

Anyone have info about which airlines fly into David? Or, where I can access this information.

Panama: Cost of living in Panama:

I've been following this forum for about three years. Made four trips to Panama, from Boco town to David to Las Tablas. to El Valle. Will make another trip in the spring of '15. I find that humor is a very good substitute for 'perfect' Spanish. Too many experiences in Mexico over the past forty years to go into detail, but a good sense of humor has always paved the way to good relationships with Latinos. Now to the cost of living matter. Many people reading this forum are retired and are not interested in working or going into business. Those of you living in PC seem to still be working, or their spouse is employed. Also, some "expert expat" opinion is coming from people living there less than a year. There also is a lot of bickering on here. Sounds like junior high school stuff. JYD

Panama: Seafood:

? Seafood availability in Boquete area? ie: shrimp, lobster, crab, scallops and of course fish. I would assume the local restruants would have some of the above, but to purchase for consumption at home, ?? Would I have to drive down to the Pacific to local fishermen? Thnks

Panama: pianos:

When we move to Panama, where would one look to buy a piano. Not a baby grand, but a simple upright would suffice? If it's in PC, the best way to get it to Boquete?

Panama: temps in Boquete:

According to Accuweather reports on Boquete , they show the temps during July and August as being 29c to 35c ( 84 - 95 f ) degrees. Is this considered 'spring type weather' in Panama ? What would the dew point be at these temps? Are these numbers correct?

Panama: Short term tranportation.:

What would the recommended solution be for transportation for a stay of 3-6 months in the Boquete area? Need more flexibility than the bus service. Thanks, JYD

Panama: Car stuff:

Any Gearheads in Boquete or David? Thinking ahead to relocation.

Panama: El Valle y Boquete:

Will revisit Panama ( 4th trip ) and need info on places to stay in El Valle and Boquete. Also any links to info on things to do while there. I'm not into frogs or birds or hiking, (done my marching already ). Thanks, JYD

Panama: Panama City - is there no pride?:

Seems like there are many comments from people that don't live in Panama, but are occasional visitors. Example: llseldon. From his posts, I thought he was a resident of Panama, but see he's in Texas ?? PJ, Mark, the guy from Gorgona, and even the "PRINCESS", I believe live there. My question. What do the people in the mountain communities do about garbage and non degradable trash?

Panama: USA Going To Hell In A Handbasket:

Can I say something about Mark802 or will he sue me? Hey Mark. I'm coming to EV in a couple of months. Is the yellow hotel still there? Residential Hotel, I believe.

Panama: Playa El Rompio:

Anyone on this forum familiar with the coastal area south of Gorgonia down to Pedasi ? Looking for accomadations close to the beach. Any recommendations?

Panama: Becoming an expat wife?:

When you mention 'water', just what are you refering to? Driving from PTY to David, I saw a fair sized 'river'/stream, but no one in, on, or around it. Is there fresh water fishing in your area?

Panama: Adventure trek in Darien Gap:

therin4 prez: Funny. A death wish, but funny.

Panama: Wal Mart:

Panamaguy. Are you speaking as a Panamanian or a disgruntled expat ?

Panama: Panama costs and crime rate:

Just wondering if there are any 'expats' on this forum that are "retired", and living in Panama, meaning not trying to make money off of other expats or locals. Seems as if most of you are involved in some type of business. re: real estate down at the beach, pj hustling rentals and some type of investment that pays 8%, Mark with his commercial buildings, etc., etc.. Anyone just kickin' it ? Also, Panama James, you being from Canada, I find it interesting on your take about the weather. Snowbirds from Canada 'flock' (no pun intended) to Florida to enjoy 60-70 degree weather. So, you and your tee shirt, shorts and Crocs would think 60-70 great. By the way, your comment about dressing like a local? I drove from PC to David to Las Lajas and the only Crocs I saw were on MY feet.

Panama: Thanksgiving in Boquete:

Just wondering. Do any of you wealthy (by most Panmanian standards) ACTUALLY use the Jubilado discount at resturants in Panama? If you do, you got some balls Just saying. I'm not wealthy by any standards, but I wouldn't have the gall. ? Save $3 on a turkey dinner? HUH !!

Panama: El Valle Chamber of Commerce:

Hey Bill Miller. Just for us peasants who read this forum, what does "Harrumph" mean?

Panama: New member intro and question:

Mark, Mark, Mark. Shame on you for your crass remarks, poor spelling, and ability to piss people off. We've never met and probably never will, but I'll take an ass like you over these so-called intellects wanting to move to another country and live high on the hog (on $1200 a month) among locals that, some, don't have a pot to piss in. Keep up the good work. JYD

Panama: Info Requested- apartments:

Gee, Mark, are you still pissing people off? Even I'm starting to feel sorry for you.

Panama: Suicide Showers???:

JYD, here. Maybe I missed the post, but just what is a 'suicide' shower? How is it construed to be suicidal? Is there an electric outlet in close proximity to the shower head? Just wondering.

Panama: pension visa:

WOW, Princess, You hit a nerve with Nik at nite from JoJah. He must be a high roller to be able to afford eggs in Panama. Also, his knowledge of the human body is lacking. Haven't heard the term 'pendejo' since HS. Well put. TC


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