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Luxembourg: Short-term rent and work:

Hi, Are there any cheap short-term rentals available in Lux? Also, although I am a developer I am willing to work in other jobs until I will find a job in my field. Where can I search online for non-IT jobs? Thanks

Luxembourg: Hi:

Hi, Lucky you. I also want to relocate to Luxembourg. What job field are you in?

Netherlands: Moving to Netherlands:

Hi, I am single female and I am thinking of relocating to the Netherlands. I don't speak Dutch. I work in IT(.net developer). What are the chances of finding a job for non-Dutch speakers? What is the cost of living compared to salaries? How much should a single person earn to be able to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in a good area (doesn't have to be the city)? Where can I search for IT jobs online? Thanks

Luxembourg: Learn French online:

HI, Any suggestions on how I can learn to speak French? I have a basic understanding of French. Any online courses/tutorials you suggest? Thanks

Luxembourg: Finding a job while not in Lux:

Hi, I want to move to Luxembourg. I am a software developer but I don't live in Europe but I do have a European citizenship. I don't speak French. What are the chances of finding a job while not in Luxembourg and what is the best approach to finding a job? I thought maybe they can initially conduct Skype interviews. Thanks

Luxembourg: Move to Luxembourg-good or wrong decision?:

Hi, I am a 36 yrs old single female and i am a software programmer. I have a European passport so i can work and live in Luxembourg legally. I am thinking of immigrating to Luxembourg as I have relatives there and heard the standard of living is high. However, after doing some further reading about Luxembourg I realise how expensive it is to live there and the average gross salary is about 3000 euros. I don't understand how people can have a good life there if their gross is only 3000 and rent is about 1000 euros. Do you have to be rich to immigrate to Luxembourg? I will appreciate responses as I am seriously thinking about making the move soon. Thanks :)

Israel: Renting or Buying a Home in Israel:

Hi, If possible I suggest not going to agents to buy or rent as their fees are usually very high. There are many classification sites for people that speak Hebrew such as

Luxembourg: I Wish I had Known... Before Moving to Luxembourg:

Brian, I think we have discussed it before but if I come to Luxembourg without a job, without French but with a EU passport what are the chances of finding a job as a .NET software developer?


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