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Ecuador: Questions about the price of rent.:

Devil's Advocate: where is the quantitative proof that increasing prices are a direct result of gringos paying more than the standard rate? Without proof, it's as equally plausible to blame increasing prices on rich Ecuadorians overpaying (especially in Salinas) or an increased demand for the goods or services on the part of both gringos and Ecuadorians or to simply attribute it to inflation. Not saying I necessarily disagree with the opinion espoused above; simply that it's currently just an opinion without any hard data to support it. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Ship a TV?:

FYI someone over at Facebook Ecuador Expats mentioned how they brought in a flat screen larger than 22 inches and Customs nailed them with $134 in penalties. Not everyone gets through Customs unscathed :). Not sure how the $134 penalty was calculated but it you wanted a LARGE flat screen (like 52' or larger) AND IF the penalty were to be a flat fee, $134 would be well worth it to buy a large TV in the US at much lower prices than what you can find in Ecuador. Electronics in Ecuador are significantly more expensive. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Household Items for Sale: Moving Out of Ecuador:

Hi all, Not soon after receiving our immigrant visas and cedulas last month, we received a job offer that is too good to pass up. Therefore, we're selling virtually everything we brought down with us or bought while here in Salinas before we fly out. Here's a quick list of some of the items we're selling. Take a look at the full list in order to see pictures, prices, and other details. All items must be paid in cash and picked up at our apartment. Please use the contact info contained in the full list to ask questions / coordinate payment and pick up. Full list with details can be found here: http://sdrv.ms/Tyydkz Desktop computer Kindle Fire tablet Wireless router Xbox 360 with 2 controllers Solid wood coat tree Custom expandable utility table w/ casters Solid wood TV stand Custom solid wood stepstool Office chair ($10-no picture) Bedding Children's games Children's table and chairs 2 HEPA certified air purifiers with replacement filters Patio sun shade Household miscellaneous (plastic clothe hampers, water dispenser, etc.) Samsung 21.5' computer monitor Spanish dictionaries and other books Again, the full list with details can be found here: http://sdrv.ms/Tyydkz Thanks, Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Read This Thread for Current Cedula Requirements:

I had to go to the Registro Civil in downtown Guayaquil on Friday, November 23rd, 2012. While there, I grabbed a copy of their latest info sheet outlining exactly what is required to either get your cedula for the first time or get a new cedula. You can download a copy of the sheet from my cloud storage here: http://sdrv.ms/Tay6eR The chicken scratch I added is additional notes/requirements verbally relayed to me by the worker I spoke with. If you can't read it, let me know via a post to this thread. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Cuenca Fly-Fishing Club:

Hi, I met someone up in Cuenca in October who is associated with flyfishing. His name is James Drummondo and his email is jcdrummondo@fastmail.fm. His business card also has a website: www.cuencaflyfishersclub.com. I checked the site out and it looks pretty active. Good luck, Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Requirements for Pension Visa:

Dana, For married couples, isn't it an apostilled and translated marriage certificate? Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Visa Acid Test passed with flying colors.:

For those living in/around Salinas that are getting their documents together on their own for your visas, here are three convenient locations from which you can get a migratory movement certificate (certificado de movimiento migratorio). There are more than just these three locations-I just find these to be the most convenient. Be sure to bring your passport as that's what they use to look you up. Also, be sure to avoid going during lunch hours if possible because they will most likely be closed for 45 minutes to an hour. 1). In La Libertad, there is an Immigration Cop office on Avenida 9 de Octubre right before you hit the Oil Refinery. The one time I went there for a certificate, I had it in 2 minutes and it was free. They do not make you get a color copy of your certificate on your own dime like the other places. 2). In Guayaquil, there is an Immigration Cop Office directly across the street from the Terminal Terrestre (Bus Terminal). It's a four or five story ugly green building. They charge $5 per certificate. They make you get a copy of the unsigned certificate across the street at the bus terminal and bring it back to them before they sign it and make it official. It can be quite busy depending on time of day you go. 3). Also in Guayaquil, there is an Immigration cop at a desk inside the Gobierno del Litoral building where the Immigrant/ Non-immigrant Visa offices are located. It's the MOST convenient place to get your certificate BUT it's ALSO been the MOST unreliable. Twice I've planned on getting a certificate here and had to go to the Immigration Cop building by the Bus Terminal because the cop forgot his password to log onto the system. Seriously-twice. They charge $5 per copy and also make you go get a color copy outside the Gobierno del Litoral buidling on your own dime before they'll sign the certificate and make it official. It also can be busy depending on the time of day you go. Any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Visa regulations a minefield:

Silverwater, Can you clarify what you mean by "And an apostilled marriiage certificate (translated) if you are married. The proof of marital status is for the cedula." You do not need it to get the visa"? The first sentence and last two sentences seem to contradict each other. From my personal experience, I had to provide our marriage certificate when applying for our immigrant 9-II visa in order to prove my wife's status. We specifically had to ask for the original back so we could provide it to the Registro Civil to get our cedulas. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Ecuador is at risk.:

To all participants, Please keep this conversation civil. No need for name calling. As much as some people on the forum would like to think so, the highlight of my day is NOT censoring the forum. Thanks for your cooperation. Moderator Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Does EC keep my documents?:

I was told at the Registro Civil in Guayaquil that they have to hold onto my originals. Would be interested in hearing what Silverwater knows on this topic. I was able to get my originals back from the Visa Office only because the Registro Civil requires originals to get a cedula. I submitted one letter requesting all the original documents back when I submitted my immigrant visa application. When my passport/immigrant visa was ready, so were my original documents...only to immediately be turned into the Registro Civil four days later. Sad face. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: USA notary:

In my research for notarial services in Ecuador that are valid in the US, all I found were notarial services offered at the Embassy in Quito or Consulate in Guayaquil. If someone knows differently, would love to hear it. Otherwise, here's the link for Quito appts: http://ecuador.usembassy.gov/service/make-an-appointment.html and Guayaquil appts: https://evisaforms.state.gov/acs/default.asp?postcode=GYQ&appcode=1 Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Ecuador: Poverty Report from Ecuador's Central Bank:

Thanks for sharing, Susan. A question for you, and anyone else that wishes to chime in, is: will numbers like this help, hinder, or do nothing for the Correa Administration? My opinion is that it will somewhat help the Correa Administration. I believe they will likely put a spin on such numbers as "Now more than ever, you need the social welfare programs that the Correa Administration delivers." Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador Welcome Forum: GPS:

Waze for iOS (iPhone, etc.) has decent maps for ecuador. It has turn by turn navigation and is free. Google maps app for iOS isn't too bad either. Doesn't do turn by turn dynamically like Waze does but for the price (free), it's not bad. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Ecuadorean Dream -- video from the Government:

I think Ecuador is in danger of becoming more of a "nanny state" in which the people are given so many services by the government that they can't survive without govt handouts. As part of this deal, the people give the govt leadership (Correa), carte blanche to do as he sees fit (tweak Constitution, outlaw his pet peeve "immoral" activities) as long as the govt support keeps coming. For a country such as Ecuador with so much poverty, I actually think that there may be a place for this lifting up of the poor into the middle class as long as there are strong programs to get the people off the govt teat and be made self-sufficient and nationalization is tightly restricted. However, I do think the growing Correa cult of personality within the Ecuadorian govt is a threat to stability. I'll keep my comments about what the US govt is doing to the middle class with all of the burgeoning welfare entitlement programs that aren't tied to milestones leading to self-sufficiency to myself :). Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Cedula application / utility bill ?:

Dunmovn, Do you have an official link online to these changes? I find it helpful to read the source in its original language. Thanks. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Driving in Ecuador:

Budget Rentacar rents me cars with just my US license and US credit card. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Cedula:

You'll get a form called an "empadronamiento" along with your immigrant visa. This "empadronamiento" form is good for 30 days (it'll state this on the form itself). You'll need to bring that to a Registro Civil in Quito or Guayaquil along with appropriate source documentation (apostilled birth certificate, etc.) to get your cedula. Please note that the Guayaquil immigrant visa office told me to wait four business days from the day I picked up my passport/visa and empadronamiento form to go down to a Registro Civil. The lady helping me said it was to sync the information systems up. No clue if it is true but I heeded her advice and had no major problems at the Registro Civil in downtown Guayaquil. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Proof of non-marriage:

Did she say what type of document is required to show proof of non-marriage? Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Address of Sub-Direccion de Extranjeria in guayaquil:

As far as I am aware, all non-immigrant/immigrant visa transactions are completed at the Edificio Gobierno del Litoral (Ciudadela Kennedy Norte, Avenida Francisco de Orellana y Justino Cornejo) Here's a link to a the location on Google Maps (http://goo.gl/maps/HBnJD) Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: photo stream I found from today:

Friendly reminder that spell check can only help, not hinder

Ecuador: Ecuador Online visa application system - Has it gone down?:

Scottlg, As far as the Guayaquil office is concerned, yes, just go down to the Edificio Gobierno del Litoral and ask for the Immigrant Visa Section. I began our family's resident visa process in September by having them do a check on the application packet I put together. I used the requirements listed (for my type of visa) at the following page to put together my packet: http://www.mmrree.gob.ec/servicios/req_visas_inm.asp At no place does the website visa requirements mention applying online nor did any of the immigrant visa section employees that I spoke with in person. I submitted our corrected application packet (with hard copy visa application forms for each applicant) on my next trip to the office and had my visas in 10 days. Any other questions, happy to answer them. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Spanish translations for residence:

Silverwater, Do you know what "bona fides" are required by a notary for them to notarize a translation? I have not found a clear definition online and the notary offices five conflicting answers. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: On-Line Banking:

Wifi network encryption (using passwords) is easy to crack for anybody that is halfway tech savvy and can google "crack wfi". Not very secure. If you're truly interested in securing your online transactions, I recommend Virtual Private Networking (VPN). VPN uses very tough encryption to mask all traffic between your laptop and the VPN server hosted by the company you subscribe to. See a great list of the top VPN sites here: http://lifehacker.com/5759186/five-best-vpn-service-providers A side benefit of VPN is that location restricted services like Netflix will see your computer as being located in whichever country the VPN server you are connected to is located. Neil Radulski Salinas

Ecuador: Ecuador Forum posting guidelines:

Susan, Are you taking a cue from Correa's administration regarding media censorship? I JEST, I JEST :D (about Susan's actions, but not about the Correa Administration and censorship). Neil Radulski Salinas http://beta.humanrightsecuador.org/?p=1085 http://knightcenter.utexas.edu/blog/ecuadorean-media-face-some-worst-restrictions-latin-america-cpj-reports


Recommend you go to the Ministry's website to view the requirements from the source. Here's a link to it via Google Translate so it is in English. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://www.mmrree.gob.ec/servicios/req_visas_inm.asp&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhttp://www.mmrree.gob.ec/servicios/req_visas_inm.asp%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1920%26bih%3D928%26prmd%3Dimvns&sa=X&ei=n7aJUOCDKpSy8QSexoCgDQ&sqi=2&ved=0CB8Q7gEwAA Neil Radulski Salinas


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