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Ecuador Welcome Forum: 10 Days in Ecuador:

And don't ever touch the bulb while taking a shower unless you want a little excitement in your day.three wire is against the code in EC.

Ecuador: Magic white powder:

Actually Whiskey used to work the same way for me.

Ecuador: Cuenca and Cuencano Attitude:

precaución I tried two twentys one day and I found out to late I was not wired for 220.

Ecuador: One dollar bills:

What is next is when the coins and the paper turns into plastic and you will be under the total control of the King and your plastic will have a chip so the King will know where you are , where you got the payment, what you spent it on and with whom. It will also tell the King what you are going to do next by your previous habits. Oh wait we are almost there now, Smile you are on Candid Camera Sooner than we think right now App. 80 % of what we spend now is on plastic and the new law that say's you have to have your SS $ direct deposit is just some of the beginning of the end as we know now. It is called control the Slaves OK lay it on me!

Ecuador: Something to think about or make you sick:

The wheels are already in motion, this year all checksct. from the Federal Govt. have to be deposited in a bank Actt.or something similar and soon ever you will be charged 1% for them to make that deposit even though it is effortless and as they need more $$ it will go to 2% etc.. So when we get our whopping 3.5 raise on SS goodbye 1/3rd. of it. Don't believe me just wait and see.Remember it is easy to tell when a politician is lying , there lip's are moving. Roy Roy

Ecuador: Would like to start a Motorized Glider Club in Manta:

If you want to do sumpin that Loco have them install floats and just head for the Pacific with your Mask Fins Snorkel and your spear gun, don't forget the Fillet Knife. Roy

Ecuador: Ok maybe a dumb question -:

Not to stick my nose where not invited however I am a lic. agent , if you had started with a Roth you would not have been able to deduct the dollars from your gross so you would have been able to withdraw without paying taxes. If you want to take the money from the IRA with out paying taxes do not take possession of it directly , you can roll it into an Annuity just don't let it go directly to you. What state are you in?

Ecuador: Starting From Scratch:

Susan we visited EC last winter and spent 45 day's on the beach in Tonsupa and two visits to the outskirts of Quito We had several occasions to eat at small mom and pop rest. and one pleasant experience was a place in Quito that had about four tables , we said hello and the owner brought silver ware kinda with napkins then a nice homemade drink with Pineapple and something else that was yummy then a nice bowl of soup not a cup then an entree with what looked like pork and some vegees, the point is we never ordered anything. We got refills on our drinks and the bill was $2.50 each. And every place we went to cooked the French Fries the way we did in the states 50 years ago. We may make it back to EC next year with different plans. Thanks for your ear.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: obamacare:

This coming from a retired Ins. Professional , unless you have a lot of problems where you have to go to a Doc. a lot every month you might want to find a mag. med. plan with a very high ded. and use the Docs. in EC., a specialist is only $15. 00 a visit and the clinics are $10.00 , you should use your Mag. Med. for Major problems only. Plus most meds. are very cheap , I bought a years worth of HBP meds. for $30.00

Ecuador Welcome Forum: living at the high altitude:

Not to be a critic however it only works better at the coast if the humidity is low and the air is cool. When you fill a glass with water you don't have a lot of OXY left.

Ecuador: No conspiracy theory here, this is real!:

As for me. I plan to live forever. So far so good.

Ecuador: looking:

Ever watch the show who the Flip did I marry? As P.T. Barnum used to say there is a sucker born every minute. All that person need's is an overweight not so pretty person with low self esteem a house a car and some $$ and he will wine dine and set the hook. Sorry, but so sad but true.

Ecuador: Translation on foot...:

Kinda like an E6B

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Writer looking to experience rural living in Ecuador:

One more thing the ash is very fine and will not be filtered out with an ordinary filter , so any vehicles that operate in that area will be at extreme risk for engine failure as the ash is also highly abrasive.

Ecuador: Using Stun Gun or Pepper Spray:

I agree with what you are saying we spent 90 day's in EC part time on the north coast and part time on the outskirts of Quito. I brought with me a Stun Gun in the shape of a Baton about twelve inches long and by pushing a button it extended to over two feet in a mil. of a second with 5 million Volts a screaming alarm and a very bright light. I wore it on my belt and when an officer or security guard looked at it I simply said Baton and they just smiled and thought what is that little plastic thing going to do. I also had a Bamboo staff that was about 60 inches long for a walking stick that a friend got for me in Tonsupa. I believe that if you look the part you are less likely to be a victim . And by the way in the States what is going on now is called Apple Picking so if you are silly enough to walk down the street with your expensive phone in your hand it might get picked and resold for whatever and our thieves here are just as fleet of foot as they are in EC. And the only people that robbed me used a Ball Point Pen.

Ecuador: Cell Phone service:

If you are going to be traveling back and forth , Itl might be advisable just buy a cheap phone there you can get one with 100 Min. for about $60.

Ecuador: Best sites and reading for research before moving?:

You do realize that most of the Gringos that have arrived in EC the last five years are there because they read or went to a meeting with IL.

Ecuador: overstayer wanting to leave Ecuador:

We overstayed about two weeks and when we left they informed us we could not return for nine months, I doubt they will hold you hostage. Roy

Ecuador: Tourist need to take it easy in Mariscal.:

Don't you get it, they are so bored with there lives they have to nit pick. They are the same people that used to live in Condos in the States and would watch there neighbors to see if they break the rules so they can rat them out. OK let me have it.

Ecuador: Expats or no Expats:

Good Riddance to bad rubbish. Better to run and hide than stand and fight if you have no back bone. Yes there are bad people in the USA and everywhere else in the world , wait until you get kidnapped in a Taxi and the police just say welcome to EC Gringo.

Honduras: Retire in Honduras:

Do you know the requirements for residency?

Ecuador: dog/cat round up along the coast:

One more thing on the subject , it is very difficult to find accomadations that will accept a dog , I believe it is the culture. Roy

Ecuador: Cuenca Crime:

I brought two Stun guns Baton type that are about 14 inches long that extend to over two feet with the touch of a button and carry 5,000,000 volts and have carried the all over Quito , Tonsupa ,Ataca and Eseraldas the Polica look and the security look and I walk up to say Hola with a grin and nothing happens.


Wanted good woman that can cook,and clean fish,a plus if she owns a boat and motor, please send picture of boat and motor.

Ecuador: health insurance in Ecuador:

You are correct , people don't buy Health Ins. here for the same reason they don't in the USA they don't want to spend the money , they can afford a four wheeler or a boat but can't afford Ins.and people will head back to the USA when they get a major illness and get on a freebie and then complain about the crappy care. Some will some won't , so what, next. I know I will hear about this so what.


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