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Brazil: Moving to Sorocaba, Brazil:

Hello Gal, I've been living in Sorocaba going on 3 years now. I've adjusted well and like living here. It's relatively safe in comparison to other Brazilian cities. There's not much to do here but SP is not far and there are innumerable cultural activities there. There is a zoo here for the kiddos. Recently a botanical garden was inaugurated as well. The most renowned private schools here are Uirapuru, Objetivo, Anglo, and Maple Bear. You can PM me if you have any more specific questions, I'm glad to help. Good luck on your upcoming move! Abraços, Brandy

Brazil: Gay marriage in Brazil-expat moving to Sorocaba:

Hi C, Not to be a nosy rosy but how did your move go? Are you still in Sorocaba? I saw this thread and couldn't help but feel curious. It would be great to connect with another American. If you're up to it PM me and we can get together sometime. Abraços, Brandy

Brazil: English speakers in Sorocaba, SP:

Hi, I just moved to Sorocaba from the US. I'm looking for English speakers and English speaking expats to establish friendship. Message me if you are interested. Brandy

Brazil: Moving to Sorocaba:

Hi all, I'm looking for advice on how to prevent homesickness for myself and 6 year old daughter. We are going to be moving to Brazil in January. Neither of us speak Portuguese. My husbands family will be there for us but most of them speak only Portuguese. Any advice is welcome. Thanks, Brandy

Brazil: Americans living in the Sao Paulo countryside:

My family is moving from the U.S. to Sorocaba, Brazil. I'm American and my husband is Brazilian. I would like to connect with other Americans there. Is there an established American community there? It would be great to have that connection before the homesickness sets in!

United States: I Wish I had Known... Before Moving to United States:

$30K is not much money but you can live decently in the mid-west if you are frugal.


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