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Fiji: Kadavu help needed:

Going to Fiji for months of May/June to do research/writing. I need to stay on Kadavu Island. Is there anything close to a reasonably cheap place to stay for two months on Kadavu? Any assistance with information will be greatly appreciated. DeWayne

Fiji: How's the situation currently?:

Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I'm currently a grad student getting a masters in creative writing and am in the process of writing a novel that takes place partly in Fiji. I'm planning on moving to Fiji for two or three months next spring to do research and write. Of course, I'll be interested in any advice you folks have to offer, but I guess as a first question, I'd like to ask how's the political situation currently? Are things "safe" in Fiji at present. Thanks, and I look forward to talking with you forum members as my adventure draws closer. Regards, DeWayne


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