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Hello Dreamscapes property owners and prospective owners. Our focus at Dreamscapes has always been and continues to be on the development of the Dreamscapes community. However, it is time we turn our attention to addressing the rumors, speculation and outright attempted sabotage of the Dreamscapes development community. It is for this reason we are posting throughout this and other blogs. It’s time to set the record straight. First and foremost, our entire team of employees, contractors, volunteers everyone else associated with Dreamscapes, are committed to completing this project. Given our commitments, it pains us to read many of the posts on the blogs. Out of over 300 property owners, only a few have voiced complaints. Unfortunately, a select few have done so in an openly public manner without seeking the right information from the source. It does not help our progress when our own property owners post blogs that show uneasiness about our development. We are in the business of selling and developing property. As the vast majority of our lot owners are aware, we have always been quite forthright in regard to returning calls and providing answers for all. So to make a point, property owners who are bloggers need to be wary of what they post because negative posting can cause negative and ongoing consequences. To that end, deeds are being provided as fast as we can get them back from the lands office in Belize and every effort is being put forth to ensure the successful conclusion to the Dreamscapes project. We encourage all readers to view our various postings throughout this blog and/or below for the truth about Dreamscapes. In these posts, we directly address the statements/opinions at hand. We will be posting shortly on our own blog, which you will be able to accesss directly from our website. We have not addressed all posts. Some posts are simply quite old and no longer relevant, as we have overcome the issues raised in those blogs (e.g., roads, development approval etc.). It is very easy to complain when things don’t go as planned. However, it is extremely challenging and difficult to build a master community of this magnitude in a beautiful, environmentally-conscious third world country. We chose to build our community away from cities and towns so that buyers can live within and nearby all of the wonderful things that make Belize a tropical paradise. Had we built in a community where there are existing amenities and services, perhaps we would not have had the delays we have had. But we didn’t. We want our property owners to enjoy the sanctity of Belize, with some of the additional comforts of home. We do understand the complaints about the delays. What I don’t understand, however, is how the complaints lead to uninformed speculation and outright defamation. All we are saying here is that if any one has any questions or concerns about anything regarding the Dreamscapes project, our phone lines are working property and we have staff eagerly waiting to answer your questions. We are working harder than ever to improve every aspect of our project, from shortening construction and deed delays, to improving our methods of communication. In addition to being available to speak to us at any time, we are improving our website which will also keep property owners informed. We are growing. As always, please call us at any time at 888-359-8629, ext. 101.


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