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Japan: Need Info Urgent !!! Cost of Living in Japan:

Hi I am software Professional with over 13 yrs of Exp in the Field.Just want to know about the Cost of Living in Tokyo. 1) How much one need to Make a month to Live a comfortable Life in Japan (Tokyo) including Rent,Food, Utilities,Phone and Transportation etc 2) With 13 Yrs Exp How much can one expect to earn and how does the Tax system work? 3) How is the Medical Insurance in Japan? 4) What is the Advance one has to give if he wants to rent a place? Please answer these questions. You can reach me at Regards Venkat

Luxembourg: Cost of Living in Luxembourg:

How much will one needs to Live Per month in Luxembourg for a Single Person?How will go in Tax?Is 4000 Euro Gross a Good Salary?Please advice


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