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United States

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Throughout my professional career i have discovered that the best way to grow and develop is to step outside your comfort zone. I continue to find success through providing myself these challenges. Working with people and using my skills as an effective communicator has allowed me to excel in a variety of positions in some very challenging work environments. I work hard, I love to see results and I focus until my goals are reached and surpassed. More recently in my life I have developed a passion for travel and discovery. The world is a pretty amazing place and has begun to inspire me to challenge my skills in the global business arena.

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Advice for New Expats

Be open. Understand that the thrill of travel and discovery is in the experience and the challenges you will face trying to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. This is what should excite you, not deter you. Living in a new land that is unfamiliar may seem tough and daunting but underneath all that is an opportunity to grow and blossom beyond anything you could have imagined. Take a deep breath, smile...and go!

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Hong Kong


University of Central Florida
  1998 to 2003

University of Phoenix
  2003 to 2007

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ESL Instructor in South Korea

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Ferrari Museum, Modena Italy

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any James Bond flick

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The Tao of Travel

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New York Mets

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Hong Kong: HK by March 2012:

Afternoon all, Just a quick into. My name is Adam. Just came across this forum while doing some research in hopes of discovering my dream job in Hong Kong. I know, sounds lovely but I prefer to keep it light as i read through the mass of info...makes it easier to swallow. After working in coorporate America for 5 years in managment at Autotrader.com, I quit, left the states to teach in South Korea and all at once, fell in love with travel. My wife and I came back to the states, got married, moved to Denver about 8 months ago and now....we're ready to take off again. Just a bit about us. As metioned, Holding my BS in Business Mgmt, I worked at the Autotrader.com as a supervisor and trainer for 5 years which was preceded by several jobs in customer service, promotions and marketing. Currently I work as the logistics team lead at Target LLC in Denver. Having worked in leadership roles in customer service based environments. I have a keen sense for efficiency and concise directive when running a team. My wife, a teacher for 5 years in the states with a Masters in educational leadership has also worked in sales for 2 years. She is highly organized and detail oriented. We are both over the humdrum of daily live in the states and are actively seeking new opportunities anywhere in the world. While Southeast Asia is our focus, we are open and willing to go just about anywhere and are ready to ship out as soon as March 2012. Any advice from those of you with similar situations or anyone with some real word experience would be great to hear. I just need to know where to focus my energies. Thanks for the time all and Have a Happy and Safe New Year!!! Adam


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