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Paraguay: Paraguay citizenship:

Few webpages list Paraguay as a second passport country option, with a fast track to residency. That might justified some question posted above this destination. But as far as living there, unless you have a good reason to move there, its a lowsy place to live in, no mater what positive reviews you can read....

Paraguay: I was adopted from Paraguay as a child and wish to return...:

you might see things diferent from others considering your roots search. I personally agree that the country is really not a touristic destination , and as far as expatriation destination you have to exchange with the european spanish population to have a unbiase point of v iew. Too often people defending this destination have some kind of interest to lure expats condidats. But you might have a strong reason to check it out by yourself. IF you can afford some holidays there, locals will gladys acepts your money....

Paraguay: Pros and Cons:

is this an "animator " of the forum ?

Paraguay: Residency application:

Online information regarding paraguay as "best choice for second passport" , is out of date due to changes in regulation.

Paraguay: Updated Residency process:

1)?!?!?! Are you sure about that?

Paraguay: Alice Neufeld & Asociados:

Last time i hear that name, was on the national press acused of "estafa" http://www.abc.com.py/edicion-impresa/judiciales-y-policiales/cae-alemana-que-conseguia-documentos-en-forma-ilegal-1253781.html Keep the good work !

Paraguay: Pros and Cons of Paraguay:

here goes a sugestion for lodging : asuncionrent.com specially prepared and oriented towards gringos. The country has seen a fair share of Spanish, some that stayed in place, others could not resist the "cultural aclimatation" to that 3rd country, [ http://www.expat-blog.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=2699178#p2699178] . Hopefully, you will only have to bare that situation for a limited time.

Paraguay: Filipinos in Paraguay:

ouch, why pinoys desire to move to such a place ?

Paraguay: Apartment rental:

Check out clasipar, an easy source of proposals. I have used an interesting solutions for 3 months about 200€ ( will send you url on pm ).

Paraguay: Paraguay - Police State:

really ? is a foreigner treated in py as an afro-american in the states?


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