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Some Forum Posts: Colombia: please help me find a way to work and live in bogota:
salamat, culture chock ! :)

Ecuador: Patrick MINGA:
craig list sucks -

Ecuador: Private health insurance:
eh, by chance one cant subscribe insurance from a european / american company, which is also able to cover the insures person in such country ? Internacional coverage not atractive ? or non existing ?

Ecuador: Will be moving next month. Looking to rent:
wow really ? same prices as those currently on the Portuguese market.

Portugal: Long Term Apartment Rental:
hi, to change your email attached to this site, go to "profile"... to look for rentals use this website - with google translator. you will be able to see both private and professionals ( agency ) listed there, thus professional able to assist in your search.

Paraguay: You meet good people.:
ur sure about this destination ?

Colombia: Coming to medellin:
will be maybe smart not to make an impression regarding an expat project based on a forum... Check other sources too as this other exchange source -

Portugal: Portugal:
hi, do you speak portuguese? i might give you a few websites to hunt for work. If not, things might be harder.

Portugal: shipping personal belongings, China to Portugal:
shop locally, you will be able to find in the market everything you will need. Even if we dont have "Cost Co" ...

Paraguay: I want to emmigrate to Paraguy:
for me, only atraction for this destination used to be the citizen program. You might with some ease, obtain citizenship in order to stay legally in this destination. Since rules have changed, and country is knowed for its "suspicious" and peculiar culture that reflects in its people, think well in your decision.

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