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Some Forum Posts: Paraguay: Filipinos in Paraguay:
ouch, why pinoys desire to move to such a place ?

Paraguay: Apartment rental:
Check out clasipar, an easy source of proposals. I have used an interesting solutions for 3 months about 200€ ( will send you url on pm ).

Paraguay: Paraguay - Police State:
really ? is a foreigner treated in py as an afro-american in the states?

Paraguay: WARNING: Paraguay:
some claims are accurate...

Paraguay: Moving to PY in late November:
ouch, really ? i guess people exist with multiple tastes in life !

Paraguay: Starting a Restaurant:
inexpensive food called chattara is quite popular. What segment do you wish to target ? if so, location would be based on that.

Paraguay: Short term housing, Oct-Dec:
a very aceptable solution, near bus stations so you can easily move around, and flexible to host foreigners for short term with no need for warantys - On the other side of the road, a single mom does the laundry for the students thus very affordable ! P.S. I have stayed there 3 months. Speak with mr Ruben to inquire for vacancys.

Paraguay: Passport Fraud in Paraguay—What You Need to Know:
Article to read

Colombia: sending small packages from Colombia overseas:
to provide backup to an ecom operation, you should think about diferent logistic routes. You ship "bulk" to a wharehouse and fulfilment service provider that are able to have better ratings for pricing to final clients, and reduce shipping delays. Take a look at : or or or etc etc some providers have a "pay-as-you go" rates ideal for startups. Hope you found the right product !

Paraguay: Survey about Healthcare in Paraguay:
thats not a unique problem of paraguay. All insurance have exclusions, typically diseases that translates into costy heath care and long term treatments etc. While i spend 6 months in py ( which i hated) , meet a french dude that was forced to return to France for health reasons spite he had a private insurance. The old "socialism" solidarity health care system cant be easily beet by private insurance.

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