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Fiji: shipping container to Fiji:

UB Freight in Lautoka. I have used them many times. They are professional, honest by Fiji standards and good pricing

Fiji: Permaculture Farms Fiji?:

In terms of location the East Coast has a LOT more rain and is generally cooler than the West side. We are in the north west and have had zero rain for 4 months and it is hot. So if you want easy farming coral coast in the south or the greater Suva side is greener. But yes most things grow like crazy everywhere.

Fiji: Honda/ House:

More info please. Phone me if you like 8677334

Fiji: Moving from us to Fiji with young kids:

Hard question to answer as Fiji is so diverse. I would recommend coming to Suva, (capital of Fiji, largest city but not rains a lot and has a lot of crime in parts) or Lautoka, (second biggest city, much drier and hotter, less crime) to start so you at least have reasonable shopping and some expat style accommodation available. Then have a look around and decide what sort of life you want. If your husband has reasonable skills and get a work permit employment is easy. There is a huge shortage of skilled people to employ here.

Fiji: Teaching English:

Ha. They are MEANT to speak English in schools however most of them are either Fijian or HIndi. I am right next door to a college and the teachers can't even speak English well. It would be very easy to get work but getting PAID work could be harder. You can work for free without a work visa so you could volunteer anywhere. If you want a real job you would have to go through some hoops. YOur best avenue would be the expat schools who actually want good teachers. There is a large one in NAdi and a few others dotted around Viti Levu

Fiji: Toyota car for Sale:


Fiji: Asking for detailed advice on relocation:

Your biggest issue is going to be getting to stay here if you don't have off shore income or a formal job offer. Start watching the job vacancies on the Fiji times and Fiji Sun web sites. Your own business is a great way to survive here but if you have good skills it wont be hard to get work here. After the last coup a huge percentage of white collar Indians have fled Fiji so there is a huge shortage of skilled workers in several sectors. Start applying for jobs online you may be able to come sooner than you think!

Fiji: Land - rent or buy Coral Coast:

There is plenty of land available for purchase in that area. You just need to get a local to negotitate the price and make sure they don't know an expat is involved. There is a fair bit of freehold down that coast as well. It is very cheap once you get the locals involved.. And no restriction on foreign ownership under 2 acres.

Fiji: Extended stay in Fiji and would like some guidance!:

There is plenty of cash work over here but better to stay legal. Getting a work visa is a lot of red tape but possible. Start applying ASAP.

Fiji: you guys might remember me:

You would be safe enough providing you weren't in the interior or close to Suva but the mosquitos might suck you dry :-)

Fiji: Leather lounge suites:

Anybody advise where I can find decent lounge furniture that wont fall apart in 5 minutes. Would consider second hand if good quality leather or similar. Anywhere in Fiji is fine!

Fiji: Which Island?:

I live in Tavua, a bit north of Sue in Ba and I use vodafone flash stick for internet. It is fantastic, faster than broadband in my home country of NZ. If your idea of Fiji includes white sandy beaches then Lautoka won;t cut it for you. You'll have to go to the Coral Coast or Vanua levu

Fiji: Moving to live with a Fijian partner - need advice:

Just a word of warning. I have been coming to Fiji for 2 decades and live here now. Getting married is a common method for people desperate to get out of the poverty etc. So be VERY careful before jumping into anything. Fijian and Indian culture for that matter is so different to Western culture you may be taking on an ocean of trouble :-). I have lost count of the people I know who married Fijians and sailed off into the sunset only to be divorced within 3 years.

Fiji: Landcruiser servicing:

Can anybody recommend a competent landcruiser servicing place in Suva please.

Fiji: Vehicle aircon repair:

Anybody advise a competent vehicle aircon repair company in Suva please?

Fiji: Fiji Water:

Fiji Water is about 15 minutes from where I live. The nearest real town is Tavua to the South or Raki Raki to the north. A lot of people live around the Fiji Water land and in between those two towns.

Fiji: Any suggestions please!!:

What sort of work are you happy to do? There's plenty of skilled work available but you need to be in the local scene I can give you some people to talk to but better to sort it out once you are here to be honest.

Fiji: Working & Living in Fiji or Vanuatu:

You should have no problem getting a permit here in Fiji. Mine took 2 weeks to come through. It's easy. Life here isn't necessarily easy but getting a work permit is.

Fiji: Moving in August:

You need to understand what Fiji is like. Fijians and Indians are basically dishonest and corrupt to a western mind. Glorias reply is indicative of someone who shouldn't be in Fiji as they want it to be different. You WILL get ripped off all the time just because you are white and this can drive you nuts. You learn to cope with it by making local friends and getting them to buy y ou stuff etc. Avoid renting if u r staying for a while and buy something as being a tenant will drive u mad unless you can find some ex pat landlords.

Fiji: Fiji: Brutally Boring:

Well Suva is hardly representative of Fiji. But if you are looking for a Western lifestyle don;t go to a third world country. I hate Suva because it is too urbanised. Real Fiji is nice if you like that sort of thing. I love it. Once you settle into a smaller town and stop getting ripped off all the time it is a wonderful place. You have to learn that hindu and muslim culture here is very corrupt and you get taken advantage of at every opportunity but once you make that a game to play it can be fun. But Suva is a hole, no doubt about that.

Fiji: Vehicle aircon servicing:

Does anybody know a decent vehicle aircon place in the western division. Asko motors have been expensive and useless??

Fiji: Health Care in Fiji:

I live in Tavua. 18 months ago I had pancreatitis, had to charter a plane to get to Nadi and found "the expat" doctor on Nadi Back rd. HE told me to get on a plane and not go near a hospital in Fiji even the private hospital in Suva he said was not great. Spent 4 weeks in hospital in NZ. WOuld have died if I had stayed in Fiji. Your "insurance" needs to be a plane ticket to NZ or OZ in my opinion.


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