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Belize: Looking for a contact:

I'm back and forth to Corozal yearly - I plan also to retire there in 6 years and I'm rather knowledgable about the country and people. When I'm there I tell the locals about the news. You can contact me at belizebound2007@yahoo.com you and your wife. ---Dee

Belize: Newbie questions for planning:

Is that company in Bze and where is the office? Dee

Belize: Length of Stay:

Each month you stay past the initial visit period - every 30 days you pay $50.00 BZE to renew for the first 6 months, for the next 6 months every month you'll pay $100.00 BZE/month. After a year with only 2 weeks allowed out of the country during that time you can apply for residency and have your passport stamped as such when granted. Dee

Belize: Apartments:

What area are you looking to be in? North, Mid, South, or Islands? ---Dee

Belize: portable saw mill:

I suggest you visit Belize and spend some time there before you decide to move there. Talk to expats living there and decide on an area best for you. I plan on relocating to Corozal area as soon as I can swing it cause I'm too young to retire - YET!

Belize: Belmopan, administrative capital of Belize:

Belompan as the rest of the county could use "improvements" in many areas but not to Americanize it. When the country gets Americanized, it has lost it's old world charm. --- Dee

Belize: Dremscapes of Belize/Dangriga:

We came from Dramscapes area and they are not working on the area. The rough roads are in but that's it. The place sits stagnant. Does anyone know when they plan on working on this place. ----Dee

Belize: Belize cell phone:

I just got a phone in Belize - get yourself to a Smart office - buy a phone (about ($126.00 Belize for the cheapest one with no frills) pre-pay ahead and you get a belize number. When you leave the country they will turn your phone off and save your phone number. ---Dee

Belize: snowbird leasing:

Friendship meeting in Corozal will not be at the purple Tucan rest. this next coming Tues. Don't know where it will be held at this time. I'm in Corozal now -and having fun as usual. ---- Dee

Belize: moving to Belize:

I was just in Belize in Oct 2011 and crossed the boarder into Mexico and the Belizean person now gets a tourist card when they go into Chetumal like I do being from the US. This is something new except for the one's that work in the Free Zone I don't think it applies to them.


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