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Belize: New things I been wondering about:

I have read up but honestly still somewhat confused on cell phones. For example we both have Iphones. Are these fixing to be expensive paperweights or can service of some type be transferred to them. What kind of service is offered? We have family in the states we will obviously want to stay in contact with but these family members are old school and things such as Skype is totally out of the question. Can anyone give me an idea on what/how they use phones and an approximate rate I can expect? Medicine - Say for example prescribed medicine that we take such as Nexium for acid reflux. I assume you can get this medication there and will you just find a doctor and have your records transferred or do you just start over of how does that work? Moving – How did you guys move your stuff? We will not be taking much with us at all when we roll out of the U.S. Some things that can add up like kitchen appliances and whatnot we are not sure what to do. Should we just give them away or yard sale them or pack them and ship them to ourselves or what. I doubt we take a single piece of furniture with us, atleast not at first till we figure out and get settled, but the little things can really add up when you move into a new place. Just kind of posting as we think of stuff. Basically we drive ourselves nuts thinking about this and can’t wait to go but patience is a virtue they say. Thanks for all your help.

Belize: Pets into Belize:

Oh I forgot to ask about the process, difficulty, and fees associated with bringing a pet into Belize. We have a little Yorkie and need to find out what she will need. Thanks so much!

Belize: Newbie questions for planning:

Well I have read most all the posts and honestly I guess I am looking for that internet hug saying hey big guy it will be ok lol. My fiance and I, wife by move time, are looking to make some memories. We have always wanted to do something no one in our family or circle of freinds have done and that is move out of country. We are beach bums at heart and we have been all over the caribbean. We love love love Caymans but the difficulty level there is just too much to deal with as far as moving. We are far from well off but our goal to which we are getting near to is being able to move and not worry about work for at least one year. By then if we are still in love with it we shall apply for the permanant residency which we see we can do after that year, then search for work and/or open a small business. My questions are for those with a similar travel history as ourself. We have been to Jamaica, Bahama, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republic, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen. Out of all those places it was Grand Cayman that we felt safe, never once had any concerns day or NIGHT. I am looking for a place that had that kind of feel. I know there is crime everywhere and murders happen all the time. I am a cop and have been for 13 years now. It happens but usually to people in sketchy situations as opposed to good people that mind their business and dont deal in drugs. We are thinking Ambergis Caye will be the area we like most. We want clear calmer seas, basically we want a TV commercial lol. We are very laid back and being in a hurry I hope is a thing of the past here shortly. We are not party people we are hang at home with a few friends and grill out and have a cold one kinda people, and of course being on the boat all day everyday. Do folks that have moved to this area feel safe. I mean do you truely not worry about your safety to the point your no longer having a good time. I realize caution first always, but is it as bad as some of the posts I have seen or are they just the ones that complain about everything. Also one HUGE concern of mine is health insurance. How do experienced ex-pats deal with insurance, and health care needs as I see Dr's are not in abundance here. My luck is getting off the plane and having a heart attack. Can anyone give some tips on how to cover yourself financially in reguards to that. Thanks so much for any responses. I will probably be bombarding with more questions frequently lol.


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