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Ecuador Welcome Forum: Immigration Laws:

Thank you, OceanHideaway, for actually answering the question.

Mexico: A C.U.R.P.:

We went to look at cars a couple days ago, and were told one of the things we needed was a CURP. Can someone please tell me 1) what this is 2) how do you go about getting one We've gotten our Permanent Visa several months ago, so that's done. Help please.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Free ebook!:

You clicked on the "Read For Free" buttom. Yes, for that one it's like a book club. Click on the "Buy Now With 1-Click" and you won't get the book club. The book is 99 cents right now, so it's not free anymore, but it's not expensive either. Hope that helps. :)

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Prescriptions:

I'd like to add (for my hubby & I): *Cymbalta 30mg - (Duloxetine is generic name) *Gabapentin 300mg *Xanan 0.5mg - (Alprazolam is generic name) *Metformin 500mg *Potassium chloride SA 10 meq *Chlorthalidone 50mg *Norvasc 5mg (Amlodipine is generic name) Thanks!

Mexico: visa:

Here's a site my hubby looked up that has lots of information. I hope this helps you.

Mexico: Crime in Mexico?:

I couldn't agree more with the opinions of the others that have written. We were told we'd come down here and get our heads chopped off. I was scared to come down here. We are in Playa del Carmen, and we've never had any problems. As in the states, you use your head, learn what areas of the city to be careful or stay away from, There are those areas in every large city, anywhere in the world. We have also found most everyone we run into are extremely nice, friendly people. They are loving, considerate, helpful people. We are happier here, and feel safer, than we did in the States. We lived in a suburb of Seattle before we came here. Do your research, learn where the drug cartel runs the most of their business and what areas are the most dangerous. . .that's what we did. This side of the Caribbean is good.

Mexico: playa del carmen:

We haven't had fish tacos, but the shrimp Tacos at Yan Ten on the beach are excellent. I've read that they now have a beer brewery here somewhere that has been written up in the local free bi-weekly paper a couple of times.

France: Looking to Move Next Year:

Thank you Maribeth for the suggestion to join the 2 groups on Facebook. I just asked to join the French group, and joined the AARO group as well.

Mexico: Internet in Playa del Carmen:

We've been here for a couple months, but haven't gotten Internet or TV cable yet. Hopefully that will be soon. We were told Telmex offers more English speaking TV shows. Also, we have seen a "Sky" booth at Sam's Club. What is Sky?

Mexico: Fresh food situation in Playa del Carmen:

Where is Marzan? Is it like DAC?

Mexico: Customs Documentation of what you're bringing with you:

I read somewhere, don't know if it was this site, or elsewhere. I have some questions. 1) Do we need to list each individual piece of clothing. ie: 1 pair of blue shorts 1 pair of tan shorts, or can I just list them in a bundle ie: 5 pairs of shorts? -or- 2) Do we have to list our clothing at all? 3) Same with a couple wall pictures. Each individually or together? How do I list family pictured we are bringing? 4) Do we have to use a specific form, or can we just use an excell spread sheet to create our list. Marking it at the top as "CUSTOMS DOCUMENTATION" 5) Do we have to go to the Mexican Embassy to have it looked over and approved? Anything else we need to do? We are waiting for our home to close, and then we're on our way. Hopefully a couple more weeks. Thanks!

Mexico: Health Insurance BEFORE entering Mexico:

Someone told me we need to get Mexican health insurance before we arrive in Mexico. Is this information correct?

Mexico: Pet Visa to Enter Mexico:

We are bring our small dog with us, flying American Airlines into Cancun (hopefully leaving on June 30th if our home closes as exspected). I noticed the vet listed our address here on the rabies shot certificate. Should that actually show where we will be staying in Mexico instead? Or possibly both addresses? I can't find anything online, and the Mexican Consulate/Embassy doesn't answer their phone. Thanks!

Mexico: retirement requirements:

For a Permanent Visa, you need a monthly income of $2,000 (or possibly a tad more).. My hubby's disability is $2,700, which was more than enough. My disability is only. $1,400 minus Medicare A &B, which isn't enough. In the case of not enough monthly income, you need a savings or some kind of retirement account with at least $100,000 in it. I think that's the correct amount. You need 3 months of bank statements (some places we read said 6, so that's what we took), your passport. The consulate we went to looked at all our paperwork and said we were approved, gave us a slip showing how much we each owed. We had to make a trip to a grocery down the street, went b ack and paid. At our consulate they took out picture, took out index fingerprint of each hand, then after waiting, stamped our passport showing we were entering on a permanent visa. It's my understanding your visa is good for one entry. If you leave before you finish the process at the Mexican Consulate in Mexico, you will have to start the whole process over. As others mentioned, you have 30 to get started on finishing the visa process in Mexico. We are planning on hiring an attorney to do ours. We were told the paperwork is difficult, and in many cases, those working at the consulate on speak spanish. If your good at Spanish, you're one step ahead. You can also look up info on the Mexican Consulate here in the US.

Mexico: LIfe in Mexico:

Make sure your visa allows you to work in Mexico. Can someone else verify this?

Mexico: Health Ins:

Have any of you purchased health ins? If so, can you please tell me a little bit about what the ins looks like in Mexico? I don't know if it matters, but we will be in Playa del Carmen. Thank you.

Mexico: Types of visas:

Can anyone in Playa del Carmen recommend an attorney to do our permanent visa paperwork? Any idea about how much the fee will run us each? Also, we were qualifies at our US conculate for permanent visas due to disability.

Mexico: passport name change:

I had to change my last name on my passport due to marriage. You fill out the form for a replacement passport. I believe it asks why the name change. I had to send in an original copy of my marriage license and my old passport. They kept the old one. I received my new passport, and a few days later I received my marriage license back. Hope this helps.

Mexico: Seeking Visa Info:

We went to the consulate in Seattle, WA. We took documents showing our income as well as 3 months I feel bank statements. We were asked what our plans were, and explained we were permanently moving to Mexico. During the process he took our pictures, took out index fingerprint of both hands. We didn't have a letter of intent or an FYI report. He didn't say anything about needing either. Do we need to do this for the next step in Mexico? Any suggestions for an attorney in Playa?

Mexico: Passport Question:

I thought you had to have at lease a copy of both the passport and your visa when you leave home.

Mexico: Healthcare for Chronic issues:

What is Seguro Popular? I have several chronic illnessess, but don't know what this is. Please explain. Thank you.

Mexico: Mosquitos:

Thank you. I have chemical sensitivity, so regular bug spray products make me very ill. I will keep her email. Tell her thank you!

Mexico: Health Care:

I am interested in finding a good Dr in the Playa area. We both have Fibromyalgia, so we deal with a lit of pain. I also have Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Fatigue and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. We need a Dr that understands chronic illnessess. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mexico: T-Mobile and Sirius XM:

That's crazy. As long as they receive their monthly payment, why should they shoot themselves in the foot? If that's the case, we'll need to buy new phones once we move. Can anyone give suggestions for mobile phone service for the Yucatan area?

Belize: Expats being given the runaround:

Bobby, all I see is posts about the election. I looked on all 5 pages. Help?!?


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